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After all, what Luo Qingxian had said didnt create any emotional damage.

Those statements would only be damaging if some cunning person decided to spread them around.

Therefore, she couldnt hide it from Han Zhuoling.

However, though she was going to tell him, she would need to twist the story slightly.

Shi Xiaoya didnt want to get Han Zhuofeng involved.

Therefore, she had prepared to take Han Zhuofeng out of the story.

But who would have expected that Han Zhuofeng would behave stupidly and say it out loud before she had said anything

As his sister-in-law, she was trying to help him!

“What happened” Han Zhuoling asked again.

Han Zhuofeng froze.

“Brother, werent you talking about this”

“Your sister-in-law just came back and hasnt had the time to tell me anything,” Han Zhuofeng said.

“She only told me that Wei Wucai and Yan Zhiqing went out to eat by themselves, and you were left alone and had no choice but to be our third wheel.”

Han Zhuofeng was speechless.

Han Zhuoling was talking about this

However, nothing he could say would be able to reverse this situation.

He had already given himself away.

“Lets eat first.

We are all hungry,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“I will tell you about it during dinner.

Zhuofeng was protecting me the whole time.

I was able to remain strong because he was around.”

Han Zhuoling nodded.

“I will listen and decide if he had done a good job.”

Han Zhuofeng had no choice but to go with them.

Even if he didnt want to eat with them, he had no choice.

Yan Zhiqing and Wei Wucai were going to just find a random restaurant for dinner.

However, Yan Zhiqings presence was too eye-catching.

While she was walking, she was easily recognized by people.

People rarely had the chance to see celebrities face to face.

Once they saw someone as famous as Yan Zhiqing, they all started approaching her in excitement.

Yan Zhiqing didnt bring her assistant and bodyguards along.

Usually, she would just cover her face and be more careful, and nothing problematic would happen.

If she had brought her bodyguards along, their group would be too big and striking, resulting in everyone recognizing her.

In addition, some netizens might call her pretentious and fake for going outside with bodyguards, or they might call her a spoiled brat.

Although Yan Zhiqing didnt care about other peoples opinions, she wouldnt intentionally do things that would ruin her reputation.

When Yan Zhiqing was outside, she would usually try to keep a low profile, which had always been a comfortable thing for her to do.

But she didnt think someone would recognize her today.

She was wearing ordinary clothes and was not wearing any makeup.

The person who had recognized her had sharp eyes.

Being packed with others like they were sardines, Yan Zhiqing felt herself suffocating.

More and more people were recklessly surrounding her.

If they only wanted to get her signature or take a picture with her, it would have been fine.

However, someone in the crowd tried to touch her.

Someone grabbed her arm.

That person then grabbed her hand and squeezed her palm.

If they only touched her out of curiosity and had no bad intentions, then its fine.

However, the hand that held her hand felt rough and big.

It was some guys hand.

This was sexual harassment.

Yan Zhiqing freaked out and screamed.

“Dont touch me! Back away! Its fine if you want pictures, but dont grab me.”

When Wei Wucai heard this, his eyes turned fierce as he scanned the crowd.

Suddenly, another hand reached over amid the chaos and was about to touch Yan Zhiqings butt.

Wei Wucais face darkened.

He grabbed that persons hand and twisted it.

Wei Wucai showed no mercy to those who took advantage of others in the chaos.

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