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Lu Man was someone who could even scold Xia Qingyang and Lu Qi to the extent they would want to run away and start afresh a new life altogether.

This young girl before her was no match for her.


you…” She stuttered for ages, refusing to give in.

Yet, she still couldnt find the words to rebut her similar to how Sister Li was just now.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, someone screamed, “Zhou Zhou is here!”

“Zhou Zhou! Zhou Zhou!”

“Zhou Zhou, I love you!”

The girls went gaga over him.

Even the girl from just now couldnt be bothered with Lu Man, she turned away and waved frantically at Yu Xingzhou.

At that moment, a dashingly handsome young man wearing sunglasses appeared.

Even with his fans screaming out of excitement right in front of him, he still had a face of arrogance and aloofness.

By his side stood four big and broad security guards.

They kept pushing the fans to the side.

Upon being pushed, all those skinny and weak young girls stumbled one after another, yet they continued to squeeze and push forward.

“Zhou Zhou, look at me, Zhou Zhou!”

“Stay away!” The bodyguard roared at the fans.

The young girl from just now stretched her hand out to wave at Yu Xingzhou.

“Pa!” the bodyguard smacked her elbow away.

“Ive already said to stay away!”

Even though she had a thick coat on, the hit was very painful.

It hurt so much that tears welled up in her eyes.

“I… I just wanted to wave so that Zhou Zhou could see me.”

“Youre lying! You just wanted to touch him!” The bodyguard would never admit that he had wronged someone.

“No, Im not, I was just waving,” the young girl said pitifully.

Feeling sympathy, Sister Li said, “Hes too overboard.

Yu Xingzhou doesnt see all this”

The girls around her started blaming that young girl one after another.

“Shes way too out of hand, how could she touch Zhou Zhou! Our Little Boat family 1doesnt have a fan like you.

Leave! How dare you touch Zhou Zhou!”

“Take a picture of her face and expose her.

In the future, she will not be allowed to appear in any Zhou Zhou fan club.”

The girl was so anxious that she started crying.

“I really didnt…”

The bodyguard smiled smugly.

“This… this person, how could he be worthy of having any fans at all! What are his fans even thinking!” Livid, Sister Li sniggered.

“What are you saying!” One security guard had sharp ears.

He overheard what Sister Li said and stared furiously at her as if he was ready to hit her any second now.

Lu Man furrowed her eyebrows.

Clearly, the fact that the bodyguards could openly be so violent and wild right in front of Yu Xingzhou himself meant that this wasnt the first or second time this happened.

Yu Xingzhou was definitely allowing all this to happen.

“Are you even thinking of hitting people” Sister Li was enraged.

He must think he is so impressive, being so unreasonable right at the entrance of their company!

At that moment, Lu Man went forward to drag the young girl over.

The young girl who was hit on the elbow was the one who had quarreled with Sister Li and her before.

Lu Man rolled up the young girls sleeves and saw that her thin elbow was completely swollen and red all over.

“You still want to want to be a fan of someone like him” Lu Man pointed at Yu Xingzhou.

“You were wronged and also hit, but what has he said”

“Zhou… Zhou Zhou definitely doesnt know…” The young girl said stuttered immediately.

He was so handsome and even his name sounded so poetic and beautiful.

How could he be like this He definitely wasnt.

“When the fans of other celebrities are treated violently when held back by the bodyguards, the celebrities always call them out and scold their bodyguards for such behavior, worried that the fans might get hurt.

When theyre chased and stalked by stalker fans, even if they are angry, they also advise their fans that safety comes first and they should follow in a cab rather than running around.

It wasnt safe for them and it was easy for an accident to happen too.

Some fans fell down on their own and the celebrities even immediately helped them up.

But what about Yu Xingzhou There are so many celebrities that you can be a fan of, yet why do you have to be a fan of someone who doesnt care about his fans”

Lu Man was angry at these children.

Why werent they treating themselves better Why were they willing to be disrespected by this man who did not care about them at all


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