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“Indeed, doing those things is wrong at my age, but I also need my face!

“Being the butt of jokes at my age, my family being in chaos, fighting with my wife.

I did her wrong, but I want to live my life with her, and Ive never thought of divorcing her.

I was thinking that no matter how many women I had, my home would always be there.

My wife will always be my wife, and no one can replace her.

“She didnt know about those affairs, and now its all been exposed…” Luo Yonggang wiped his face with regret.

“She says she wants to divorce me, and Qingxian refuses to speak to me.

My homes in shambles.”

Wei Wucai raised his brow.

Worried that Yan Zhiqing would be bluffed by him, he said, “Mr.

Luo is here to apologize, yes”

Luo Yonggang was taken aback.

He was here to apologize to Yan Zhiqing, but whats that got to do with Wei Wucai

Why did he have to cut in

But he still nodded.

“Thats right.”

“Youre here to apologize, yet youre still lying to Zhiqing.

Is this the kind of sincerity you show when apologizing” Wei Wucai said coldly.

Luo Yonggang was upset.


Wei, I havent offended you, have I Why are you maligning me When did I lie to Miss Yan!”

“You said Mrs.

Luo had no idea of your affairs, and she wanted to divorce you.

But based on my understanding, it isnt so,” Wei Wucai replied.

Luo Yonggangs heart lurched.

What did Wei Wucai know

He heard him continue, “Youve been playing outside with countless women, and Mrs.

Luo knows this very well.”

No matter what, Mrs.

Luo knew she had to be on Luo Yonggangs side right now.

“Lies! I didnt know a thing! I only found out from todays news.”

She snarked, “Things even I didnt know about, how could you know it better than I do”

Wei Wucai ignored her and turned to Yan Zhiqing.

“I have pictures of Mrs.

Luo catching him red-handed, as well as of her fighting with Luo Yonggang about those women.

The third-party is there too, so Im not maligning them.

Thereve been quite a few times this happened with different women, and Mrs.

Luo caught them in the act.

“But because of how frequent things got, even Mrs.

Luo got tired, so she didnt bother anymore.

As long as he kept his affairs away from her eyes and unknown to her, she pretended to be clueless.

As long as her status as his wife wasnt threatened and that Luo Yonggang didnt give any money to his partners, Mrs.

Luo didnt care at all.

“And hence, both have been living rather peacefully these last few years.

Even if it got exposed on the news this time and Mrs.

Luo saw it, its just a simple fight.

After all, this isnt Luo Yonggangs first time and Mrs.

Luo is long used to it.” Wei Wucai smirked.

“As for divorce, thats impossible.”

“You… you liar!” Mrs.

Luo fumed.

“I believe him,” Yan Zhiqing said.

“His words cant be false.”

Though he knew Yan Zhiqing likely spoke due to her confidence in his reports, hearing her declare her trust in him unhesitatingly made him really happy.

“You… How can you trust him so much Hes just lying!” Mrs.

Luo panicked.

“I just trust him,” Yan Zhiqing said without further explanation.

She didnt want to expose Wei Wucai nor explain anything to the Luo family.

Whats the use of explaining it to them

Theyre not worthy of hearing it.

Wei Wucai liked her tone even more.

He liked her complete and implicit trust in him regardless of reason.

And he knew that keeping the reasons mum was actually her protecting him.

Shes unwilling to reveal his matters.

It felt really good to be protected by her.

But experiencing it was enough.

Wei Wucai didnt want the Luo family to keep harassing her because of this.

Wei Wucai offered, “Because Mr.

Luo, your affairs, as well as Luo Qingxians, have been exposed by me.

I know about not only the exposed news but also about many more undisclosed information.

“Mingcheng Jiayuan residential area.

I believe Mrs.

Luo is no stranger to that place Mr.

Luo seems to have a habit.

As long as he has a new partner, hed move her there.

No matter how many women it has been, how many years have passed, his habit has never changed.

In the beginning, didnt you, Mrs.

Luo, go there to catch him in the act

“Thriftiness is such a rare trait.

No wonder Mrs.

Luo stopped making a fuss.

Hes so thrifty about his expenses that you dont really care.

Isnt that right” Wei Wucai smiled.


and Mrs.

Luos expressions both changed at once.

They thought he was just spouting nonsense.

Who knew he really knew!

“Do I need to report the date and time the first time Mrs.

Luo went to catch him red-handed I can be precise down to the seconds,” Wei Wucai continued.

“No need! No need!” Mrs.

Luo instantly said.

Even if she hadnt opened her mouth now, Yan Zhiqing would have known from their expressions.

Yan Zhiqing seized the chance to speak.

“I see how you lied to me!”

With that, she turned and made to leave.

Luo Yonggang didnt dare touch her, but Mrs.

Luo made a grab at her.

But she was instantly blocked by Wei Wucai.

Wei Wucai actually knew so much about them, and they didnt know how much more he knew.


Luo was truly afraid of him.

Hence, even if she was stopped by Wei Wucai, Mrs.

Luo didnt dare to say anything to him.

“Miss Yan!” Luo Yonggang quickly said.

“Qingxian is here today to apologize!

“Just now… I might have exaggerated slightly, but its to earn your forgiveness.

We dont mean any harm.

After I found out what Qingxian had done, I had reprimanded her at once.

“She also knows shes done wrong and is here to apologize.

Miss Yan, please forgive her this once.

I swear there wont be another time.”

Luo Yonggang turned to his daughter.

“Quick, say youre sorry!”

Luo Qingxian didnt show any unhappiness; no matter what, they had to get over this hurdle first.

Hence, she bowed without hesitation.

“Miss Yan, its my fault.

I shouldnt have ganged up with Lu Xiuse and targeted you.

I swear, there wont be a next time.

Whether by myself or with others, I wont cause you trouble again.

Ill stay far away from you and leave you alone.”

She continued, “Miss Yan, please forgive me this once.”

“Alright, I forgive you.” Yan Zhiqing nodded.

Even Luo Yonggang was stunned.

Yan Zhiqing was unexpectedly decisive

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