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She suspected that Wei Wucai had lied about himself to her.

“Oh,” Wei Wucai responded in a perfunctory tone.

“I dont remember.”

“You!” Luo Qingxian was now certain.

“You did it intentionally.

I just told you.

How can you not remember”

Wei Wucai sneered and said, “Why should I waste my mental energy to remember someone who has nothing to do with me”

“Wei Wucai!” Luo Qingxian was very angry.

“I came all the way here for you and this is your attitude”

“Did I ask you to come over I dont even remember who you are.

Why are you being so dramatic” Wei Wucai said in a cold tone.

“You went out of your way to visit me But I dont want to be seen by you.”

Wei Wucai continued coldly, “Apologize.”

“What” Luo Qingxian said in surprise.

“Why should I apologize What did I do wrong that I have to apologize Was it wrong to visit you Should I be apologizing for visiting you”

“You should be apologizing for slandering Shi Xiaoya,” Wei Wucai answered.

“Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuoling are both my friends.

They know I find you annoying, so they tried to stop you.

They did it for me, their friend, and they did nothing wrong.

“But you even dared to slander Shi Xiaoya and attempted to instigate a quarrel, not only between her and her husband but also between her and her husbands family.

You even instigated a conflict between me and Han Zhuoling.” Wei Wucai continued coldly, “You are cruel.

Your heart is so evil that you deserve a death sentence!

“Given what you have done, are you not embarrassed to say you came to visit me” Wei Wucai said coldly.

“Sorry, but I dont want anything to do with you.

“You are so evil.

Who would dare to be liked by you I mean, who knows If you guys fought and he made you unhappy, you might start spreading lies about him.” Wei Wucai looked down at her coldly as he continued, “Someone like you is beneath me.”

Wei Wucai knew that Luo Qingxians words, which had been said while they were yet to arrive, had already created a negative impact on Shi Xiaoyas reputation.

Therefore, Wei Wucai had increased his volume and said every word clearly, making sure that everyone around them could hear.

Luo Qingxian did the same thing earlier.

She had also increased her volume.

And so, he did the same thing.

However, Luo Qingxian had been talking nonsense.

On the other hand, he was speaking truths.

Luo Qingxian, feeling flustered and exasperated, shouted, “Shut up!”

She felt that she had been wronged.

She had come all the way here to visit Wei Wucai.

But Wei Wucai wasnt thankful.

He wasnt moved by what she had done.

Instead, he appeared to loathe her presence.

He scolded her for Shi Xiaoyas sake.

“Thats not true!” Luo Qingxian said loudly.

Tears flowed down her eyes as she shouted, “Nonsense! You wrongfully accused me!”

“I wrongfully accused you I did not.” Wei Wucai was not the type to be tender-hearted to girls.

“Shut up!” Luo Qingxian cried in exasperation.

Her entire being was expressing frustration and anger.

However, Wei Wucai remained the same.

He was not worried at all.

Even when Luo Qingxian cried and appeared to have been wronged, Wei Wucais attitude didnt improve at all.

Such characteristics did not exist in him.

That was not part of Wei Wucais character.

Being tender-hearted to girls

Feeling sorry for such girls

The only response would be—Sorry, we dont know each other well.

Ever since Young Master Wei became old enough to know better, the term tender-hearted had ceased to exist in his dictionary.

“Now youre like this I didnt know you could feel embarrassed.

Do you understand now that it feels uncomfortable and embarrassing to receive such accusations” Wei Wucai bombarded her with multiple questions.

Luo Qingxian was asked so many questions that she didnt get a chance to answer.

Of course, Wei Wucai never wanted her to answer.

“That was how you treated Shi Xiaoya,” Wei Wucai said coldly.

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