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Its even better if their grandma could help.

After hearing the good news from Wei Zhiqian, Wei Wucai felt satisfied and hung up the phone.

He then checked the post online and noticed that this topic was not as popular as before.

This was probably because the subjects in this topic had never publicly said anything.

No matter how fervently the netizens discussed, there was only so much to talk about.

And so, these discussions gradually became boring.

And this topic gradually lost its popularity.

Wei Wucai thought about it and immediately sent Yan Zhiqing a WeChat message.

“There arent as many discussions about us online anymore.”

At this moment, Yan Zhiqing had just come out from her shower.

She even had a face mask on her face.

Filming was extremely tiring.

Sometimes, she would go back to the room at midnight and would still be too busy to shower.

She would at least wash her hair.

She would then apply a face mask before sleeping.

Regardless of how late she got home or how tired she felt, applying a face mask was the one thing that Yan Zhiqing stubbornly refused to give up on doing.

If she didnt apply a face mask, her skin would feel too dry and it would be difficult to apply makeup on it.

At this moment, when she received the text from Wei Wucai, she had a face mask on her face.

She searched online and realized that the popularity of this topic was already on the wane.

Yan Zhiqing no longer apologized for getting him involved in this.

This was because Wei Wucai had said repeatedly that he didnt care about this at all.


I saw it,” Yan Zhiqing said.

“Why are you not asleep”

“I am about to sleep,” Wei Wucai said.

“We agreed to have dinner together tonight with just the two of us.”

“Ah” Yan Zhiqing suddenly recalled this.

Previously, because she felt very sorry for getting Wei Wucai involved in this scandal and she felt really bad…

She had promised to treat him to dinner with just the two of them.

But she didnt expect Yan Beicheng and Lin Chu to arrive suddenly, ruining this plan.

Honestly, because today had been so crazy, Yan Zhiqing completely forgot about this matter.

She didnt expect Wei Wucai to remember this.

Since Wei Wucai had reminded her, Yan Zhiqing immediately said, “What about tomorrow”

She added, “Since I couldnt treat you to a good meal today.”

Although Yan Beicheng had paid for their dinner tonight, it was different.

She couldnt pretend that she had paid for it even though her brother was the one who paid for the dinner.

“Sure.” Wei Wucai looked down as he said, “But if you are busy tomorrow night…”

“Even if I am very busy, I will still eat with you.

At worst, we will have late night snacks,” Yan Zhiqing said without thinking.

Nevertheless, she must express how sorry she felt.

Wei Wucai chuckled and responded, “Sure.”

He paused for a moment and said, “Rest earlier.

You have to wake up early tomorrow.”

Yan Zhiqing responded, “Yes, you too.”

The two bid each other goodnight.

Wei Wucai opened his photo gallery.

There was a photo he had downloaded from the internet.

It was the picture that the food delivery guy had taken when the two picked up the delivery together.

Although this picture only showed his back and the side of Yan Zhiqings face…

No matter how much he stared at the picture, he still thought that the two of them looked perfect together.

Even though it was a shot of his back, he still thought this picture was beautiful.

Yan Zhiqings height looked petite and cute when compared to his height.

He could see the smile in Yan Zhiqings eyes when she turned to talk to him.

Because Wei Wucai was a lot taller than Yan Zhiqing, she could only look up.

She looked as though she was sweetly looking up at her beloved one.

Although the picture only showed his back, his back looked handsome.

It added this mysterious vibe to the picture, leaving room for imagination.

The picture was a shot of him carrying the bags of food.

Yan Zhiqing turned and had her head facing him.

She was stretching her hand towards him, hoping to take some things from him so that she could help.

As Wei Wucai looked at what was shown in this photo, he felt that this photograph showed a heartfelt moment and depicted a slice of life.

As he stared at this photo, he started smiling.

No matter how much he stared at the photo, he still thought that the two in the picture were a great match for each other.

How could there be such a perfect match

Wei Wucai smiled cheerfully as he stared at the picture for a long time.

While he was looking at the picture, he fell asleep.

Thankfully, Wei Wucai had already trained his biological clock.

He didnt need an alarm clock to wake up the next morning.

He woke up by himself.

On the other hand, Yan Zhiqing and Shi Xiaoya were not in the habit of waking up early every day.

They had slept too late last night, so it was extremely difficult for them to wake up this morning.

When Shi Xiaoya woke up, she began massaging her temples.

“Whats wrong” Han Zhuoling didnt need to wake up so early.

However, whenever Shi Xiaoya started moving in the morning, he would wake up.

He wouldnt get out of bed, but he would lay in bed and watch Shi Xiaoya leave before he would continue sleeping.

At this moment, he saw Shi Xiaoya frowning and appearing a little sick while sitting on the bed.

Han Zhuoling then sat up.

Shi Xiaoya shook her head and said, “I think my head hurts a little because I slept too little.”

Han Zhuoling raised his hand and pressed her temples with his index fingers.

“Here Where”

“Move a little bit up.

It should be around here.” Shi Xiaoya pressed the areas near the top of her head and her temples.

Han Zhuoling finally found the location.

“Is it here”

“Yes,” Shi Xiaoya responded.

After Han Zhuoling had massaged it a few times, Shi Xiaoya felt much better.

“Its too early now.

The pharmacy is not open yet, but it should open when I am about to leave.

I will buy some headache relief strips for you,” Han Zhuoling said.

“Youve slept too little for the past two days.

Rest when you are on set if you have the chance.

Its good enough if you can take many short naps.

They dont need you beside them all the time when they are filming,” Han Zhuoling instructed.

“Alright.” Shi Xiaoya nodded obediently and said, “You should sleep.

I will be fine.”

“How can you be fine” Han Zhuoling frowned and said, “Headaches are torturing.”

“I feel better after you massaged it a few times,” Shi Xiaoya said with a smile.

Han Zhuoling knew that she hadnt actually recovered, but he couldnt say anything.

He couldnt tie her up and stop her from going to work.

After Han Zhuoling watched Shi Xiaoya leave the room, he got up.

He didnt continue sleeping.

Shi Xiaoya had a headache.

How could he continue sleeping peacefully

After Shi Xiaoya left, he changed his clothes and left the hotel.

However, Han Zhuoling did not notice that there were reporters around the hotel.

They were sitting in a car and taking turns working the night shift.

After all, there were so many things happening on set.

They never know if they might snap a picture of something good.

The cast members of “Left Right” were well-known and greatly valued their reputation.

These well-known celebrities had already bribed the celebrity news reporters, so none of the reporters reported about them.

But after the breaking news about Yan Zhiqing and Wei Wucai, the reporters wanted to find out more about them.

They really thought that the news about Yan Zhiqing and Wei Wucai was real.

This was why they were keeping a lookout outside the hotel.

They didnt see Yan Zhiqing, but they saw Han Zhuoling.

It appeared as though Han Zhuoling had intentionally waited for Shi Xiaoya to leave before he snuck out of the hotel.

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