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The two went to see the delivery guy and received confirmation that the delivery was for Wei Wucai.

The delivery guy then handed Wei Wucai everything.

The delivery guy had just handed everything and was just about to leave when he thought that something was wrong.

He suddenly looked towards Yan Zhiqing and asked, “Arent you…”

Yan Zhiqing was stunned.

She immediately answered, “No, you have the wrong person.”

With this, she pulled Wei Wucai away.

“Hey…” The delivery guy wanted to stop them, but they had already left.

The delivery guy scratched his head in confusion and left.

Yan Zhiqing came downstairs to help lessen the load for Wei Wucai.

Yet both her hands were empty.

Her hands were not used at all.

And so, Yan Zhiqing extended her hands out towards Wei Wucai and said, “Let me carry some.”

“Theres no need.

There are fewer things to carry than I expected.

I can carry them myself,” Wei Wucai declined.

“Plus, I am a man.

I cant let you carry anything.”

Yan Zhiqing knew that Wei Wucai was a bottom, but she didnt expect him to be a power bottom.

Thankfully, Wei Wucai had no idea what she was thinking.

If Wei Wucai had known, he would have shown her how powerful he was.

While Yan Zhiqing was tilting her head and talking to Wei Wucai, something that the two had no knowledge of happened.

The delivery guy turned around and looked at them again.

He saw the side of Yan Zhiqings face.

Suddenly, he remembered.

The delivery guy gasped in realization.

“Yan Zhiqing! Yan Zhiqing!”

The delivery guy hastily took out his phone.

While the two were still within his sight, he snapped many photos.

The scene turned back to Wei Wucai and Yan Zhiqing.

Yan Zhiqing said to Wei Wucai, “You have to let me carry at least one.

If not, why did I even come downstairs I will have wasted my time.”

Wei Wucai couldnt deal with Yan Zhiqings persistence and had no choice but to give her the bag with the least number of things.

Yan Zhiqing carried only that bag.

The two then went back to the room.

Wei Wucai had set up the alcohol burner and the pot.

Wei Wucai chose the two-flavored pot.

One side of the pot contained a Mala spicy butter base soup while the other side contained a bone broth soup.

“You ordered a two-flavored pot” Yan Zhiqing asked.


Mala spicy pot might be too spicy for you.

You still have scenes to shoot tomorrow, so we have to take care of your throat.

If you are only eating something spicy, your throat might not be able to take it well,” Wei Wucai said.

Yan Zhiqing always had to be in shape.

Although she loved the spicy Mala butter base soup, she rarely ate this because she needed to keep her weight under control.

For people that didnt eat spicy mala often, the overindulgence of this soup might result in a severe reaction and many issues.

Some of the issues could be pimples and burning of the throat.

While the film production was still ongoing, she needed to be extra careful.

Yan Zhiqing and Wei Wucai arranged all the ingredients.

Wei Wucai didnt order alcohol.

Instead, he ordered some soy milk.

Yan Zhiqing felt a little sad to not have beer with this hotpot.

However, even if she was given beer, she wouldnt dare to drink it.

Yan Zhiqing, eating the hotpot, felt really hot.

But she didnt dare to eat too much meat.

She mostly ate cow stomach and cow throat.

She didnt know how many calories the cow stomach and cow throat contained.

But these ingredients should have less calories than the fat beef slices.

This was her way of making herself feel better.

While Yan Zhiqing was eating, she patted her legs because she still felt a little bitter.

She then said, “No.

I still cant let this go easily.”

Wei Wucai lifted his head and looked at her.

He then heard Yan Zhiqing say, “It is true that we still need some time to find the evidence that no one can refute.”

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