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Wei Wucai burst into laughter and asked, “Are you sure its okay for you to eat hotpot this late at night You know that hotpot, especially the mala spicy hotpot, is fattening.

If they use butter, the calories will be even higher.”

Yan Zhiqing immediately realized that she had made the right decision to come to Wei Wucais room for food.

If she had eaten the takeout in her room, her entire room would smell of hotpot.

Fang Qiaohan would find out the moment she entered the room.

But now, any smell of food would stay in Wei Wucais room.

Fang Qiaohan wouldnt be able to smell it even if she went to Yan Zhiqings room.

Yan Zhiqing had decided that when she goes back to her room, she would shower first and ask the hotel to wash her clothes.

This way, Fang Qiaohan would never find out about this.

“I can eat it once in a blue moon.” Yan Zhiqing placed her palms together and said to Wei Wucai, “Please dont let Qiaohan find out about this.”

“Sure.” Wei Wucai opened the food delivery app and found a restaurant that delivered hotpot.

Nowadays, getting hotpot delivered had become very convenient.

Most restaurants would provide the pot.

This restaurant provided an alcohol burner and a pot.

Wei Wucai picked the seasoning and ordered the Spicy Mala Butter Hotpot Base as requested by Yan Zhiqing.

“What do you want to eat” Wei Wucai asked as he handed the phone to Yan Zhiqing.

“You choose.”

Without hesitating, Yan Zhiqing took the phone and picked some ingredients she liked.

She then gave the phone back to Wei Wucai and said, “Choose what you like.”

Wei Wucai chose a few others and placed the order.

At this moment, Yan Zhiqing was secretly watching Wei Wucai.

When he handed her his phone, she was surprised.

She was only asked to order food using his phone.

But she felt a sense of intimacy from being able to gain access to his phone.

Yan Zhiqing started sighing in disappointment when she thought of this.

Unfortunately, Wei Wucai did not like women.

Yan Zhiqing had seen a joke on the internet, saying—Not only does a woman have to compete with other women for guys, but they also have to compete with other guys.

When Yan Zhiqing saw that joke, she just laughed and never took it seriously.

But now, she had encountered that exact situation.

But you cant really change a persons sexuality.

Yan Zhiqing sighed in disappointment.

Wei Wucai had just placed the order when he noticed the sigh.

Wei Wucai tilted his head as he asked, “What is it”

“Nothing.” Yan Zhiqings eyes darted around.

She appeared to be afraid to look into Wei Wucais eyes.

She quickly came up with an excuse, saying, “I was just wondering who it was that had hired the troublemaker.”

Wei Wucai could tell that Yan Zhiqing had not been thinking about this.

However, since she had mentioned this, Wei Wucai answered, “I was able to get the guy to give me the WeChat number of the person who hired him.

I will investigate this WeChat number while we are waiting for the hotpot.”

“Can you find information on it within such a short time” Yan Zhiqing asked in surprise.

“Others might be incapable of it, but Im not.” Wei Wucai smiled and took out his laptop.

Wei Wucai had brought two laptops here.

One laptop was used for the visual effects company.

The other was used for the work from the Mount Lan Compound.

Wei Wucai sat next to Yan Zhiqing in a natural manner.

He turned on his laptop and logged onto his WeChat.

Then, he typed the WeChat number in the search bar.

After he found the WeChat account, he launched a program.

A black colored dialog box popped up on the screen.

Lines and lines of symbols and words that Yan Zhiqing couldnt understand appeared in the dialog box.

“Is it okay for me to be looking at this” Yan Zhiqing asked.

Yan Zhiqing saw that Wei Wucai had no intention of blocking the screen.

She thought that the work at the Mount Lan Compound was highly confidential.

Wei Wucai wasnt doing work for the Mount Lan Compound, but…

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