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“Of course, even if he hadnt said that, I would still take good care of you.

I wouldnt let you get bullied,” Wei Wucai said.

Upon hearing this, Yan Zhiqing felt a bit embarrassed and at a loss as to what she should do to conceal her feelings.

She unconsciously raised her hand and scratched the back of her head before saying softly, “Theres no one who can bully me.”

After all, who would dare to

Wei Wucai then lowered his voice and said, “Its still a cause for worry.

Id only feel at ease if I stay by your side.”

Yan Zhiqings ears reddened.

Then, just as she was about to say something, Yan Beicheng suddenly turned around and said to her, “What are you doing, dilly-dallying over there at the back Hurry up and come over here.

We havent seen each other in such a long time.

Arent you going to spend more time with your older brother, hmm”

Lin Chu held back a laugh and stealthily poked Yan Beicheng.

“I think Zhiqing has pretty good feelings towards Wei Wucai,” Lin Chu said softly to Yan Beicheng.

Yan Beicheng replied just as quietly, “Do you know what that rascal lied to Zhiqing about”

“What did he lie about” Lin Chu asked in surprise.

Yan Beicheng let out a cold laugh and replied, “That rascal actually lied to Zhiqing, saying that hes gay.”

Lin Chu hurriedly covered her mouth, afraid that she would shriek.

“Wei Wucai… is truly not an ordinary person!” Lin Chu lamented.

It seemed like there was nothing he was unwilling to say in order to chase the young lady.

“How is he going to turn this around in the future” Lin Chu said worriedly.

“Who cares about him In any case, Zhiqing hates being lied to the most.

When the truth gets revealed, the unlucky one will be Wei Wucai,” Yan Beicheng said, rejoicing over Wei Wucais future misfortune.

“Since he dared to deceive Zhiqing like this, he will be unlucky in the future.”

Lin Chu tugged at Yan Beicheng hastily because Yan Zhiqing was approaching.

Lin Chu knew that since Yan Beicheng had yet to tell Yan Zhiqing about this matter, it meant he had no intention to expose Wei Wucai for now.

However, Lin Chu also knew Yan Beicheng was not doing this to help Wei Wucai.

She supposed it was purely that he was holding back his bad side for now because he wanted to see how Wei Wucai would explain to Yan Zhiqing once his lies were revealed.

The longer it was kept a secret, the angrier Yan Zhiqing would be once the truth of the matter was revealed.

So, upon seeing Yan Zhiqing approach…

Lin Chu signaled to Yan Beicheng with totally tacit understanding.

As expected, Yan Beicheng immediately stopped talking.

It was clear he truly intended to keep the matter a secret from Yan Zhiqing.

As Yan Zhiqing approached, she saw the two people whispering to each other.

She thought the two of them were just whispering sweet nothings to each other as husband and wife.

After all, Yan Beicheng and Lin Chu did not refrain from making public displays of affection.

The men of the eight great families seemed to feel especially strongly about matters like making displays of affection.

They would not show it only to outsiders; they would not let their own family members off either, showing off in a totally berserk way.

In the past, Yan Zhiqing had had to face many displays of affection from Yan Beicheng and Lin Chu, so she was already used to it now.

Upon seeing Yan Beicheng and Lin Chu seemingly whispering sweet nothings to each other, Yan Zhiqing slowed her pace and did not immediately arrive in front of them.

…Lest she got shown yet another public display of affection.

It was only after she had seen the two people pretty much finish their conversation that Yan Zhiqing finally continued walking over.

“Older Brother, what did you call me for” Yan Zhiqing asked as she approached.

She had been chatting with Wei Wucai just fine.

Then, when she was suddenly called over, the latter had a very awkward expression.

“We havent seen each other in so long, yet you dont miss us Come tell us about what you did after you left us for such faraway lands,” Yan Beicheng said.

“Ive missed you,” Yan Zhiqing said.

“But I saw the two of you talking, so I didnt think it would be polite to disturb you.”

Yan Zhiqing was very self-aware.

The private space between a couple would not tolerate the presence of another person.

It would not be okay even if she was their younger sister.

Of course, Yan Zhiqing would not get jealous; she just very conscientiously gave them some space.

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