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All the netizens had their own careers and professions and one such netizen happened to be an expert in handling and editing audio files.

That netizen uploaded his own proof and verification, confirming that the person in the voice recording was indeed Xia Qingyang herself.

Even if because of age, Xia Qingyangs voice was not as clear and bright as it was when she was younger, it could still be verified.

Instantly, the netizens flocked towards Xia Qingweis side.

Xia Qingwei, Lu Qiyuan, and his family entered the Trending search terms on Weibo, taking up the top three spots.

The more she looked, the more shocked Lu Man became.

She couldnt come back to her senses even after a long amount of time.

After a long amount of time, she finally asked, “Is there anyone there with my mother Dont let Lu Qiyuan go to her place to cause any trouble.”

“Dont worry, Ive already arranged for Zhou Cheng and Xu Hui to protect our mother,” Han Zhuoli had taken care of everything already.

If not, he also wouldnt have the peace of mind to come and visit Lu Man.

Then, Lu Man gave a call to Tang Zi and got a more detailed account of the situation from him.

Tang Zi said, “Dont worry, Im here looking out, Ill definitely cooperate with Auntie and make sure this matter achieves its goal properly.

Right now, Lu Qiyuan is as busy as a bee, he is completely worn out, having to worry and deal with PR for this matter, he surely does not have the time at all to find Auntie and cause trouble.

Xia Qingyang and Lu Qi dont even dare to step out of the house anymore.

Right now, they dont even know what to say to prove theirinnocence and clear the air, but even if they do, no one will believe them.”

Once Lu Man understood the details of the situation, she quickly analyzed what was going on right now and finally felt assured.

Tang Zi smiled again and said, “Let me tell you something interesting, Coincidentally, Feng Banbi released his new album, and for it he had even bought the “trending” spot on Weibo, entirely ready to grab the headlines.

Yet, who knew that with Aunties matter, she would take over the top three spots ontrending section.

With his headline being snatched away, his song release did not get any attention at all as if cast away in a dark corner as the netizens completely thrust it aside.

All of them are rather interested and excited to know more about Auntie.

I feel pity for him.”

Lu Man could not help but laugh.

This Feng Banbi sure was unlucky, this happened to him every single time.

The first time he tried to snatch the headline, an A-list female star happened to get a divorce.

The second time he tried, an A-list male star got married.

The third time he tried, a budding starlet and an upcoming popular young actor publicly announced their relationship.

He could not be more pitiful.

Thus, whenever something big happened in the entertainment industry, all the netizens wanted to take a look to see if Feng Banbi released a new song or something.

After that, Tang Zi also asked Lu Man about how her filming was going.

After Lu Man hung up, she did not call Xia Qingwei as she already knew about the situation quite in detail there was no need to say anything.

This was Xia Qingweis decision and Lu Man did not want Xia Qingwei to know that she knew about it either.

Since Xia Qingwei had already succeeded, Lu Man did not want to probe further into it.


In a blink of an eye, a month slipped by quickly and Lu Man finished filming all her scenes.

Chang Xianjin had already declared that on the day Lu Man finished her filming, all of them would head to that particular healthy hot pot restaurant.

After Lu Man finished her final scene, she removed her special effects makeup and changed her clothes.

With Sun Yiwu leading, the entire crew applauded Lu Man.

Lu Man smiled and bowed at everyone.

“Thank you, everyone, for all your care for the past month.

My acting still has a lot of room for improvement, I will definitely continue working hard once I go back Ill learn it properly.

I hope that in future I will again have the opportunity to work with Director Sun.”

“You definitely will!” Sun Yiwu smiled.

“You are very talented and your acting is natural.

If you get some proper training and studying, you will definitely amaze everyone!”

It was as if Sun Yiwu had used his words to pre-book Lu Man.

As long as he was filming something, he would ask Lu Man to join.

Standing on the side, Bai Shuangshuang was seething with jealousy.

She could not accomplish this even when she had been working hard ever since the moment she started acting.

Yet, a mere newbie like Lu Man actually received such a good treatment!


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