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If Shi Xiaoya was really the one who brought Luo Qingxian onto the set, that meant Shi Xiaoya had helped Luo Qingxian.

If she helped her, why did she scold and slander Shi Xiaoya

Luo Qingxian had been too loud earlier.

And so, when she said that Shi Xiaoya was the one who helped her, no one believed her.

“You are shameless,” Yan Zhiqing said.

“Youve just slandered Xiaoya.

You did it boldly and loudly.

And now, you are saying that Xiaoya was the one who brought you in here If that were true, then you must be stupid!”

The idea to frame Shi Xiaoya came to her so suddenly that Luo Qingxian had forgotten that she had yelled at Shi Xiaoya earlier.

While she was trying to save herself from this situation, she heard Wei Wucai say, “Actually, theres an easy way to solve this issue.

We just need to check the surveillance cameras at the door.”

“There are surveillance cameras at the door” Wu Mosen looked towards Wei Wucai in surprise.

Even Director Wu had no idea that there were surveillance cameras at the door.

This small-scale film set had been specially constructed for the filming of this movie.

It was not opened to the public, which was why surveillance cameras had not been set up at the door.

Actually, this was intentionally done to save money.

Wu Mosens movie was heavily funded.

However, even so, cost should be reduced if possible.

It would be more beneficial if the money saved could then be used for the production and the upgrade of filming equipment.

And so, Wu Mosen didnt install any surveillance cameras.

In addition, with the filming going on in the set, he was worried about the surveillance cameras causing goofs in the movie.

And so, he didnt install any security cameras even in the most hidden corners.

But now, he heard from Wei Wucai that there were surveillance cameras at the door

Wu Mosen was shocked.

“Did you install them”

Wei Wucai nodded and said, “It was conveniently done.”

He had developed this habit at the Mount Lan Compound.

On the first day he arrived on set, he had surveyed every big and tiny corner at this film set.

Naturally, he noticed that there were no surveillance cameras at the door.

Because of the filming going on inside the set, they didnt install any modern technology even in the corners.

And so, Wei Wucai didnt bother with the security system inside the set, but he did install a security camera at the main door.

Wu Mosen was surprised and happy to hear this and hurriedly said, “Extract the video footage now and we will know how Miss Luo got inside.”

At this point, no one had stepped forward and admitted to their crimes.

They kept hoping for a chance to get away with it.

Shi Xiaoya wasnt the one who had helped Luo Qingxian, so she wasnt scared at all.

Wu Mosens assistant then went and brought the surveillance video footage here.

They then grouped together and watched the video.

Soon, the result came out.

Wu Mosen couldnt recognize all the staff members.

However, Wu Mosen had a very responsible assistant who had familiarized himself with all the staff members, including the security officers.

The assistant recognized the staff members right away.

“I know them.

Its production assistant Xiao Yu and security officer Xiao Wu.”

“Tell them to come here,” Wu Mosen said.

“Tell them to watch the video themselves.

If they were the ones, they will be fired right away for breach of contract.”

Production assistant Xiao Yu had been watching the entire thing among the crowd while security officer Xiao Wu was outside at the main door.

And so, security officer Xiao Wu still had no idea what was happening here.

Xiao Yu had been a spectator since the beginning, but he never stood up and admitted to his mistakes.

He was still hoping for a chance to get away without any punishments.

Xiao Yu thought that this film studio had no surveillance cameras.

He didnt expect that Wei Wucai had secretly installed security cameras.

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