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“What happened today was nothing.

It did not affect me at all.”

Yan Zhiqing felt speechless.

Didnt this mean that she couldnt even tell him not to accompany her

Wei Wucai pressed his own floor button and said, “Fang Qiaohan was in the rain as well.

She didnt make it back as quickly as we did.

I think her cold is pretty bad, and she is probably resting on the bed.

Lets not bother her.

“Just rest in my room.

When we go to the filming site tomorrow morning, you can call Fang Qiaohan, take the room keycard, and go back to your room to get a change of clothing.” Wei Wucai had planned everything clearly for Yan Zhiqing.

“…” Yan Zhiqing struggled as she said, “This… doesnt seem appropriate.”

“Then I can go to your room to take care of you.

That works too.

It will be us two in one room anyway,” Wei Wucai said.

Yan Zhiqing felt speechless.

It really didnt matter whose room they were in.

Yan Zhiqing would be more comfortable in her own room.

But she recalled that she had many personal items in the room.

If Wei Wucai went to her room to care for her and saw something that he shouldnt see, such as her bras or panties, it would be so awkward.

And so, she thought about it.

Since she wouldnt be able to avoid being cared for by him, then she might as well move to Wei Wucais room.

If she really saw something, he would be the one feeling awkward.

And so, Yan Zhiqing went back with Wei Wucai.

Yan Zhiqing still didnt seem to have much energy.

Although her fever had gone down, she still couldnt really open her eyes.

Her eyes felt sore, and they would tear up involuntarily from time to time.

Nothing sad had happened.

Her eyes just felt uncomfortable.

The moment they came out of the elevator, Wei Wucai carried Yan Zhiqing again.

Since they were in the hallway, Yan Zhiqing couldnt speak loudly as she didnt want people to hear them.

She lowered her volume and said, “I can walk by myself.”

“I said that I would take care of you,” Wei Wucai said and immediately smiled.

“I have to let you know the benefits of having me as your caretaker.

Look at you.

You dont even have to walk by yourself.”

Yan Zhiqing felt speechless.

She wanted to walk by herself.

However, Yan Zhiqing started yawning after Wei Wucai had walked only a few steps while carrying her.

She felt really lethargic.

She also realized how nice it felt to be carried by Wei Wucai and not needing to use any strength by herself.

Wei Wucai carried her back to the room.

The bed was still as messy as they had left it when Wei Wucai lifted up the bed covers to hold her up.

Wei Wucai carried her back to the bed.

Yan Zhiqing then took off the down jacket.

She immediately felt cold.

Without even thinking about it, Yan Zhiqing crawled under the bed covers and curled up into a ball.

However, it was also cold under the blanket.

The warmth she had left on the bed from lying down this afternoon had completely disappeared.

Wei Wucai went to turn on the air conditioner, turning up the heat.

Yan Zhiqing took a while to adjust herself before she felt warm under the blanket.

She could finally stretch her feet under the blanket.

Wei Wucai made a drink using the black sugar and ginger powder and handed it over to Yan Zhiqing while it was still hot.

“The current situation doesnt allow me to make ginger soup.

Just bear with it,” Wei Wucai said.

He placed the cup of ginger sugar water on the bedside table and helped Yan Zhiqing up.

Yan Zhiqing felt so lazy.

The bed finally felt warm and she just didnt want to move at all.

“I dont want to drink.

I just want to sleep,” Yan Zhiqing mumbled.

“You just came back from outside.

Its still very cold.

Drink some to warm yourself up.

You will sleep even more comfortably,” Wei Wucai said.

Yan Zhiqing sniffed twice and immediately frowned.

“Its spicy.”

She hadnt even started drinking when she caught a whiff of the strong ginger smell.

For this drink to be more effective, Wei Wucai had especially added more ginger powder and less black sugar.

“Its more effective if it is spicier.

Arent you cold now You will feel better if you drink it,” Wei Wucai said in a gentle and convincing tone.

Yan Zhiqing was sick, so she didnt realize this.

Currently, Wei Wucai was being even more gentle and patient to Yan Zhiqing than to a kid.

Even people who knew Wei Wucai well had never seen him like this.

Even Wei Zhiqian and the buddies that were always with him had never seen him like this.

If they saw how he was behaving right now, they would all have a heart attack.

And so, even if Yan Zhiqing noticed this, she wouldnt have known that the attitude that Wei Wucai was showing right now was only dedicated to her.

When he saw that Yan Zhiqing was still unwilling to drink and still wanted to lie down lazily—

Wei Wucai moved and sat behind her, allowing her to lean on his chest while she leaned back.

This shocked Yan Zhiqing.

How did she end up leaning on Wei Wucais chest

While she was thinking about this, a cup of ginger sugar water appeared beside her mouth.

Yan Zhiqing felt speechless.

She couldnt back away and she couldnt move forward.

If she backed away, Wei Wucai was behind her.

She was in his arms now, and she felt so awkward.

Suddenly, she had a flashback of the image of Wei Wucais chest and abs, which she had seen when she came out of the bathroom in the afternoon.

Immediately, her back felt hot.

She felt as though she was directly lying down on his chest and abs.

“Drink it and get a good sleep,” Wei Wucai coaxed in a soft tone.

“Be good.”

Yan Zhiqings ears trembled.

They turned red.

Her shoulders shuddered.

She felt her heart get struck by what Wei Wucai had just said.

Her entire face turned red.

Thankfully, because she was sick, her face was already red.

And so, even if she was blushing, you wouldnt be able to tell the difference.

However, it was obvious that Wei Wucai would not let her sleep if she didnt obediently drink it all up.

Yan Zhiqing had no choice but to take the cup.

However, the cup was too hot.

She could only hold it with the tip of her fingers.

She couldnt hold it firmly.

Thankfully, Wei Wucai was holding it as well, which was why she didnt spill it.

Yan Zhiqing watched as he held the cup.

It was as though he couldnt feel the high temperature.

“Its too hot.

Let me drink it later,” Yan Zhiqing said.

Wei Wucai then realized that Yan Zhiqing seemed to behave more like a kid when she was sick.

And Wei Wucai really liked that.

But it would be even better if Yan Zhiqing could stay healthy.


You have to drink this while it is hot for it to be effective,” Wei Wucai said.

“Dont touch it.

Its too hot.

I will hold it.”

“Arent you scared of it being hot” Yan Zhiqing asked.

“I am used to it.

This is nothing to me,” Wei Wucai said, appearing to not care about it at all.

Yan Zhiqing couldnt help but wonder what strict training Wei Wucai had received since he was young.

The training that resulted in him not being afraid of the cold and not being afraid of heat…

All of these seemed to be a piece of cake to him that was not worth mentioning at all.

It was just like simple breathing.

Although Wei Wucai said that, Yan Zhiqing still couldnt bear to let him hold such a hot cup.

Even though she didnt like nor want to drink this and she thought it was too hot to drink, she still tried to drink it as soon as possible.

But it was really too hot and too spicy.

Yan Zhiqing kept frowning as she was drinking.

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