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Yan Zhiqing felt speechless.

If she had not known that Wei Wucai was gay, after reading these comments and seeing the things Wei Wucai had done, she would have mistakenly thought that Wei Wucai had feelings for her.

Even though she knew that it was impossible, when this thought appeared in her mind, she still couldnt stop her heart from beating faster.

She secretly glanced over at Wei Wucai, who was sitting beside her.

Wei Wucai was holding his phone and looking at its screen with a calm expression.

His expression didnt change much.

Upon noticing Yan Zhiqings glances, Wei Wucai turned and asked while looking at her, “Whats wrong”

“Nothing.” Yan Zhiqing lowered her head guiltily.

She flipped open the film script and started reading.

She didnt want those comments to influence her and cause her mind to wander.

However, after she opened the film script, she didnt turn another page.

She couldnt even read a single word.

Wei Wucai had asked her what was wrong…

She couldnt possibly ask him why he had suddenly followed her and wanted them to be mutual follows.

This was not a big deal anyway.

Maybe it never occurred to him to do this.

But now, he did so because the comments had reminded him to.

If she were to intentionally ask him why, things would then seem weird.

And so, Yan Zhiqing could only hide this secret in her heart.

Even though she was very curious and really wanted to know what Wei Wucai was really thinking…

After a moment of silence, Wei Wucai suddenly asked, “You memorized all your lines”

“Ah” Yan Zhiqing was still deep in thought and answered unconsciously, “Ah, I memorized all the lines in the script we have right now.”

The film script in their hands was incomplete.

It was incomplete because the staff members were worried that the movie script might get leaked.

Another reason was due to the later parts of the script still being revised and the film script given to them not being the final version.

They had yet to complete filming this, which was why the production team hadnt given out the next part of the movie script.

Yan Zhiqing had already memorized all the lines in this script.

She was just worried that she might not have consolidated the memorized information and she would become a hindrance when filming restarts.

Although she was the main female lead, there were many senior actors featured in this movie, not to mention people like Gao Zishan and Gu Fei, who were an award-winning actress and actor, respectively.

Yan Zhiqing was very scared that she might not perform well enough or not be professional enough and would then be looked down upon by those senior actors and actresses.

Wei Wucai had been working with Yan Zhiqing these past few days.

He had witnessed her professionalism and knew about how dedicated she was to this job.

Before Wei Wucai became familiar with Yan Zhiqing, hed had no idea that Yan Zhiqing was so dedicated to her job to the extent that her professionalism was admirable.


No wonder.” Wei Wucai nodded in realization.

Yan Zhiqing, being confused, asked, “No wonder what”

Wei Wucai pointed at the film script on Yan Zhiqings lap and said, “No wonder you were reading your script upside down.

Have you memorized your lines so well that you decided to try some memorization tricks”

Yan Zhiqing felt speechless.

Fang Qiaohan was speechless.

Fang Qiaohan was sitting on the other side.

She covered her eyes and couldnt bear to watch.

Yan Zhiqing immediately looked down and realized that the script was really upside down!

When Fang Qiaohan handed the film script to her, she had placed it on her lap without looking.

She hadnt noticed it earlier when she flipped open the script.

She didnt expect it to be upside down!

“Hehe!” Yan Zhiqing felt so awkward that her head felt numb.

She could only forcefully explain, “Yeah.

I was just trying to consolidate what I memorized.

Its boring to just read, so I placed the script upside down to make it more challenging.



I see.” Wei Wucai nodded sincerely, pretending to believe her.

Yan Zhiqing lowered her head.

Since she had come up with this excuse, she had to force herself to put on an act.

And so, she could only continue reading the script upside down and pretend as though she was busy memorizing her lines.

She was muttering softly.

However, no one could tell what she was muttering.

Even Yan Zhiqing herself had no idea what she was saying.

Wei Wucai had nothing to do, so he continued scrolling through the comments.

He even saw some netizens asking him to post some selfies.

Wei Wucai smiled.

Upon realizing that there was nothing more to see, he put his phone away.

He was going to say something to Yan Zhiqing when Hu Guangmo called him.

Wei Wucai had no choice but to work.

Old Mrs.

Wei and Dong Muping both saw the news about Wei Zhiqian and Yan Zhiqing.

Even Luo Qingxian saw it.

Luo Qingxian did not expect Wei Wucai to be the CEO of Ledepic More.

She was not very familiar with this company.

However, because of some friends in the entertainment industry such as Lu Xiuse, shed heard some myths about Ledepic More.

However, she did not expect Wei Wucai to be the CEO of this legendary company.

She recalled the time when she had a meal with Wei Wucai.

She had asked him about his job.

But Wei Wucai had told her that he was just an employee.

He said that he worked for someone and was doing investigative work.

Was he scared that she might glue herself to him upon finding out about his job

Or was he scared that she might lust after him if she knew about his job

Luo Qingxian finally understood.

She was not the one who looked down on Wei Wucai and disliked him.

It was Wei Wucai who looked down on her and disliked her.

If not, why didnt he tell her the truth

Luo Qingxian sneered coldly as she thought about what Wei Wucai had said about not being in a relationship with Yan Zhiqing.

And yet, he was pictured taking food deliveries with Yan Zhiqing late at night.

She was not a fan of Yan Zhiqing, nor was she one of those netizens.

She wasnt biased.

She didnt think that Yan Zhiqing wouldnt need to boost her popularity by attracting public attention because she was someone with a powerful background.

Those netizens were foolish to think that Yan Zhiqing and Wei Wucai were just friends and that nothing had happened between them.

Before they even explained anything, the netizens had explained everything for them.

But Luo Qingxian considered herself different from those netizens.

She had personally witnessed the ambiguous relationship between Yan Zhiqing and Wei Wucai.

And now, the two were working together, making things even more convenient for them.

Wei Wucai and Yan Zhiqing had teamed up and lied to her.

They must be laughing at her secretly.

They must be laughing at her ignorance and over how gullible she was to be fooled by them.

Luo Qingxian stared at the phone screen.

She was so angry that the corner of her mouth was twitching.

“Bitch!” Luo Qingxian cursed angrily.

She was only mad at Wei Wucai.

She was mad at Wei Wucai for looking down on her.

She couldnt believe that he lied to her because he looked down on her from the beginning.

Luo Qingxian thought of herself as someone with excellent qualities.

Why would Wei Wucai look down on her

Initially, when Luo Qingxian hadnt known that Wei Wucai was this powerful, she only felt bitter.

She just thought that Wei Wucai was bold to look down on her when he himself was incapable.

This was the reason why she didnt give up.

She wanted to pursue Wei Wucai and get him to be her boyfriend before she dumped him.

She wanted to teach him a lesson.

But now, she realized that it was really Wei Wucai who didnt like her and looked down on her.

She wondered to herself, how was she inferior to Yan Zhiqing

All the hatred she felt was towards Yan Zhiqing.

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