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“I will pick up the delivery.

It wouldnt be good for you if someone found out that I was in your room,” Wei Wucai said.

Yan Zhiqing gave it some thought and agreed with his reasoning.

When Wei Wucai was not scolding anyone, he was so thoughtful and considerate.

This was something Yan Zhiqing did not expect.

And so, Yan Zhiqing followed Wei Wucai to his room.

However, the moment she stepped into Wei Wucais room, Yan Zhiqing suddenly realized something.

No outsiders could come up to the rooms in this hotel.

You had to pick up your delivery at the hotel lobby.

If Wei Wucai went downstairs to take the delivery, no one would be able to follow him and find out that he was in her room.

Yan Zhiqing thought it was weird.

She wondered why she had to come to his room.

But soon, she couldnt bother with these questions.

Because it was her first time entering a mans bedroom.

It was a hotel room, but it was also a bedroom.

Yan Zhiqing was Yan Beichengs sister.

But they were already adults.

When Yan Zhiqing was young, she didnt grow up with Yan Beicheng.

Their relationship only became better when she became an adult.

At that time, it was already unsuitable for her to go in and out of Yan Beichengs room.

When she had to travel for film productions, she never had to discuss the script with other actors in the room.

It would be necessary for the director to analyze the character with the main cast members, which was usually done in a short meeting.

However, to avoid creating any gossip, they would normally book a hotels meeting room and everyone would discuss it there.

Unless some thoughts were too personal to share, a cast member would never be invited to a personal room.

This had to be done because the entertainment industry had always been very messy.

Not only were the male directors inviting actresses, but there were also female directors inviting actors.

A male director could even invite actors into their rooms instead of actresses.

As for Yan Zhiqing, no one had ever had the audacity to target her.

Yan Zhiqing didnt need to use this method to get any reward.

And so, even though she had been an actress for a long time, she had never met anyone she liked nor had she ever been asked to go to someones room.

And so, Wei Wucais room was the first ever guys room that Yan Zhiqing had entered.

The hotels housekeeping staff must have tidied up the room.

When she came in, there was a fresh scent inside.

The room was very organized, and the clothes were nicely folded and placed on the edge of the bed.

The slippers were placed in an organized manner.

There was no trash in the room.

Clearly, the housekeeping staff had tidied up the room.

She wondered what the room looked like before it had been cleaned.

“Take a seat,” Wei Wucai said.

Yan Zhiqing sat down on the couch.

Wei Wucai took out his phone and asked, “What do you want to eat”

Yan Zhiqing chuckled and said, “Lets order hotpot.”

As expected of Yan Beichengs little sister!

She had the same taste as her older brother.

Yan Beicheng loved hotpot so much that he even opened a hotpot restaurant.

After all, the Yan Hui Group was the actual business managed by the Yan Family.

His hotpot restaurant was more like a hobby.

Yet no one expected this hobby to grow so big.

The hotpot restaurant now had branches all over the country as well as abroad.

Yan Beichengs hotpot restaurant could be found in major cities of those developed countries.

According to Yan Beicheng, he had opened these restaurants for Chinese people who were working hard overseas.

He wanted them to be able to have authentic Chongqing hotpot.

As for whether the foreigners liked the hotpot or not, Yan Beicheng didnt care at all.

This was unexpected, but it showed that Yan Zhiqing was truly Yan Beichengs little sister as she loved hotpot too.

“What type of hotpot” Wei Wucai asked.

“Of course we have to choose Chongqing hotpot.

Give me that mala spicy,” Yan Zhiqing immediately answered.

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