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Luo Qingxian even cast a glance at Han Zhuofeng in a mocking and arrogant attitude.

“I see.

Shi Xiaoya fancies Wei Wucai and kept this a secret from you.

“But I am telling you now, open your eyes and dont get fooled by her!” Luo Qingxian shouted towards Shi Xiaoya, “Embarrassing!”

The staff members on set all saw them from afar.

They all heard what Luo Qingxian had said.

They were shocked by Luo Qingxians audacity.

How dare she say these words!

She even said it right in front of Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuofeng.

However, Luo Qingxian said those words with such confidence.

It sounded somewhat reasonable to everyone else.

It explained why Shi Xiaoya kept stopping Luo Qingxian from seeing Wei Wucai.

Even if Shi Xiaoya did not like Luo Qingxian, it wasnt necessary for her to intercede in other peoples relationships.

But even if the crowd thought this, they didnt dare to say it out loud.

They didnt dare to show any physical expressions of this.

Instead, they only showed physical expressions that conveyed trust in Shi Xiaoya and contempt towards Luo Qingxian.

Of course, only a small portion of the crowd was influenced into believing what Luo Qingxian had said.

Most people didnt believe her.

Shi Xiaoyas face turned cold as she asked, “Are you done talking”

Luo Qingxian didnt expect Shi Xiaoya to remain so calm despite the horrible facial expression.

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Luo Qingxian thought inwardly, “Shi Xiaoya must be pretending to be calm.”

She just didnt believe that Shi Xiaoya could remain fearless at this point.

Han Zhuofeng or someone else here would definitely suspect Shi Xiaoya.

“You dont have to say more.” Shi Xiaoya sneered coldly.

“I will tell Zhuoling myself that you suspect that I am having an affair with Wei Wucai.”

At this moment, Wu Mosen came out as well.

Luo Qingxian had made such a huge noise that Wu Mosen came out.

He had promised Han Zhuoling that he would take good care of Shi Xiaoya.

And so, he immediately felt a mountain load of stress.

Wu Mosen did not know that Han Zhuoling had already made plans to come over every day.

If he had known, he wouldnt have been so anxious.

“Go get Wei Wucai here,” Wu Mosen said to his assistant.

This was caused by Wei Wucai, which meant that Wei Wucai had to be the one to solve it.

The assistant saw Wei Wucai and Yan Zhiqing enter the dressing room earlier, so he immediately went looking for them.

He was calling Wei Wucai while he was running over there.

In the dressing room, Wei Wucai and Yan Zhiqing, the two besties, were chatting.

Wei Wucai was just about to ask if Yan Zhiqing wanted to eat dinner together when…

Before he could ask the question, his phone started ringing.

It interrupted what he was about to say.

Wei Wucais face darkened.

He took out his phone.

He then saw that it was a call from Wu Mosens assistant.

Yan Zhiqing saw it as well and she asked, “Does Director Wu need something”

If not, Wu Mosens assistant wouldnt have called.

Wei Wucai immediately picked up the phone.

The assistant hurriedly said, “Mr.

Wei, a lady is making a fuss and demanding to see you.

She even slandered Shi Xiaoya, suggesting something about Shi Xiaoya having a relationship with you.”

Without the assistant making it clear, Wei Wucai already knew how she had slandered Shi Xiaoya.

He knew what slanderous statement she had said about Shi Xiaoyas relationship with him.

The silence in the message had conveyed everything.

And now, he just needed to step out to see who this lady was.

“I got it.

I will come over now.” Wei Wucai hung up after responding.

He then explained to Yan Zhiqing, “There is a woman here.

I dont know who she is, but she says she is here to see me.

Yet she is apparently causing trouble for Shi Xiaoya and claiming that Shi Xiaoya and I have a dirty relationship.”

Wei Wucai sneered and said, “I am curious as to who had spouted such nonsense.”

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