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She had to ensure that she would not be loathed by her current sponsor.

And so, she didnt dare to contact Luo Yonggang.

But she didnt expect those pictures to get out in the public.

“Its all a misunderstanding!” Lu Xiuse said hurriedly.

“You know that I am dating someone.

Its impossible for him to be your dad.

If I was really your dads mistress, I could have just asked your dad for help when this unfortunate thing happened.

Why would I ask you”

“The pictures came out.

You were wearing clothes for different seasons, yet you are still lying to me” Luo Qingxian said.

“If this is the case, you should go ask my dad for help! I am incapable of helping you! I see you as a friend, but you are trying to become my stepmother”

With this, Luo Qingxian hung up the call.

Honestly, she might have sounded angry, but she was not actually that mad.

She was just taking this opportunity to refuse helping Lu Xiuse.

If she didnt help her, Lu Xiuse might then turn around and criticize her.

Lu Xiuse would have no choice but to seek out her sponsor for help.

Even if her sponsor would temporarily not be providing her any work opportunities, he wouldnt watch Luo Yonggang, who was his business partner, get involved in matters related to her.

Actually, even if Lu Xiuse didnt say anything, Luo Yonggang would say something.

But Lu Xiuse wanted to take this opportunity to express her loyalty.

It was just as she had expected.

Her sponsor wouldnt just watch these series of events enfold without doing anything.

The moment he got her phone call, he granted her request.

He even said, “You finally know how to behave well.”

Lu Xiuse let out a sigh of relief.

At least for the time being, she wouldnt be abandoned.

However, her sponsor was still not quick enough.

Before this issue was resolved, another set of photos was suddenly released.

The photos were of Lu Xiuse and her sponsor.

There were photos of them hugging and kissing in the room of a restaurant.

Photos of them going into a hotel.

Some of the photos showed them walking into a villa together.

One could tell what their relationship was with just one glance of these pictures.

In addition, the celebrity news social media account that posted these pictures even zoomed in on them and marked the small details.

The things marked were accessories that Lu Xiuse was wearing.

There were earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings.

“The necklace and ring are a set of accessories that a brand gifted to Lu Xiuse when she was attending their promotional event.”

“She bought this bracelet last month.

The paparazzi followed her to the store and took pictures of her buying this bracelet.”

“The first time this watch appeared on Lu Xiuses wrist was three months ago.”

“These were things Lu Xiuse bought this year, which shows that Lu Xiuse started dating Yang Yixin this year.

However, Yang Yixin has a wife of fifteen years, a daughter in junior high, and a son in sixth grade.”

“And so, Lu Xiuse and Yang Yixin are not actually dating.

Its just unknown as to whether Lu Xiuse started dating Yang Yixin or Luo Yonggang first.”

“However, according to the pictures, Lu Xiuse must have started dating Luo Yonoggang first.

Nevertheless, the sixth picture of Lu Xiuse and Luo Yonggang was taken this year.”

“If the time was calculated correctly, the photo was taken around the same time as the photos of her and Yang Yixin.

Clearly, Lu Xiuse is dating both Luo Yonggang and Yang Yixin at the same time.”

“We just dont know who is being cheated on.”

Immediately, it caused another ruckus online.

True, the netizens were very much aware that many celebrities befriended some wealthy businessmen.

However, as long as those celebrities werent being reported for doing such things, they could still do a good job at maintaining their public image.

However, the moment they were exposed, the netizens, who were already aware of these things, could still feel disappointed.

“I thought it was disgusting enough when photos of Lu Xiuse accompanying men for drinks got leaked.

This recent piece of news is incredible.”

“Lu Xiuse did so much **, but she doesnt feel ashamed to slander Yan Zhiqing.”

“Wait, arent you all curious about Luo Yonggang and his daughter Luo Qingxian”

This comment opened up a new topic.

Immediately, many news articles about Luo Qingxian appeared online.

The articles reported that Luo Qingxian wanted to build her public image as a socialite and intended to advance into the entertainment industry.

“How can she call herself a socialite Could any rich second-generation heir call themselves socialites The term socialite gets used so much that it is going to lose its meaning.”

While information about Luo Qingxian was being leaked, someone immediately posted another bunch of pictures.

They were pictures of Luo Yonggang, Yang Yixin, and Lu Xiuse eating together.

At the dinner table, Yang Yixin and Luo Yonoggang were both touching Lu Xiuse.

Both of them showed no caution.

Each was holding one side of Lu Xiuses face and kissing it.

The picture was disgusting.


Thats hardcore.

Perhaps the three did the nasty together”

“There must be some powerful figure targeting Lu Xiuse.”

“Lu Xiuse is not the only one being targeted.

Dont forget who Luo Yonggang is.

He is Luo Qingxians father.

Lu Xiuse and Luo Qingxian both slandered Yan Zhiqing.

So much information on Lu Xiuse has been leaked that she is pretty much naked in the publics eyes.

But you must not forget about Luo Qingxian.

Luo Yonggang is now involved in this matter because Luo Qingxian is the final target.”

“The people behind this are very particular.

They didnt leak any news about Luo Qingxian.

If Luo Qingxians secrets were dug out as well, she would not appear this innocent.”

“Are all these news leaked not personal information”

“Personal information Its not like these pictures were taken secretly within closed doors.

People have seen them like this in public before.

Back then, news about this might have been taken down, but now, they have resurfaced.”

“This person had leaked so many things we did not know about.

Powerful! Amazing!”

“Luo Yonggang deserves this.

Its his fault for having fun outside.

And now, his mistress is cheating on him.”

“She might not be cheating on him.

Dont you see how much fun the three are having”

“Absolutely immoral.

This is unbearable.

Do these people have no shame”

At this moment, at the set of the movie “Left Right”…

Wei Wucai had handed over all of his work to his five subordinates.

Actually, he didnt have to do most of the work.

The people he had brought onto the set could easily handle those tasks.

If it wasnt for Yan Zhiqing, he wouldnt have had to come.

Yan Zhiqing was not filming.

She was practicing her lines, so Wei Wucai chose not to disturb her.

He sat alone in the corner, wearing Bluetooth earbuds.

“Leader Wei, we have posted all the information.” A team member from the Shadowless group at the Mount Lan Compound was communicating with him through the earpiece.

“I saw it,” Wei Wucai said.

“Well done.”

“We still have so much information on them.

I sent all of them to you.

Should we continue leaking their information” the person asked.

“Keep it going,” Wei Wucai said ruthlessly.

“They love exposing peoples secrets, dont they Then we will give them a taste of how it feels to have your secrets exposed.”

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