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“I didnt obstruct you deliberately!” Yan Zhiqing explained hastily, afraid that Wei Wucai would misunderstand her.

She had no idea that there was no way Wei Wucai would misunderstand her.

Right from the very beginning, Wei Wucai had been the one who created this whole situation deliberately.

He even made Yan Zhiqing think it was her who had obstructed him.

It was clear this was a really bad man!

“I know,” Wei Wucai said with a light laugh.

However, when Yan Zhiqing heard his laugh, she felt that he did not believe her at all.

Yan Zhiqing did not want to talk anymore.

She felt so humiliated and angry that she did not want to say even a single word.

Seemingly with the intention of abandoning herself to despair…

Her head hung low and her shoulders drooped down as she stepped to the side to give way to Wei Wucai.

Fortunately, Wei Wucai did not deliberately follow her movements this time.

He stood still without behaving improperly.

Once Yan Zhiqing had given way to him, Wei Wucai opened the door and went out.

Then he turned and stood outside the door motionlessly.

Yan Zhiqing followed him to the door.

She was just inside while Wei Wucai was just outside the door.

Yan Zhiqing thought he still had something to say.

Wei Wucai waited for a moment before finally saying, “I was just joking earlier.

I know you didnt obstruct me on purpose.”

Yan Zhiqing felt speechless.

Werent they already done with this topic

Why was he bringing it up again

Wei Wucai saw Yan Zhiqings gloomy expression and could not resist laughing.

He continued, “You should have a good rest.

Dont get affected by that rubbish from this evening.

If youre truly in a bad mood and you want to chat with someone, come find me anytime.”

“Okay.” Yan Zhiqing nodded.

“I know.”

After giving it a careful thought, she knew why Wei Wucai had said this.

Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuoling were a couple, so Yan Zhiqing could not seek out Shi Xiaoya when she wanted someone to talk to.

Wouldnt Han Zhuoling beat her to death

As for Fang Qiaohan, she was a colleague, after all.

Yan Zhiqing could not talk to her about this sort of personal matter.

Thinking it through like this, the only person left that Yan Zhiqing could talk with was truly only her “bestie,” Wei Wucai.

Wei Wucai glanced at Yan Zhiqing again before saying, “Goodnight.”

Yan Zhiqing did the same and bid him goodnight.

She initially wanted to watch Wei Wucai leave and then close the door.

Unexpectedly, he continued to stand still.

As Yan Zhiqing looked at Wei Wucai puzzledly, she heard him say, “Why arent you closing the door”

“I…” Yan Zhiqing opened her mouth hesitantly.

“…Wanted to watch you leave and then close the door.”

Wei Wucai smiled.

“I want to watch you close the door and then leave.

This is a hotel, but I wont feel at ease if I leave first.”

“Should I close the door first, then” Yan Zhiqing said with a smile.

“Sounds good.” Wei Wucai nodded.

Just before it shut completely, she took another glance at Wei Wucai through the small gap that remained.

She felt a bit reluctant to close the door.

It truly made her really uncomfortable to shut the door on him.

Wei Wucai lowered his head and gazed attentively at Yan Zhiqings face the whole time.

Even after she had completely shut the door, Wei Wucai continued to stand by it for a moment.

He laughed quietly for a while.

It was only after doing so that he finally left.

Yan Zhiqing had her forehead stuck on the shut door, and her face was extremely flushed.

It took a moment for her to calm down.

Then she hurriedly went to have a shower, put on a facemask, and dove under her covers.

After a mere 10 minutes, she pulled off the facemask.

She pulled out her phone.

She didnt actually know what she wanted to do, however, so she felt she might as well just lie down.

However, she could not fall asleep even after some time.

Yan Zhiqing thoroughly ascertained her feelings tonight.

Unable to deceive others and herself anymore, she did indeed get a bit of a fright.

If she had fallen for someone else, perhaps there would still be hope for her if she put in some effort for a while.

