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However, if they gave Lu Xiuse a way out of this and allowed Lu Xiuse to still thrive in the industry, Lu Xiuse would never stop being a menace and Yan Zhiqing would still be bothered by her in the future.

If they were going to do something anyway, they had to ensure that they finished her off once and for all.

Whats wrong with this

Its easy for Luo Qingxian to say it.

She even thought that she herself was being kind.

If the same thing had happened to her, what would she really say

In addition, would she need to worry about Lu Xiuses livelihood

Lu Xiuse had slept her way to the top.

Anyone who had connections in the industry knew about this.

Shen Mujing also knew some producers and had heard a lot of stories about this at the dining table.

No matter what, Lu Xiuse was unarguably very beautiful.

Even if she could no longer work as a celebrity in the industry, she could rely on her past status as an A-list celebrity and accompany people to dinners or even get many CEOs to be her sugar daddies.

She wouldnt need money to survive.

From Shen Mujings point of view, Luo Qingxian was not worrying for Lu Xiuses livelihood because she was a kind person.

She was merely trying to express how morally good and kind she was as a person.

However, Shen Mujing didnt tell Luo Qingxian anything.

She also didnt want Luo Qingxian to hear the contempt in her voice.

She just said, “I am not talking about that.

About what happened last night, I saw it as well.

But do I seem like the kind of weirdo who comes gossiping with you and hurting your feelings the moment I learn about something new In addition, that is between you and Yan Zhiqing.

I am not asking about whats going on between you and her.”

Luo Qingxian raised her brow and asked, “Then what is it”

But Shen Mujing still refused to tell her.

It was like she was intentionally keeping Luo Qingxian in suspense.

Shen Mujing sounded like she was in a difficult position when she responded, “I am not intentionally gossiping about this.

But… it seems to me that this matter is quite serious.

I was worried that you didnt know about it.

Or you might find out about it too late and miss out on the best time to solve the issue.

This was why I came to ask you.

“I was thinking that if you knew about it, then… I wont say anything.

But if you dont, I have to tell you as soon as possible.”

Luo Qingxian frowned and urged, “What is it Tell me!”

Shen Mujing pouted before she opened her mouth and said, “A netizen reported online that Mr.

Luo… your father has a mistress.”

When Luo Qingxian heard this, she didnt think much about it.

She had already known that her father had many mistresses.

When a man has money and a certain amount of power, it would take a lot of self-control for him not to flirt around.

Obviously, her father Luo Yonggang was not someone who had self-control.

However, she also hadnt heard about her father developing a long-term relationship with another woman.

Luo Yonggang liked new things and would be with a different person after every two to three days.

Her mother wanted to do something about it, but she couldnt keep him under control.

In the beginning, she would argue with Luo Yonggang every day.

Later on, as long as she knew nothing about it, she would pretend as though nothing had happened.

However, if she found out about it, she would still have a fight with him.

Her mom even said that Luo Yonggang not having the same mistress was the only fortunate thing.

At least she wouldnt have to worry about Luo Yonggang having a long-term mistress and actually developing real feelings over a long period of time.

This would also feed the womans greed and she would want to be his wife.

By then, things would be much worse.

For now, her moms place as Luo Yonggangs wife was still secured.

Luo Qingxian knew about all these things as she responded, “I think he recently got a new mistress.

Its all games for my dad.

I know that it will never last long.

“Actually, isnt your family the same as well” Luo Qingxian didnt believe that Shen Mujings father didnt participate in such games.

Shen Mujings father would often attend dinner parties and events with Luo Yonggang.

If the two were always together, could one remain innocent

Yet Shen Mujing had the audacity to laugh at her.

Why didnt she go home and check herself in the mirror

Shen Mujing could obviously hear the sarcasm in Luo Qingxians voice.

Shen Mujing was so angry that she started laughing.

She was merely being a kind person and notifying Luo Qingxian so that she could react as soon as possible and not be taken advantage of.

Instead of being grateful, Luo Qingxian responded with sarcasm.

This girl was obviously very sick!

“Really I dont know much about my dad.” Because of Luo Qingxians attitude, Shen Mujing no longer behaved cordially.

“However, this time, the person who reported this had confidently said that the lady is your fathers long-term mistress.

“In addition, there were many pictures taken.

They were in different locations and wore different clothing in every picture.

By looking at their clothes, you could tell that the seasons had changed.

If the seasons had changed, it means that they have been together for a long time.

She seems more than just a mistress.

“Therefore, the person who reported it was able to confidently say that she is your fathers lover.”

Luo Qingxian took a deep breath and said, “I am now aware of this.

Thank you for specifically telling me about this.

I will search up that piece of news later.

“But I really dont care about this.

Even if she is a long-term mistress, she merely exists for fun.

Just because she is a long-term mistress does not mean that my father will take her seriously.

Shes just a toy.

“My father is not stupid.

He wouldnt risk losing his properties by divorcing my mother.

And so, no matter how much time that mistress spends with my father, she will never get actual benefits.

“In addition, this mistress exists because she is young and pretty.

This will never last long.

Eventually, she will be replaced by someone even younger and prettier.

The mistress is not like the wife, who cannot be easily replaced.” Luo Qingxian was speaking in an uncaring tone.

“Mujing, thank you for thinking about me and telling me about this.

Lets talk next time.

I will chat with you about this after I learn more about it.” Luo Qingxian wanted to get rid of Shen Mujing as soon as possible.

She didnt want Shen Mujing to continue laughing at her.

However, Luo Qingxians attitude had already offended her, and Shen Mujing didnt want to be sent away this easily.

“Wait, I havent said it all,” Shen Mujing immediately said, stopping Luo Qingxian from hanging up the phone.

“The thing that shocked me was the identity of that mistress,” Shen Mujing said.

“Actually, you know her very well.”

“What” Luo Qingxian frowned.

She thought about it for a long time and couldnt come up with anyone whom she knew that could become a mistress.

The people she knew were either rich or noble.

They didnt need to be anyones mistress.


Why would I know anyone who would become a mistress” Luo Qingxian didnt believe what Mujing said.

“Mujing, who are we We hang out with the same type of people.

Do those people need to be someones mistress

“I wanted to verify this piece of news.

But now that you said this, it must be fake news.

Someone must have intentionally twisted the truth when they read the whole story through a few pictures.”

Shen Mujing smiled and responded slowly, “I dont think so.

You must have forgotten.

You have made friends who are not socialites.”

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