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Shi Xiaoya used to be an innocent and cute girl.

With her big eyes blinking widely, she looked so cute.

Therefore, the third son of the Han Family had reason to suspect that…

She had been influenced by Han Zhuoling after she married him.

In addition, she became Lu Mans bestie and sister-in-law.

Lu Man must have taught Shi Xiaoya her skills of roasting people.

As Han Zhuofeng thought about this, he was no longer worried about Shi Xiaoya.

With a leisurely attitude, he remained a spectator.

However, Han Zhuofeng didnt expect Luo Qingxian to be a strong opponent.

As Shi Xiaoya continued roasting her, her face darkened and she stopped talking for a while.

Suddenly, she blurted out, “Whatever is between me and Wei Wucai has nothing to do with you.

The question of whether it might be a joyful surprise to him is not that important.

So what if my presence here would not be a joyful surprise to him Even so, it has nothing to do with you.

“Whats your relationship with Wei Wucai Why do you care so much to the point that you are interceding in his affairs Even if I am here to see Wei Wucai, what does it have to do with you Even if he is unhappy about it, that is between him and me.

“Who are you to stop me and roast me” Luo Qingxians eyes flashed with hatred.

Han Zhuofeng sensed a foreboding feeling in his gut.

However, he had always lived a peaceful and noble life.

He had never taken part in the family business.

His two older brothers were the ones who dealt with the tricks and lies and they never wanted him to handle these things.

Han Zhuoling and Han Zhuoli just wanted things to happen naturally for Han Zhuofeng.

If it happened, Han Zhuofeng would be gaining a new experience.

This would be his life experience.

This experience would protect him from more suffering in the future.

However, if he eventually never had such experiences, it would be considered his luck and it would be unnecessary to force him to suffer.

Han Zhuoling and Han Zhuoli loved and protected their little brother Han Zhuofeng.

They were willing to let Han Zhuofeng live a pure and innocent life.

As of now, Han Zhuofeng had never encountered anyone with bad intentions.

Therefore, he couldnt figure out Luo Qingxians evil and disgusting plan.

And so, although the feeling of foreboding was growing, Han Zhuofeng couldnt guess what Luo Qingxian was going to say.

At this moment, he heard Luo Qingxian say, “You care so much about Wei Wucai.

Is there something going on… between you two”

Han Zhuofengs facial expression immediately changed.

He glared at Luo Qingxian.

Initially, Luo Qingxian would glance over at Han Zhuofeng with a scornful expression, appearing to be hinting something.

However, the moment she turned towards Han Zhuofeng with a hateful sneer, she was frightened by a fierce glare.

She no longer dared to look and quickly looked away.

Even as she continued looking at Shi Xiaoya, she no longer dared to show that sneering expression.

Han Zhuofeng really scared her.

Luo Qingxian unconsciously moved a step back.

When she stopped, she felt that she should have held on to the momentum.

When Luo Qingxian saw Shi Xiaoyas face looking terrible, she felt a little proud of herself.

Without any fear of death, she continued saying, “Or perhaps your feelings towards Wei Wucai…”

Luo Qingxian thought she was smart as she stopped halfway through her sentence.

She wanted Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuofeng to think about it themselves.

Luo Qingxian never said anything specific.

And so, they wouldnt be able to hold her accountable for what she said.

She never said anything.

They would be the ones that had imagined the remaining half of the sentence, so they couldnt blame her.

Luo Qingxian had the perfect plan in mind.

With her pretentious attitude, she even said to Han Zhuofeng, “If I were you, I would keep a close watch on her.”

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