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Luo Qingxian hurriedly drove to the company.

When she arrived at Luo Yonggangs office door, she saw his secretary and employees appearing very nervous.

When they saw her, they immediately greeted, “Miss Luo.”

“Is my dad in there” The moment Luo Qingxian asked this question, she heard an argument from inside the office.

The secretary whispered, “Mrs.

Luo is here as well.”

Luo Qingxian pursed her lips.

Her family had embarrassed themselves even at the company.

Luo Qingxian hastily pushed open the door and stepped inside.

She immediately saw Mrs.

Luo, whose face was flushed with anger.

There were files scattered on the ground.

When Luo Yonggang saw Luo Qingxian, he immediately asked, “Why are you here”

“Why else Its because of the shameful things you have done!” Mrs.

Luo said angrily.

“Lu Xiuse and Qingxian are friends, but you did such shameful things with her friend.

And you are not embarrassed to ask her why she is here

“Luo Yonggang, because of you, both of us feel extremely embarrassed!

“When you first started fooling around outside of this marriage, I was mad and would argue with you.

But I endured it all for Qingxians sake.

When we were out in public, I still pretended as though we were a loving couple.

“Later on, I finally realized something.

You did something that hurt me and that is your fault.

I cant torture myself for that.

My anger and the issue of internal imbalance due to anger do not affect you at all.

Instead, my body is the only thing that is being affected by this anger.

“Therefore, as long as I dont find out about it, I pretended as though they never happened.

I lived my life happily.

However, because of what happened between you and Lu Xiuse, everyone in this nation now knows about it.

“They are not stupid.

They know that if you were able to date Lu Xiuse, you were definitely dating other people as well.

And now, everyone who looks at me knows that I have been cheated on.

Their expression when they look at me shows that I am a joke.

“Luo Yonggang, how can Qingxian and I show our faces in public anymore!”

“I only had fun with Lu Xiuse a couple of times.

She is not my mistress.” Luo Yonggang raised three fingers to the sky and swore to the heavens.

“At that time, Lu Xiuse and Qingxian werent interacting much.

How could I have known that they would become friends Am I the kind of person who would have a long-term mistress If I had such money, I would just spend it on myself.

Why would I spend it on women!”

This was the reason why Mrs.

Luo had turned a blind eye to what Luo Yonggang was doing.

Luo Yonggang was very stingy.

Although he was the CEO of a big company, he was very selfish.

He could never tolerate other people spending his money.

In his opinion, if he had money that he could spend on others, he would rather spend it on himself.

Fortunately, he wasnt as stingy to his wife and daughter.

This was why Mrs.

Luo had stopped quarreling with him.


Luo would never tolerate it if Luo Yonggang was supporting other women with the familys money.

“The matter concerning me and Lu Xiuse happened a long time ago, but no one posted about it.

Why did they post it now” Luo Yonggang was not stupid.

He stared at Luo Qingxian and said, “Its such a coincidence that you and Lu Xiuse had your secrets exposed to the public after you and Lu Xiuse played tricks on Yan Zhiqing.

“Not only were the pictures of me and Lu Xiuse leaked out, but there were also news articles about you stealing other peoples opportunities when you were in school.

“That was done so covertly.

Besides the people involved, no one knew about it.

In addition, we have bribed those people already.

But now, even without those people, they still managed to find the files and the GPA rankings.

“They are obviously targeting you.

They want to ruin your life.” Luo Yonggang continued, “Actually, you are the reason why this happened to me.

If they werent targeting you, why would they have exposed my secrets to the public as well

“And did you both notice that it only mentioned what happened between me and Lu Xiuse” Luo Yonggang sneered and said to Mrs.

Luo, “You know this.

I have many women.

Lu Xiuse is not the only one.”


Luo was furious.

“Is this something to be proud of How can you say that with such pride and such confidence Dont you feel embarrassed”

“I am speaking the truth.

Calm down and listen to me,” Luo Yonggang said.

“I have had relationships with many women.

They could even find Qingxians dark past during her time in college.

Its impossible for them to not have found out about the other women I have dated.

“But they didnt even post anything about that.

They only posted the things that were related to Lu Xiuse and Qingxian.

Its obvious that they are targeting Lu Xiuse and Qingxian.

Therefore, I got involved in this because of them.”

He then said to Mrs.

Luo, “The reason why you got shamed this time is because our daughter had nothing to do and went to cause Yan Zhiqing trouble.

“Did you think you can easily make Yan Zhiqings life difficult Lu Xiuse was stupid.

Are you stupid too Who is Yan Zhiqing Do you think her brother is useless”

Luo Yonggang was so angry.

“You have really grown up.

You dare to provoke even the Yan Family.

When you went to mess with Yan Zhiqing, why didnt you think about whether our family was powerful enough to compete with her family Why didnt you think about asking me

“I am telling you, Luo Qingxian, if something bad happened to our family, it would be because of you! Dont come asking me to take responsibility.

This is all because of what our good daughter had done!

“We have pampered you since you were young, which is why you became reckless and did whatever you wanted to do.

You didnt even realize your own flaws!”

“Stop blaming this on Qingxian!” Mrs.

Luo said angrily.

“Whose responsibility is it Is it mine” Luo Yonggang said angrily.

“I know you are mad at me for having other women.

We can resolve this slowly in the future, but you have to admit that I was not the one who had caused this ruckus.

“Even at this old age, my scandals are being reported to the public.” Luo Yonggang patted himself on the face as he said, “I have nowhere to hide my old face.”

“If you are afraid of feeling embarrassed, why wont you control yourself If you hadnt done anything, there would have been no chance of you embarrassing yourself,” Mrs.

Luo immediately responded.

Luo Yonggang took a deep breath.

He sighed and said, “Fine.


Lets just get this over with, shall we”

No matter how mad Mrs.

Luo felt, she knew that Luo Qingxian was indeed the cause of this.

“So now what do we do” Mrs.

Luo asked.

“I am not worried about Qingxians secret being exposed to the public.

Regardless, she is not someone who is working in the industry.

All these things happened in the past.

Since it happened in the past, there is no way for them to ask her to take responsibility for it.

Itll just take time for people to stop paying attention to this.

By then, if Qingxian wants to expand her career into the entertainment industry, she would be able to do so without any issues.

We will have cleaned up her reputation by then and she can continue growing her career.

“I am just worried that Yan Beicheng will target the Luo Family next.”


Luo was shocked.

“No way! If so, then Yan Beicheng is very petty.

Is there really a need to make a big deal out of this small matter”

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