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“What is Han Zhuoling doing sneaking around” a reporter asked.

His coworker, who was beside him, said, “Follow him.

Its too early.

Work doesnt start at this time.

He normally leaves the hotel at around 7:30 to 8 AM, but he left at five-ish today.”

“But maybe something happened at the office and he needed to go to the office earlier,” someone said.

Actually, the reporters, who knew of how well the sons of the Han Family treated their wives, couldnt bear to see something bad happen in their marriage.

Rich people such as the sons of the Han Family were usually unfaithful and had a messy sex life.

Their wives usually turned a blind eye to their husbands goings-on.

Naturally, there were people who became mad and started complaining.

But the sons of the Han Family were wholeheartedly good to their wives.

They never allowed any other girls to come close to them.

Such rich men were rare.

The reporter currently present had seen so much news about such disappointing family affairs.

It was rare for them to see untainted rich fellows like Han Zhuoling.

They would rather give away the breaking news in exchange for them to remain untainted and good.

However, someone else said, “If that was the case, he could have left with Shi Xiaoya.

He didnt need to sneak around and leave only after Shi Xiaoya had left.

I think he looks guilty.

He must be hiding something from Shi Xiaoya.”

“If that really happened or if he was really having an affair, why would he come here to see Shi Xiaoya every day He could take the chance to do whatever he wants since Shi Xiaoya is on this set and no one is there to keep him in check,” the reporter insisted.

He deeply believed that Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoyas relationship was still good and there was no one intruding upon their relationship.

“Whatever the reason, just follow him and we will find out,” someone said.

And so, they started the car and went after Han Zhuoling.

There were also three groups nearby.

Each group was sent by a different company, and all of them went after Han Zhuoling.

With so many cars trailing behind him, Han Zhuoling just needed to be a little vigilant to notice them following him.

Not to mention that Han Zhuoling was extremely alert.

He immediately noticed the cars.

When he saw the cars, he knew that they were the reporters who had been waiting at the hotel entrance.

Therefore, Han Zhuoling didnt bother about it.

If the reporters wanted to follow him, they could do so.

Even if they followed him, they wouldnt be able to create news stories.

Han Zhuoling didnt want Shi Xiaoya to know that he came out.

This was because he had searched up all the pharmacies around this area through his phone and had intended to visit every single one of them.

He didnt want Shi Xiaoya to know that he had left the room so early.

Han Zhuoling followed the GPS and went from store to store.

All the pharmacies he had visited were closed.

He continued searching for a little longer.

At this moment, he was going farther and farther away from the hotel.

But he finally found a pharmacy that operated 24 hours a day.

Han Zhuoling immediately went in and bought a dozen headache relief strips.

He bought so many because he knew that Shi Xiaoyas days of very little sleep would continue for a long time.

As long as she continued working here, she would need these headache relief strips.

And if others happened to need these headache relief strips, Shi Xiaoya could give them some.

These items might not look important, but when you were actually in need of them and someone gave one to you, you would feel touched.

Shi Xiaoya could easily do favors for people.

It would be good if she could become a people person on the set.

Shi Xiaoya had already gone to the set.

And so, Han Zhuoling went straight there after he bought the items.

The reporters who followed him here hid in the car and didnt dare to go into the pharmacy.

And so, they didnt know what Han Zhuoling had bought.

When they saw Han Zhuoling leave the pharmacy, each group sent one person inside to ask around while the others in the car continued going after Han Zhuoling.

The reporter who got out of the car immediately saw that the groups from other companies had also sent a person to the pharmacy to ask around.

They were obviously scared that the other groups might get exclusive information.

The four reporters, each representing a different company, greeted each other in a friendly manner and went into the pharmacy together.

Since they bumped into each other, no one would be able to claim this headline.

And so, fighting would be meaningless.

The four decided to just work together.

They immediately asked the cashier, “What did the guy who came in earlier buy”

The pharmacy staff immediately looked cautious as he asked, “Why are you asking this A customers purchase history is considered private information.

I cant tell you.”

“No, we bring no harm,” one reporter said.


Should they say that they were reporters and were following Han Zhuoling to report news about his private life

If they said this, they would probably be beaten up.

“We are police officers.

We are following a suspect,” the reporter said quick-wittedly.

The other three reporters covered their faces.

The first reporter was quite fearless.

Firstly, people who pretend to be police officers can be jailed.

Secondly, if Han Zhuoling found out that he became labeled as a suspect, these reporters would suffer.

Of course, the pharmacy staff was not stupid.

He saw the four behaving sneakily.

They didnt seem like the police officers who represented light and justice.

The staff said coldly, “You dont look like police officers.

Why dont you all show me your ID cards If you cant show me your identity cards, I will call the police and ask you to introduce yourselves to a police officer.”

The four thought to themselves that reporters today were at risk of being taken away by the police.

They didnt say anything to the pharmacy worker.

They just ran away very quickly.

The result was that none of them got any information.

As for the four groups of people who were still following Han Zhuoling in their cars…

While they were driving behind him, the reporter on the car saw the road they were driving and hissed out in confusion, “Why does this road look a little familiar”

“It seems like he is going to the set,” someone said.

As expected, Han Zhuoling arrived at the set.

They saw Han Zhuoling step out of the car, holding the bag that he had bought from the pharmacy.

They watched Han Zhuoling step into the set, the place they couldnt enter.

At this moment, all groups got a phone call from the colleague who had gone into the pharmacy to ask for more information.

“We didnt get any information.

The pharmacy staff refuses to tell us anything,” the colleague said.

They were afraid that the reporters from other companies would find out what had been purchased.

When they heard that the other three learned nothing as well, they felt more at ease.

“What did he buy at the pharmacy early in the morning He even headed to the set.

What he bought at the pharmacy is probably for Shi Xiaoya.

Is Shi Xiaoya sick”

“But we just saw Shi Xiaoya at the hotel entrance and she didnt look sick.

She was chatting and laughing.

She seemed to be in a very good condition.”

Suddenly, someone had an idea.

“Maybe Shi Xiaoya is pregnant Han Zhuoling went to the pharmacy to buy pregnancy test kits for her.”

“You never know.

Its possible.”

“We report celebrity news anyway.

Most of the news are just conjectures.

We can try reporting this news story.

Regardless of its authenticity, this news story will be somewhat popular.

In addition, we are merely saying that she is suspected to be pregnant.

Its not defamation, so it should be okay.”

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