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“The commenters earlier must have been hired, right Its obvious that Lu Xiuse hired them.”

“Lu Man is the god of public relations.

Did they think that she didnt expect this She must have expected it, which was why she kept something up her sleeves.

If the hired commenters hadnt brought this up, then nothing would have happened.

But since they did, Lu Man struck them with her hammer.”

“What the previous commenter said was just one factor.

Lu Man must have cut out that part of the recording to protect Yan Zhiqing and Wei Wucais privacy.

She chose to protect them and cut out that part of the recording because Yan Zhiqing and Wei Wucai have not publicly announced their relationship.

But now, she revealed it to hit back at those hired commenters.”

“It seems like Yan Zhiqing and Wei Wucai are really together.

They are perfect for each other!”


Considering what Wei Wucai did yesterday, its obvious that he wanted to announce it.

He couldnt even control himself.”

“Quick! Check this out! Wei Wucai posted something.”

Wei Wucai posted this: “This is a response to some defamation against Zhiqing.

I hereby announce that Zhiqing has been with me since we started filming.

Zhiqing barely talked to Yu Guangxin.

With my handsome face in front of her, I doubt that she would be able to see anyone else.

You cant diss me like this.”

Yan Zhiqing initially thought that Wei Wucai would just give an explanation.

She didnt expect the last sentence.

By saying this last sentence, wasnt he admitting that they were dating

But they really were not dating!

Yan Zhiqing didnt even know what to say.

After all, Wei Wucai had made a public appearance online for her sake.

Therefore, she couldnt complain or she would seem ungrateful.

Wei Wucais words instantly excited the netizens.

“Wei Wucai has basically admitted that he is dating Yan Zhiqing!”


Although Wei Wucai was not very humble, he was not wrong at all.

With him present, why would Yan Zhiqing look at Yu Guangxin! Wei Wucais presence causes everything else to become colorless!”

“I can imagine how proud he looked when he typed those words.

But it doesnt make people feel mad at all.

Instead, why does he seem a little cute”

“Its because he is handsome! This is a beauty-centric society.”

Immediately, another headline appeared.

Yan Zhiqing announces her relationship.

Yan Zhiqing and Wei Wucai.

These keywords once again started trending.

Instantly, the rumor about Yan Zhiqing and Yu Guangxin went away.

With Wei Wucai here, who would believe that Yan Zhiqing had eyes for Yu Guangxin

No matter what the commenters hired by Lu Xiuse said, it was useless.

Of course, while Yan Zhiqing and Wei Wucai became trending topics, the netizens did not forget about Lu Xiuse.

They still remembered how Lu Xiuse had plotted against Yan Zhiqing and lied to Yu Guangxins wife, bringing harm to Yu Guangxin and his wife.

“Lu Xiuse is such a bitch.”

“She is so evil.

Clearly, you cant trust a celebritys public image.”

“She always seems like she has a good temper.

She protects her fans.

It always looks like she has a good relationship with everyone else.

I didnt expect her to be so evil.”

“She doesnt like Yan Zhiqing, so she plotted against her.

I am not going to talk about whether she has done the right or wrong thing.

She holds a grudge against Yan Zhiqing, so this should have been only between her and Yan Zhiqing.

However, she got Yu Guangxin and his wife involved, causing them to suffer.

That is outrageous.”


No matter what, Yu Guangxin and his wife did nothing wrong.

They never provoked Lu Xiuse, nor have they done anything wrong to her.

Yu Guangxins wife didnt do the right thing as well.

After all, she was gullible and went and slandered Yan Zhiqing even when there was no evidence.

If it wasnt Yan Zhiqing but someone else, that person would have been trapped in this scheme.

Not everyone is like Yan Zhiqing, who has a strong background, powerful connections, and a helpful friend like Lu Man.

Its hard for us to believe in these rumors because of the Yan Family.

If it was someone else, her life would have been ruined by Lu Xiuse.”

“Yes, no matter what, this was between Lu Xiuse and Yan Zhiqing.

Why would she implicate people who have nothing to do with this This is outrageous.

Lu Xiuse wanted to bring harm to someone.

Yu Guangxin had never done anything bad to her, but he took the blame for no reason at all.”


Considering how Mrs.

Yu had wrongfully accused Yan Zhiqing, would Yan Beicheng let them off the hook I am afraid that it will be difficult for Yu Guangxin to survive in the entertainment industry.

I would not be surprised if his career became stagnant and we dont see much news of him anymore.”

“Seriously, Mrs.

Yu is so impulsive.

She basically ruined Yu Guangxins life.”

Lu Man had been very kind.

Yu Guangxin never did anything bad to them.

Therefore, the part of the recording that mentioned Yu Guangxins disloyalty towards his wife was not released.

She even checked what Mrs.

Yu had said and trimmed the audio so that Mrs.

Yu made no mention of her husband cheating.

After all, this was between Lu Xiuse and Yan Zhiqing.

Lu Man wouldnt be indecent like Lu Xiuse and get someone who had nothing to do with this get involved.


This matter is done.” After dealing with all these things, Lu Man said to Yan Zhiqing, “Because this matter involving Lu Xiuse has escalated, the crew of the movie she is working on must be very troubled.

They wouldnt be able to replace her right away.”

Things happened just as Lu Man had predicted.

As of now, loud complaints and quarrels could be heard on the set of the movie “A Coincidental Happy Match” that Lu Xiuse was cast in.

The director Chen Jinglin was furious.

He didnt do anything to Lu Xiuse as he wanted to wait until after the showing of the movie.

He didnt want his movies box office record to be affected by Lu Xiuse.

But Lu Xiuse never stopped causing trouble.

Even when things had reached this point, she still wouldnt stop creating more issues!

At this moment, Chen Jinglin was thinking about how this issue could be resolved.

He wondered if he should contact Lu Man and Yan Zhiqing first and beg them to temporarily de-escalate this matter or if he should just replace her.

This movie was not a big production.

It was just a romantic movie.

This was why the filming progressed very quickly.

As of now, Lu Xiuse had already filmed a lot of her scenes.

The worst thing was that Lu Xiuse was the main female lead.

She had the most scenes.

And Lu Xiuse was trying her best to give herself more screen time.

If they wanted to replace her, they would need to reshoot almost all the scenes they had filmed.

All the other cast members, regardless of whether they were the main characters or side characters, would need to re-film any scenes with Lu Xiuse.

This would be a huge loss.

However, Lu Xiuses reputation was already so bad.

There were already netizens saying that she should be canceled.

When the time came, a lot of people might choose not to watch the movie because she played the main character.

If they re-filmed the scenes, it might prevent any further losses.

But what if this matter concerning Lu Xiuse didnt continue to escalate

What if the netizens forgot about this once the movie went on screen What if this issue faded away and no longer caused an impact on the movie

Their decision to reshoot the scenes would then be considered a waste of money.

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