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Wei Zhiqian said wittily, “Those are groundless rumors.

How can you believe those rumors Those two are just friends.

They are not in a relationship.”

They were not officially together yet.

Wei Zhiqian didnt think that he was lying to Old Mrs.


“They just happened to be working together.

Since they know each other, they are often together.

Thats how this misunderstanding happened.

Hehehehe…” Wei Zhiqian, feeling guilty, started emitting a dry laugh.

“Beicheng and Lin Chu are both here, and Zhuoling is here as well.

When I found out that everyone came here, I decided to join the fun,” Wei Zhiqian said as he laughed awkwardly.

But was Old Mrs.

Wei this easily fooled

“Why did Beicheng suddenly visit” Old Mrs.

Wei asked.

“Probably the same reason as mine.

He thought that it was rare for Zhiqings filming site to be in B City, so he came over to visit,” Wei Zhiqian explained.


Didnt he visit because he saw the news online and wanted to know what was actually going on” Old Mrs.

Wei said.

“I followed the news online.

Zhiqing did not explain what was going on between them.”

She continued, “And all the things that Xiao Cai did today tells me that theres something wrong.

I am sure he likes that girl named Zhiqing.”

Wei Zhiqian thought to himself that although Old Mrs.

Wei was old, she had very strong analytical skills.

Old Mrs.

Wei could even keep up with the trend and was very good at using WeChat and Weibo.

Wei Zhiqian felt speechless.

This meant that all the instructions he had told Wei Wucai earlier were unnecessary.

Old Mrs.

Wei already found out about this.

He then heard his grandma say, “Xiao Cai has always been so rude and has driven away so many girls.

Hes been living at the Mount Lan Compound since he was young and has a very small social circle.

Because of this, your aunt has been extremely worried.

“Even I was worried for him.

In my opinion, compared to you, he would have a harder time getting into a relationship.

At least you are not as rude as him.”

Unfortunately, Old Mrs.

Wei had no idea.

Although Wei Zhiqian was not as rude as Wei Wucai, Wei Zhiqian had the brain of a straight heterosexual male!

“In addition, he is younger than you,” Old Mrs.

Wei said in a worried tone.

“I always thought that I would at least only start worrying about Xiao Cai when I am done worrying about you.

“I didnt expect Xiao Cai, who has a rude tongue, to be so awesome.

I didnt even need to worry about him as he has already found a girl he liked by himself.” Old Mrs.

Wei spoke in a way that conveyed the regret she felt due to Wei Zhiqian not living up to her expectations.

She really wanted to beat Wei Zhiqian up with a feather duster right now.

“He is rude, but he is only rude to the girls he does not like.

His rude tongue doesnt prevent him from finding a girl he likes.

Look at him.

He has his way of doing things,” Old Mrs.

Wei said in a worried tone.

“But look at you! You saw Xiao Cai and Zhiqing with your own eyes.

Arent you worried about your own relationship Dont you think you should work harder and put in some effort”

Wei Zhiqian could only answer, “I do think I should.

But it doesnt matter if I think this way.

I do want to work hard, but I havent found the person to work hard for, okay”

“Tell me.

Did you hide at Xiao Cais place because you are scared that I might scold you” Old Mrs.

Wei suddenly realized the truth.

“I couldnt possibly do that!” Wei Zhiqian said.

“Since you know about this, I will tell you the truth.

I came over because Yan Beicheng is giving Xiao Cai a hard time.

“Xiao Cai already sees Yan Beicheng as his future elder brother-in-law.

Obviously, he cant rebel against his future elder brother-in-law, right And so, I came over.

When Yan Beicheng tried to roast Xiao Cai, I played the role of an elder brother and protected him.”

Old Mrs.

Wei was very satisfied with this.

“You did well!” Old Mrs.

Wei recognized Wei Zhiqians sense of responsibility as an elder brother.

“However, Beicheng doesnt think Xiao Cai is good enough Our Xiao Cai is awesome! Hes stable and reliable.

He has high combat power and can protect Zhiqing very well.

Especially considering that Zhiqing is in the entertainment industry, she has a lot of fans.

If she went outside, her fans would bury her.

But if Xiao Cai is present, no one can push her or hurt her.

Hes so reliable.”

She went on, “In addition, Xiao Cai has a successful career and looks handsome.

There are so many rich ladies who want to take him in because of his face!”

Wei Zhiqian felt speechless.

Was it appropriate for her to use such a description on her grandnephew

No matter what, those rich ladies were not worthy of him!

“In addition, Xiao Cai lives a clean life.

He has never had a girlfriend.

His relationship history is blank.

Which girl would dislike him Even if they choose someone else, could anyone else be better than Xiao Cai” Old Mrs.

Wei said.

“Of course, no one else but you.

You are on par with Xiao Cai.”

Wei Zhiqian was very grateful that his grandma had kept him in mind while she was praising Wei Wucai.


I think so too.

Theres nothing for Beicheng to complain about.” Wei Zhiqian criticized, “Of course, he is doing this because he is worried about his sister.

In his opinion, his sister is extremely excellent and no one is worthy of his sisters love.

Hes just scared that someone will mistreat his sister, right”

“True.” Old Mrs.

Wei nodded and finally admitted that Yan Beicheng had a good heart.

“Even so, he shouldnt make things so difficult for our Xiao Cai.

Our Xiao Cai is a very good kid!”

Old Mrs.

Wei was finally distracted and let Wei Zhiqian off the hook as she continued saying, “Hes able to do this because he is Xiao Cais future elder brother-in-law and he knows Xiao Cai wouldnt dare to do anything to him.”

The pitiful Yan Beicheng had not even agreed to this relationship and had even instructed Yan Zhiqing to stay away from Wei Wucai.

But Old Mrs.

Wei and Wei Zhiqian had already given him a label.

Yan Beicheng was labeled as the elder brother-in-law.

Yan Beicheng, who was waiting for Lin Chu to finish showering in his hotel room, suddenly sneezed.

At the same time, Lin Chu came out after drying her hair and immediately asked, “Why did you sneeze Are you cold The seasons are changing, so it is easier to get sick now.”

Yan Beicheng sniffed and said, “No, my nose just feels itchy.”

However, Yan Beicheng was still cautious.

If he had really caught a cold, he didnt want to give the cold to Lin Chu.

Unfortunately, Yan Beicheng, who originally planned to enjoy some couples time with Lin Chu tonight since the kids werent here to disturb them, had no choice but to temporarily abandon this plan.

When Wei Zhiqian heard what Old Mrs.

Wei said, he asked happily, “Grandma, are you going to do something”

“For the sake of our Xiao Cais happiness, I am going to have a chat with my friend.” Obviously, the friend that Old Mrs.

Wei referred to was Old Mrs.


As an elder, Old Mrs.

Wei couldnt bully Yan Beicheng, who was younger.

Because Old Mrs.

Wei was thinking about Wei Wucai, she was in no mood to nag Wei Zhiqian.

Wei Zhiqian hung up the phone and let out a sigh of relief before he hurriedly went to tell Wei Wucai this good news.

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