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Even when he was in such pain, he knew to say negative things about Yan Zhiqing, and all of his sentences flowed well.

It was unknown how long he had spent memorizing these lines.

Some people gasped.

They had almost been tricked into believing what this man said.

A girl who stood near Yan Zhiqing asked softly, “Elder Sister Zhiqing, who is this elder brother Is he your boyfriend”

When she heard this question, Yan Zhiqings face turned red.

“No, no,” Yan Zhiqing hastily denied.

“We are just friends.”

For some reason, she felt a little guilty and looked over at Wei Wucai.

Wei Wucai was still busy interrogating the guy.

It seemed like he hadnt seen how she looked when she answered the question.

However, Yan Zhiqing didnt dare to doubt the skills that Wei Wucai had acquired from the Mount Lan Compound.

And so, she added, “We are very good friends.”

As expected, Yan Zhiqings worries were valid.

Although Wei Wucai was interrogating someone, he was really juggling two tasks at the same time.

Half of his attention was on Yan Zhiqing.

When he heard someone ask that, a sense of joy shone through his eyes.

That little girl might be young, but she had keen eyes.

Since they were Yan Zhiqings fans, they must regard Yan Zhiqing highly.

At least in their opinion, few people deserved Yan Zhiqing.

Did their asking this question indicate that they thought he was a good match for Yan Zhiqing

Immediately, he heard Yan Zhiqing say “friends.”

Wei Wucai wasnt disappointed.

He then heard her say that they were very good friends.

Wei Wucai tried really hard to stop the corner of his mouth from curving up.

“Aye, this elder brother is very handsome.

He seems like a good choice.

He has good combat skills and he was protecting you,” someone said.

“Are you eating dinner with him alone because you like him”

“No, no,” Yan Zhiqing hastily responded.

“Its not possible between us.

We are just very good friends.”

Although Yan Zhiqing said that, her face still turned red.

With this, how could anyone believe that there was nothing going on between him and Wei Wucai

They just thought that she felt embarrassed.

Maybe the two were attracted to each other but were just not dating yet.

And so, they felt embarrassed to admit it.

The scene focused back on what Wei Wucai was doing.

The guy was still begging, “I will tell you! I will tell you! Please stop pressing me.”

Wei Wucai relaxed slightly and said, “Say it.”

“Someone contacted me.

I dont know who she was.

It was some manager or assistant of a celebrity,” the man said.

“That person wanted me to find a chance to spread negative things about Yan Zhiqing in front of a crowd.”

“And you coincidentally knew that she would come out tonight” Wei Wucai asked coldly.


That person told me that Yan Zhiqing is filming nearby and asked me to wait around here to find the right chance,” the man said.

“Tonight was a coincidence.

I didnt think I would see Yan Zhiqing.

“However, Yan Zhiqing always showed a good attitude.

Even when she was surrounded by a crowd of people, she didnt lose her temper.

And so, I had to do it myself.

I needed to provoke her and make her lose her temper.” However, the man had been so unlucky as to have encountered Wei Wucai, the tough guy.

If Wei Wucai had not been around, the guy would have succeeded.

“Who is that person” Wei Wucai asked again.

“I really dont know.

She was doing something bad, so she obviously didnt want me to know who she is just in case I gave her identity away,” the man said.

“I really dont know.”

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