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“Crack!” It was the sound of someones arm dislocating.

A cry of pain sounded immediately.

“Ah! Ah! Let me go! It hurts!” a mans voice sounded.

Possibly due to what this man had intended to do, Wei Wucai thought that the mans voice sounded disgusting.

Wei Wucai exerted even more strength as he dragged that man out into the center.

As the man came out, the people that blocked his way were pushed back.

This allowed Yan Zhiqing to have a little more space.

Wei Wucai threw the man to the ground and released his grip.

He then wrapped his arm around Yan Zhiqings shoulder to protect her.

“Taking advantage of others while the situation is messy” Wei Wucai snapped.


The others were scared as well.

They didnt expect someone this disgusting to be in the crowd.

This guy among them had wanted to take advantage of Yan Zhiqing while it was too crowded.

“We are thankful for the chance to meet you all and for the love you have for Yan Zhiqing,” Wei Wucai said.

“However, you all crowded around and made the situation very messy, which gave this type of person the chance to take advantage of a young woman!”

Yan Zhiqing was terrified.

She felt even more afraid as she recalled what had almost happened.

She didnt know where this guy wanted to touch her.

However, if Wei Wucai was this angry, the guy must have wanted to touch a private part of her body.

She was now protected well in Wei Wucais arms and no one could get close to her.

And so, Yan Zhiqing felt very safe.

It was as though she was being protected by this invisible barrier that Wei Wucai had constructed.

Yan Zhiqing glanced over at the man on the ground.

Immediately, she didnt feel like looking anymore as she only felt disgusted.

The guy on the ground was still crying out loud in pain.

He couldnt even stand up.

He remained sprawled on the ground as he reprimanded, “You broke my arm!”

He went on, “I am just a fan who wanted a picture with her.

How can you hit me! So what if she is a celebrity Can a celebrity hit anyone they want Is it wrong of me to be your fan”

The man spat.

“Pui! Who do you think you are You must be proud of yourself! Because I respected you, I became your fan.

Yet you are still putting on airs! Who do you think you are without our support You are nothing!

“Everyone, look at this! This is a celebrity! They dont treat ordinary people as humans! If you block her way, she will tell people to beat you up!” The man tried to stir up the crowd as he shouted, “Without our support, who would know her

“She was able to make new movies and starred in commercials because she had a large fanbase who supported her! She became big because we supported her with money! But now, she beats up her fan!” The man shouted, “If she has no fans, who would invite her to star in films and advertisements”

Wei Wucai frowned as he listened.

This guy didnt sound like some guy who just wanted to take advantage of women.

He seemed to be coming for Yan Zhiqing, intending to ruin her reputation.

“You were the one who extended your hand and tried to take advantage of a woman,” Wei Wucai said impatiently.

“Dont be framing an innocent man! Did anyone see me doing that No one saw that! Your words do not serve as proof! You are framing an innocent man!” The man cried out, “You broke my arm too.

I am telling you, you better compensate me for the medical fees and the emotional damage.

It will also be hard for me to go to work with a broken arm.

If I cant work, you will have to pay me for the number of days Id have to take off work to recover!”

“Stop crying.” Wei Wucai couldnt possibly let him get away easily.

“Your arm was just dislocated.

It was not broken!”

Wei Wucai said coldly, “Also, I did not hit anyone else who was in this messy crowd.

You were the only one who got beaten up.

Considering this, do you think I really beat you up for no reason at all”

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