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“I went easy on you and only dislocated your arm.

What was your hand going to touch!”

Wei Wucai berated, “Thats not the actions of a fan.

Thats sexual harassment!”

He went on, “Do you move your hand towards a little girls butt if you like them”

Initially, because Yan Zhiqing was involved, Wei Wucai did not want to say this out loud.

He was worried that it might make Yan Zhiqing look bad and this might result in some news about her popping up, which would be even worse for her.

However, it was obvious that this guy had targeted Yan Zhiqing.

He had intended to ruin her reputation.

And so, Wei Wucai had no choice but to tell everyone.

“Nonsense! I didnt!” the guy immediately shouted.

“Not only did you beat me up, but you are also slandering me!”

Without realizing it, the man crawled backward twice as he asked out of fear, “What are you doing”

Wei Wucai grabbed his dislocated arm and twisted it again.

It was unknown what trick or method he used.

All they heard was another “crack.”

Before that guy could say anything, Wei Wucai grabbed his arm and rotated it a couple of times.

“It seems like your arm is completely fine now.”

He could move it easily.

Wasnt that great

The guy was stunned.

He didnt expect Wei Wucai to grab his arm and move it around.

And so, he couldnt even react.

And now, it was too late for him to pretend that his arm was injured and that he was in pain.


Your arm is not broken.” Wei Wucai raised his brow.

Now, what the man had said earlier just showed that he was a jerk.

The man still appeared fierce even though he was really scared.

Despite having a guilty conscience, he still shouted, “Do you think you can hide the fact that you had beaten me up”

At this moment, a timid voice sounded.

“I… just saw it.”

The crowd turned and saw that the one who spoke was a girl wearing a white T-shirt.

Standing beside her was another girl who was most likely her friend.

With a nervous expression, the other girl held on tightly to the arm of the girl in the white T-shirt.

“I saw it,” whispered the girl in the white T-shirt.

She had wanted to say something initially, but her friend had dragged her away and stopped her from saying anything.

Her friend had been scared that she might get into trouble.

They were two weak girls who had no way to fight back if they were bullied.

Its best to stay safe when you are outside.

However, when the girl in the white T-shirt heard the lies that came out of that mans mouth, she couldnt stay quiet anymore.

In the end, she still told the truth.

“I saw him extending his hand towards Elder Sister Zhiqing.

He wanted to touch her,” the little girl said.

“Little girl, you will be taking responsibility for every word you say! Dont be saying nonsense!” The mans expression darkened when he realized that someone had actually seen what he had done.

With a menacing and fierce expression, he glared at the little girl.

Wei Wucai immediately blocked the mans line of vision.

Although the man was nowhere near the little girl, Wei Wucai still moved at an angle that allowed the girl to hide behind him, preventing the guy from looking at her again.

“You have been exposed.

And now, you are threatening the little girl.

Have some respect for yourself!” Wei Wucai said fiercely.

When the others heard that there was a witness, they all believed what Wei Wucai had said.

They all started scolding that guy, saying, “How can you act like this! Embarrassing!”

“We were just trying to ask for a photo and a signature.

We never wanted to touch her.

Can someone like you call yourself a fan You bring shame to all the other fans.

You are no fan of hers.”

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