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“After I figure out the issue, I will then be more careful not to make the same mistake,” Wei Wucai said.

Yan Zhiqing noticed that Wei Wucai stayed true to his words.

In Yan Zhiqings opinion, Wei Wucai wasnt just saying this just for the sake of saying it.

As she was thinking about this, she heard Wei Wucai ask, “What about you Would you mind”

“I am alright.

I dont mind if he looks through my phone.

Because of my job, theres a high chance that my partner would be the one to feel insecure,” Yan Zhiqing said.

“I message a lot of people for work.

He can read all of those messages, but I hope he wont be telling me what work decision I should make.

I also hope he wont be making stupid comments about my work or talking bad about me with someone behind my back.”

“If he does that, then theres something wrong with his character,” Wei Wucai said without any hesitation.

“You allowed him to look through your phone because you trusted him, and yet hed talk nonsense and prevent you from working normally.

Hed have betrayed your trust,” Wei Wucai said coldly.

This person did not exist.

All these stories were possible scenarios.

However, Wei Wucai, without any hesitation, chose to choke that fake existence to death, nipping the possibility in the bud while its still just a hypothetical scenario.

“Will you check your partners phone” Yan Zhiqing asked.

“If that partner was you, I wouldnt,” Wei Wucai said as he looked at Yan Zhiqing with a serious expression.

“I trust you.”

Being stared at so seriously, Yan Zhiqing felt herself blanking out.

It was as though she was really his partner.

Yan Zhiqing hastily shook her head, throwing away all these unrealistic thoughts.

After she had gotten closer to Wei Wucai, she realized that Wei Wucai emanated a charming aura at all times.

Fortunately, he always had a sharp tongue, which resulted in him being disliked by girls.

One by one, all those girls left out of anger.

If those girls actually had a serious chat with him, they would be deeply ensnared by him.

There would be countless girls charmed.

At this moment, the laptop, which was placed on the coffee table, showed that the program had finished running, and a result popped up.

She leaned towards the computer screen.

Initially, Wei Wucai was quite far away from her.

But when she leaned over, Wei Wucais eyes sparkled.

He pretended to be unable to see the screen clearly and leaned closer as well.

The heavens knew that Wei Wucai was not nearsighted.

He stopped when his face was right beside Yan Zhiqings face.

“I dont understand,” Yan Zhiqing said as she turned her head.

She was too busy studying every single character on the computer screen, which combined into lines of symbols that she could not understand at all.

And so, she hadnt noticed Wei Wucai getting closer.

The moment she turned her head, her lips almost touched his face.

Fortunately, the tip of her nose prevented it from happening.

But the tip of her nose was not as lucky.

Her nose brushed past his face.

Unfortunately, Wei Wucais face was positioned slightly higher than Yan Zhiqings.

And so, the tip of Yan Zhiqings nose brushed past the corner of Wei Wucais lip.

This sensation felt complicated.

The corner of his mouth felt soft.

Then, she felt the prickly stubble through the tip of her nose.

Then, she no longer felt the stubbles.

She felt his soft skin.

She smelled the fragrance of Wei Wucais cologne.

Yan Zhiqing froze.

Her face turned red.

The redness spread to the tip of her ears.

She could feel the fire in the tip of her ears as well as at the top of her head.

Wei Wucai appeared shocked as he turned and looked at her.

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