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Yu Guangxin thought that he was doing very well.

But he never expected that his career was going to be ruined by his wife.

When Mrs.

Yu heard this, her expression changed.

Han Zhuoling didnt look at them at all.

He looked at Wu Mosen and waited for an answer.

Wu Mosen nodded and said, “My film has to stay away from such messy scandals.

If I do say so myself, my very name is enough to promote the film.

With me as the director, there is never a need to worry about the box office revenue.

“And so, I dont need to use improper methods to promote the film,” Wu Mosen said.

“Instead, I hope that any news about it will be positive.

The news about my film will not be related to any cast members personal life.

It will only be information about this film.

“Yu Guangxin does not have much screen time.

Ever since he arrived on the set, he has filmed only three of his scenes, so its not much of a loss.

I would just need to trouble Zhiqing, Zishan, as well as Gu Fei to reshoot some scenes,” Wu Mosen said.

Although Yu Guangxin didnt have much screen time, he had filmed two scenes with the main characters.

Therefore, they would need to reshoot these two scenes.

Yan Zhiqing immediately said, “I am fine with that.”

The two scenes were just interaction scenes, so they werent difficult to film.

Yan Zhiqing and Han Zhuoling respectively represented the Yan Family and the Han Family.

The other two main cast members obviously needed to respect the two big families.

And so, Gao Zishan and Gu Fei both agreed without any hesitation.

“No! You cant do this!” Mrs.

Yu was finally flustered as she shouted, “You cant just replace someone if you want to!”


Yu was very anxious when she said, “The news hasnt gotten out yet, right”

Wei Wucai lifted his hand and pointed around.

“Look at the number of people around here.

Are you saying that news of this wont spread”


Yu looked around and realized to her horror that the hallway was crowded with people.

Because she was too noisy, everyone who stayed on this floor opened their doors and looked out to see the disturbance.

She had been too focused on messing with Yan Zhiqing that she hadnt noticed this at all.


Yu gritted her teeth.

She pondered and placed her eyes upon Yan Zhiqing.

Suddenly, she had an idea.

She immediately lifted her hand and pointed at Yan Zhiqing.

“What about her News about her and this man was trending online.

It was a big news story!”


Yu suddenly remembered.

“Oh! I remember now.

I thought you looked familiar.

You are that man!”


Yu questioned Wu Mosen, “The news story about them was so big, so why didnt you fire Yan Zhiqing”

She still had some rationality.

She didnt say that Wu Mosen had double standards.

They could tolerate Yan Zhiqing being in any kind of news, but they couldnt tolerate it if it was someone else.

Wasnt it because Yan Zhiqing had a strong background


Yu didnt say this out loud, but everyone here knew what she was thinking.

This time, even Yu Guangxin didnt stop her.

He pulled her arm slightly, making it seem like he was trying to drag her back.

Obviously, he agreed with what Mrs.

Yu was thinking.

Things had gotten to the point where its better to fight for it.

However, Wu Mosen wasnt flustered at all.

He didnt even look angry or awkward due to being caught red-handed.

Wu Mosen said slowly, “Zhiqing and Wucai are both single.

Pictures of them were taken while they were just hanging out as friends.

Its nothing.

Even if they were pictured going on a date, I cant forbid them from going on dates, right

“Because you got involved, news about this scandal will get out.

Would such news sound positive when Yu Guangxin is a married man

“Why should I intervene in the normal dating life of celebrities What negative impact can news of their dating life bring to the movie” Wu Mosen said.

When the crowd heard this, they immediately thought what Wu Mosen said made sense.

Initially, after they heard what Mrs.

Yu said, they thought that Wu Mosen had double standards.

They thought that it was all because of Yan Zhiqings background.

And now that Wu Mosen had mentioned this, they all realized that it was true.

They had almost gotten fooled by Mrs.


And now, Mrs.

Yu looked flustered.

Yu Guangxin became nervous as he begged, “Director Wu, dont fire me.

I worked so hard to pass the audition!”

“Zhiqing…” Yu Guangxin turned towards Yan Zhiqing.

“Zhiqing” Wei Wucai raised his brow and said, “You and Zhiqing barely talked, but your wife came to Yan Zhiqing looking for trouble.

And now you are calling her name like you are close to her Do you want your wife to say more things”

“No! No!” Yu Guangxin immediately changed the way he referred to Yan Zhiqing.

“Miss Yan, this was a misunderstanding.

My wife was at fault here.

She misunderstood.

Of course, it was because I didnt do well.”

Yu Guangxin said, “I didnt do enough to give her a sense of security.

But I have been very well-behaved on set.”

Everyone around all thought the same thing.

“He had no choice but to behave properly.”

All the main cast members had a higher social status.

Forget about hooking up with people like Gao Zishan.

Even the side cast members were famous people.

However, nobody dared to do anything while Wu Mosen was still watching.

Therefore, Yu Guangxin had been controlling himself.

Of course, this was also because it had only been a few days since they started filming.

Whether this might stay true if the filming continued would be unknown.

“This was my wifes fault.

I will ask her to compensate and apologize to you.

If you are worried about someone spreading lies, she can make a video explaining things!” Yu Guangxin said hastily.

He dragged his wife and his wife nodded, hurriedly saying, “Yes.

I… I will do whatever you want me to do as long as you let him stay here.”

Yan Zhiqing raised her brows and asked, “Do you not suspect something going on between me and Yu Guangxin anymore”

At this point, Yu Guangxin felt so much hatred!

At this moment, why would she be hesitating!

Yan Zhiqing sneered coldly and said, “It seems like you still suspect it.”

“No! She doesnt!” Yu Guangxin just answered it for her.

He then turned and scolded Mrs.


“Say you dont!”

Yan Zhiqing didnt wait for Mrs.

Yu to answer and just asked, “Tell me, who did you hear about this from That you would suspect that I would…”

Yan Zhiqing didnt want to say Yu Guangxins name anymore.

She didnt want to utter her own name and his name in one sentence.

“At this point, are you still going to protect the person who had told you these lies She obviously wanted you to ruin your life,” Yan Zhiqing said.

“Impossible! I didnt even do anything bad to her! Why would she try to ruin my life!” Mrs.

Yu immediately said.

Yan Zhiqing wondered if Mrs.

Yu was a full-time wife who did nothing, which was why she didnt know anything about the matters in the entertainment industry and why she could still be so simple-minded.

“They were just using you to harm me,” Yan Zhiqing said coldly.

“However, think about it.

If you came to me looking for trouble, would I let you go without any consequences”

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