However, falling for Wei Wucai, who was gay, meant she did not even need to bother trying.

He would not like her no matter how much effort she put in.

Yan Zhiqing got so hot and bothered that she turned over.

She was a very prideful person, after all.

Since she knew it was impossible, she would not persist stubbornly.

She would not behave so embarrassingly like Luo Qingxian…

…Who did not manage to get anything in the end and was instead looked down upon, even bringing shame to her family.

She represented more than just herself.

When people saw her outside, they did not just see her as a lone individual.

Their first thought would be the Yans.

So, she would not do anything to shame the Yans.

Wei Wucai did not like women.

It would be useless no matter how hard she tried.

Yan Zhiqing turned over once more.

Since this was the case, she felt that the only thing she could do now was to become a bit more clear-minded.

She couldnt stay trapped in these feelings that were doomed to never amount to anything.

So, she decided that she would avoid Wei Wucai a little starting from tomorrow.

Initially, she wanted to wait until the filming was done as she would not have many chances to meet with Wei Wucai after that.

Perhaps her feelings would have faded by then.

However, right now, Yan Zhiqing realized she simply could not hold out until then.

She was truly afraid she would fall deeper and deeper for him until she became unlike herself.

Yan Zhiqings heart ached a little at the thought of how she could no longer be this intimate with Wei Wucai and how she had to maintain her distance from him.

She closed her eyes, and what appeared in her mind turned out to be Wei Wucais face.

The image of his face wouldnt go away no matter how hard she tried to get rid of it.

Yan Zhiqing was well aware that she needed to wake up early tomorrow morning, but she just could not fall asleep.

Her eyebrows knitted together tightly.

Whatever method she thought of was useless.

Consequently, Yan Zhiqing woke the next day with really deep and dark circles under her eyes.

After washing her face and rinsing her mouth, she looked at her reflection in the mirror for a moment.

She got a fright from the sight of her intensely dark eyebags.

It might even affect how she appeared in the camera shots.

Yan Zhiqing set off half an hour earlier than they usually did.

She called Fang Qiaohan over as well.

“Zhiqing, why are you wanting to head off so early” Fang Qiaohan asked in surprise.

“Eh…” Yan Zhiqing gave an excuse, “Its because I think that todays scenes are a bit difficult.

I want to go down to the set a little earlier to get a better feel for them.

Its just as well that if I arrive a bit earlier, I can get my makeup done earlier and also get into character earlier.”

Fang Qiaohan was unaware of Yan Zhiqings intention to avoid Wei Wucai.

So even though she felt this excuse was a bit odd and not really that believable, she did not comment further on it.

This was because Shi Xiaoya and the others normally all went to the set together in Yan Zhiqings car.

However, Han Zhuofeng and Wei Wucai each had their own car, so even if they could not take her car to the set, they could still get there.

Thus, Yan Zhiqing sent a message to Shi Xiaoya over WeChat, “Xiaoya, I want to head to the set in advance to prepare, so Im leaving first.

Really sorry about this.

Have Zhuofeng drive you there.”

After informing Shi Xiaoya, Yan Zhiqing left hurriedly with Fang Qiaohan.

Fang Qiaohan watched Yan Zhiqing and felt that she currently appeared as if someone was chasing her from behind.

It did not seem like she was going to the set earlier to put in more effort into her work but rather to flee from a difficult situation.

Wei Wucai naturally did not know that Yan Zhiqing had already decided to avoid him.

As such, he arrived in Yan Zhiqings room at the usual time.

He pressed the doorbell, but no one opened the door even after a long while.

Then Wei Wucai thought, perhaps Yan Zhiqing had gone down already

In the past, Yan Zhiqing had always waited for him to come over and call her.

The two of them would walk down together.

So why was it that she had gone down to the first floor first today

Wei Wucai put away his suspicions for now and went downstairs.

Unexpectedly, he did not see Yan Zhiqing on the first floor either.

Just as he was about to give Yan Zhiqing a call, Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuofeng came downstairs together.

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