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Chapter 3103: Youre Still Unwilling to Tell Me the Truth

“If it bothers you, then why dont we first avoid arousing suspicion for two days”

Yan Zhiqing couldnt see it.

Although these words emerged from Wei Wucais mouth…

He had an extremely threatening expression.

If Yan Zhiqing truly dared to agree to do that, Wei Wucai would definitely record yet another debt she owed to him.

Fortunately, perhaps because Yan Zhiqings intuition had suddenly become unusually accurate, she said unhesitatingly, “Im absolutely unafraid.”

“Since both of us arent afraid, we dont have much to worry about,” Wei Wucai said.

“Well have dinner together tomorrow evening.

Thats settled, then.”

Just like that, while Yan Zhiqing was being muddle-headed, Wei Wucai arranged for her to spend tomorrow evening with him.

However, Yan Zhiqing felt guilty toward Wei Wucai as an extremely difficult matter had arisen because of her.

So when Wei Wucai said that, Yan Zhiqing immediately agreed.

“Okay, well just do that.”

“Then you should sleep earlier tonight,” Wei Wucai said.

“Mm, you should rest earlier too.” Yan Zhiqing never imagined that she would be contacting him once again after she exchanged “goodnights” with him previously.


Yan Zhiqing hung up the call.

In the end, she soon received yet another call—this time from Yan Beicheng.

Yan Zhiqing took one glance at her phone and knew Yan Beicheng most likely knew about the matter on the internet.

Yan Zhiqings head ached as she answered the call.

“Older Brother.”

“Whats with the thing on the internet” Yan Beicheng got straight to the point.

Then he said to her, “Whats going on between you and Wei Wucai Why were you even getting takeouts together”

When Yan Beicheng asked this, he felt there was something not quite right about it.

He suddenly realized something and said, “Hang on.

Didnt you tell me earlier that you were eating with a friend You even told me that your friend was female”

Yan Zhiqing blinked.

Way too many things were happening this evening.

She had even forgotten what she had told Yan Beicheng.

At this time, Yan Zhiqing asked with a bit of a guilty conscience, “Is that so Did I really say that”

Yan Beicheng narrowed his eyes and replied with complete certainty, “Thats right.

Its what you said.”

“Hehe… Hehehehehe…” Yan Zhiqing let out quite a few hollow laughs before finally saying, “Its because that photo was taken out of context.

I was indeed having a meal with a female friend.

There were many people in the room.

There were both men and women.

It wasnt just me and Wei Wucai.”

Yan Zhiqing only dared to say this because Wei Wucai was not with her right now.

She would not have dared to say such a thing in front of him.

However, Yan Beicheng was not that easy to fool.

“If there were both men and women, why did you have to go down to get the takeouts personally” Yan Beicheng questioned.

Yan Zhiqing choked and then said, “This… There isnt much to this! Why should I be so arrogant Since I was free, I went down to get it.”

Yan Beicheng said in a heavy tone, “Zhiqing, listen to what you just said to me.

Is it believable

“It wouldnt have mattered if it were anyone else who went down to get it.

You, however, are famous.

The moment you show your face in public and get recognized by others, it will cause a great disturbance.

There will be even more trouble when that time comes.

So even if you were idling away with nothing to do, its impossible that they would have let you go down to get the takeouts under normal circumstances.”

Yan Beicheng paused for a moment before saying, “Even now that its gotten to this stage, youre still unwilling to tell me the truth”

Yan Zhiqing hesitated for a moment.

Then she heard Yan Beicheng use an extremely hurt tone to say, “I never imagined that you would actually lie to me.

Im your older brother.

Could it be that youre unwilling to tell the truth even to me”

The thing that Yan Zhiqing could not bear the most was seeing Yan Beicheng disappointed in her.

This was because she had disappointed him in the past when she was still immature.

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