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However, every rumor they spread about Yan Zhiqing was fake.

The news about Lu Xiuse and Luo Qingxian were true.

Wei Wucai stared at his laptop screen, which showed all the information about Luo Qingxian and Lu Xiuse that his teammate had sent him.

The news about Luo Qingxian mentioned the time when she was in college.

She participated in many events and competitions and used her familys money to force those stronger competitors out of those events and competitions.

These events and competitions were recorded in her resume.

If people saw her resume without knowing anything, they would think that Luo Qingxian was a very impressive person.

Not only did she start from a point further down in the cycle of the race, but she was a smart and talented girl who worked hard.

She was basically a winner in life.

As for those students who had been unfairly forced out of those events and competitions, they obviously felt bitter.

However, they eventually had to just suck it up because of different kinds of pressure.

Luo Qingxian thought that she did a good job at being secretive and that no one knew about it.

She had sealed the mouths of those people who had been wronged by her.

It had been so many years and not one of them had said a single thing.

Even she herself had forgotten about the disgusting things she had done.

She would read about those achievements of hers on her Wikipedia page and think that she had really worked hard to get them.

She had no idea that the Mount Lan Compound was recording everything.

Wei Wucai swiped his fingers on the trackpad of his laptop, causing the screen to scroll downward.

There were pictures of Luo Yonggang with other women at the bottom.

Wei Wucai took a glance at all the pictures and realized that there were a lot of women.

Celebrities of different rankings and some models could be seen in the pictures.

However, these people had nothing to do with this and had done nothing to provoke him.

And so, Wei Wucai decided not to cause them any trouble.

He had no intention of exposing these people.

If these people became famous, these things would become part of their dark past.

There were some who were currently very popular.

They simply had not been this famous back when they were dating Luo Yonggang.

If this news about them leaked out, their career would be severely affected.

Wei Wucai had no intention of causing trouble to those people who had never done anything to provoke him.

Therefore, even though it would cause a huge impact on the Luo Family if he were to release those photos, Wei Wucai did not do it.

Instead, he did some things and sent the information about Luo Qingxian taking the places of other students to his teammates.

“Expose these to the public,” Wei Wucai said.

Luo Qingxian had yet to resolve the matter concerning Lu Xiuse.

She was on her way to ask Mrs.

Luo what they should do about this.

It was one thing to have another woman outside of marriage, but quite another if that woman was Lu Xiuse.

The thought of it made Luo Qingxian feel disgusted.

Didnt Lu Xiuse threaten her

If Luo Qingxian refused to help, she would tell the public that she was involved in this.

Although she had taken this opportunity to end her friendship with Lu Xiuse, there was still a chance of Lu Xiuse giving up on everything and exposing all the things she did to the public.

And so, Luo Qingxian wanted to discuss this with Mrs.

Luo before Lu Xiuse did anything.

Since the relationship between Lu Xiuse and Luo Yonggang became known publicly, Mrs.

Luo probably wont forgive Lu Xiuse easily!

Luo Qingxian prepared herself and went out with her phone and bag.

She did not live with her parents as she didnt think she would feel as free living with them.

Therefore, she had moved out and was living by herself.

While looking down at her phone, she walked to the entranceway.

She was changing her shoes when something new popped up on her newsfeed.

Someone had posted about how she had robbed other students of their places in events and competitions while she was in college.

In addition, she did this more than one or two times.

She had done this so many times during her four years in college.

Her resume had indeed become very beautiful with all the things she had added.

However, people hate it when someone forcefully takes other peoples places.

Those students whose places had been robbed by her were people with ordinary backgrounds.

They were students who could only rely on their own effort to rise higher and to create a better future for themselves.

If their family had connections or power, why would they have allowed Luo Qingxian to bully them like this

Most of them could only rely on schooling to create a better future for themselves.

They studied hard and managed to get themselves accepted into a prestigious college.

After all, Luo Qingxians school had to be a prestigious college so that she could get more respect from others.

While they were in college, they tried to participate in so many activities so that more things could be included into their resume.

If possible, they would have gotten their masters and their doctorate degree.

They wanted to try their best to create a better future for themselves.

Yet these hardworking students had had their places robbed by Luo Qingxian.

These places in activities and competitions, as well as experiences, were extremely precious to these students, but they were irrelevant to Luo Qingxian.

She didnt actually care.

She just wanted to build a good reputation for the futures sake.

Vanity had made her ruin someone elses future.

If she had done it on her own, there would have been no complaints.

If she had done it on her own, the others would have accepted that they were not as good as her.

In this case, having a good family was no indication that she didnt deserve it or that she should give the place away to someone else.

However, she was incapable and had only achieved it cunningly.

It was very dreadful of her to use inappropriate methods to take things that she didnt actually view as important but were extremely precious to other people.

This was especially so for the netizens who represented justice.

When they saw this, they were immediately filled with such righteous indignation.

All of them moved to her page and started leaving berating comments.

Initially, Lu Xiuse had wanted to tell the public what Luo Qingxian had done.

It started with the both of them doing this together, with Luo Qingxian being the instigator.

But now, something bad had happened to her.

On the other hand, nothing happened to Luo Qingxian.

How could Lu Xiuse endure this

She didnt think it was fair.

But before she even did anything, someone else had already done something to attack Luo Qingxian.

Lu Xiuse could easily tell that all these things that had happened were done to target both her and Luo Qingxian.

These things were obviously part of Yan Zhiqings revenge.

If not, why would she be the only one exposed to the public when Luo Yonggang had dated so many women

She knew that many of the famous celebrities in the industry today had dated Luo Yonggang before.

Lu Xiuse gave it some thought and decided not to do anything since someone had already exposed Luo Qingxians secrets to the public.

If people read the news she intended to release to the public, they would know right away that she had been the one who had hired someone else to release this news.

After what happened with Yan Zhiqing, Lu Xiuse now realized that she should leave room for mercy.

Just in case Luo Qingxian acquired evidence against her and used it to ruin her life even more.

As of now, she was incapable of fighting back.

If there was no need for her to personally ruin Luo Qingxians life, she would try not to do it herself.

Luo Qingxian stared at her phone.

Her hands were trembling.

Who did Yan Zhiqing hire to plot against her!

How did she even find secrets from such a long time ago!

Luo Qingxian changed her mind.

Instead of looking for Mrs.

Luo, she went directly to the office to see Luo Yonggang.

Now, it would be of no use to seek out Mrs.

Luo for help to resolve this issue.

Luo Yonggang had to be the one to solve this.

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