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Han Zhuofengs lips pursed tightly into a hard line while the look in his eyes was bone-piercingly cold.

One could not judge Han Zhuofengs personality based on the sweet and naive appearance he usually had in front of his brothers.

This was because Han Zhuoling and Han Zhuoli had allowed Han Zhuofeng to develop in a “let nature take its course” way, never involving him in any internal family fights or schemes.

However, Han Zhuofeng was, after all, a member of the Han Family and had been influenced by his two brothers, so he inevitably had a similarly imposing aura.

When Han Zhuofengs gaze swept over Luo Qingxian, her legs almost buckled.

She had initially even wanted to tell Han Zhuofeng to keep a good watch on Shi Xiaoya.

Otherwise, in a moment of carelessness, she might cheat on Han Zhuoling again.

However, under Han Zhuofengs frightening gaze, Luo Qingxian currently would not dare to say those words no matter what.

Her throat even felt like it was being choked by an invisible hand, making her unable to speak.

Shi Xiaoya looked at Luo Qingxian coldly.

Shi Xiaoya felt utterly disgusted by Luo Qingxians dirty mind.

Shi Xiaoya suddenly stepped forward, raised her hand, and gave Luo Qingxian a hard slap.

This sort of despicable person—if Shi Xiaoya didnt hit her, was she supposed to let her stay behind so they could celebrate the new year together instead

Having been frozen from her fear of Han Zhuoling, Luo Qingxians entire body seemed to be under an immobilization curse.

She was unable to move even when Shi Xiaoya came before her.

Her whole mind was in a blur, and she was simply unable to keep up with what was going on around her.

It was only when a “pa” sound rang out and her cheek flared up with a stinging pain that Luo Qingxian finally came to her senses.

Shi Xiaoya actually hit her!

Shi Xiaoya actually dared to hit her!

Luo Qingxian looked at Shi Xiaoya with a fierce and malicious expression.

With swift eyes and hands, Han Zhuofeng immediately pulled Shi Xiaoya behind him.

He was standing in front of Shi Xiaoya to protect her, so Luo Qingxian was now unable to do anything to Shi Xiaoya even if she wanted to.

Having to face Han Zhuofeng, Luo Qingxian truly did not dare act wantonly.

His earlier intimidation had really frightened her.

Nevertheless, Luo Qingxians thoughts turned around, and she suddenly raised her voice and screamed herself hoarse.

“Shi Xiaoya, you actually hit me! Why Is there something weighing on your conscience You got exposed by me, so you got angry because you feel ashamed

“Thats why I said… why were you so concerned about me and Wei Wucai I asked you about something regarding Wei Wucai, yet you were unwilling to tell me the whole time.

Ive come to see him, but youre even stopping me from doing so.”

Luo Qingxian laughed coldly, increasing her pitch higher and higher the more she laughed.

It was as if she was afraid that others would not be able to hear her.

Since Shi Xiaoya was unwilling to help her and even gave her a disgusted expression as if holding her in contempt…

She would ruin Shi Xiaoyas reputation right here!

“So, it turns out that you yourself have feelings for Wei Wucai!” Luo Qingxian said complacently while brimming with mockery.

“Its just that I dont know if you have one-sided feelings for Wei Wucai or if you two have already expressed your feelings for each other.

“Shi Xiaoya, I really never imagined that you would be so greedy and so bold.

Youve already got Han Zhuoling, yet you still dare to mess around in secret here without telling him.

Youre not afraid even with your brother-in-law around!

“Youre even protecting her.” Luo Qingxian ridiculed Han Zhuofeng.

“Youve been here all this time, and yet you havent realized that shes cheating on your brother”

“Shut your mouth!” Han Zhuofeng said coldly.

“Why Will you hit me if I dont shut up” Luo Qingxian pushed her luck.

“Are you both angered out of shame because Ive exposed you”

She went on, “I just couldnt understand why Shi Xiaoya kept getting in my way and wrecking my relationship with Wei Wucai.

But now, I finally have a clear understanding.”

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