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“However, the four major studios are firmly established internationally and can showcase a lot of classic films that were their projects.

Why would Hollywood choose to work with us

“Actually, a lot of them didnt even think that we were good enough.

It didnt matter even if we were offering good-quality work for a cheaper price.” Wei Wucai continued calmly, “Therefore, I am thankful for what I have gathered at the Mount Lan Compound.”

If not for those connections, how could he have gotten such power to compete

Even if he had endured a great deal of hardships when he was young, he never once complained.

Because all of those were good for him.

Not only had his career benefited from it, but he had also gained a lot of brothers who had been through hell with him.

If his parents had never sent him to the Mount Lan Compound, he wouldnt have had any of these things.

“Even so, I still feel so bad that you joined the Mount Lan Compound at such a young age,” Yan Zhiqing said.

“If only I had gotten to know you sooner.”

“Its not too late to get to know me now,” Wei Wucai whispered.

“When I was young, I was living in T City.

If wed known each other back then, I could have visited you.” Yan Zhiqing was a little tired.

She was mumbling and didnt seem to have much energy.

It sounded as though her voice was stuck in her throat.

Nevertheless, Wei Wucai heard her clearly.

However, Wei Wucai didnt say anything.

Even if theyd known each other back then, she wouldnt have been able to see him.

It was not that easy to visit the Mount Lan Compound.

Even his parents had had to schedule an appointment after he passed his test.

How difficult would it have been for her

In addition, he was a boring boy who had only focused on training.

However, if Yan Zhiqing were to know about his thoughts, she would have this response:

Even now, he was not a very interesting person.

“What was the training like When you went there at the age of five, it must have been difficult as a beginner, right” Yan Zhiqing asked in a muffled voice.

There was nothing much to hide.

Yan Zhiqing wouldnt tell anyone.

But even if she did, they wouldnt be able to learn anything.

The training methods used at the Mount Lan Compound werent actually important.

Instead, whats important were the people who trained them at the Mount Lan Compound.

The story had to begin from when Wei Wucai was five years old.

And there seemed to be no end to this story.

Wei Wucais voice was very soft without showing much changes in emotion.

And so, it sounded like a lullaby.

When Wei Wucai started talking about the things that happened when he was six years old, Yan Zhiqing fell asleep.

Wei Wucai heard Yan Zhiqings even and soft breathing and started to talk slower and slower.

His voice sounded softer than soft.

It was as though they were stuck in his throat.

While he spoke, he would stare at Yan Zhiqing.

She was really sound asleep.

Even when his voice sounded softer and softer, she never noticed.

Wei Wucai looked down and continued whispering by her ear, stopping at certain moments.

Yan Zhiqing showed no signs of waking up.

She didnt even move her brows.

Wei Wucai then stopped talking.

He saw that Yan Zhiqing was really sound asleep and had no reaction.

With both her hands underneath her head, she was lying on her side and facing towards him.

She looked so quiet and well-behaved when she was asleep.

Wei Wucai sat beside her.

He didnt want to leave.

He couldnt help but stare at her.

He reached out slowly and touched the front of her hairline.

The frizzy hair along her hairline looked really cute.

He moved his fingers along her hairline and gently placed them on her forehead.

He checked her forehead temperature at the same time.

Wei Wucai thus felt at ease.

When he was about to move away, he suddenly froze.

He didnt know when it had happened.

But when he lowered his head, his face became closer and closer to hers.

When he realized it, his face was already very close to hers.

He could almost feel her soft breathing.

He was so close to her.

Wei Wucai looked down slightly and couldnt help himself as he stared at Yan Zhiqings lips.

She was sleeping in such a relaxed way that even her lips were slightly open.

Wei Wucai moved his lips.

He didnt even notice, and he didnt even know when he started holding his breath.

Others would not have been able to see it clearly in the dark, but he could see everything very clearly.

Because Yan Zhiqing was sick, her lips were a little dry and pale.

However, she had applied lip balm.

Although her lips looked pale, they were moisturized.

Wei Wucai moved his mouth and called out softly, “Zhiqing”

Yan Zhiqing was sound asleep and didnt react at all.

Wei Wucai wanted to be a proper gentleman.

But then, it was just him and Yan Zhiqing in this dark and quiet room.

He realized that he really couldnt keep up with being a gentleman.

The woman he liked was lying right in front of him.

How could he handle this

When Wei Wucai saw no reaction from Yan Zhiqing, he decided not to be a gentleman anymore.

However, his heart was beating faster and faster.

He was so nervous that even his soft breathing was trembling.

Soon, his lips were only inches away from Yan Zhiqings lips.

Not only could he feel her breath, but he could also feel the heat coming from her lips.

Wei Wucais lips trembled as he finally placed them on hers.

But the moment his lips touched hers, he quickly moved away.

He didnt dare to kiss her for too long, just in case she woke up.

Although it was like a tap on the lips, Wei Wucais face had already turned burning red and his heart was beating like crazy.

He didnt seem calm like how he had always acted in front of Yan Zhiqing.

He lifted his hand and touched his lips before he chuckled.

He didnt expect that he would do such sneaky and disgraceful things.

Although it was just a peck, the feeling of her soft lips on his lips stayed with him.

Wei Wucai tried to suck on his own lips to feel more of the sweetness that hed felt through Yan Zhiqings lips.

He touched his lips and lowered his head to stare at Yan Zhiqings sleeping face.

He was worried that if he sat too close to her for too long, he would not be able to control his libido.

It was just a secret kiss earlier.

If it continued for a long time, Wei Wucai was worried that he might cross the line.

At this moment, Wei Wucai was not confident in his own self-control.

He was just about to get up and leave…

But when he moved, Yan Zhiqing suddenly moved towards him and held his waist.

He lowered his head like a robot.

He then saw Yan Zhiqing rubbing her head around.

She even started rubbing her head on his leg like it was a pillow.

Yan Zhiqing didnt seem like she was pretending to sleep.

Wei Wucai could tell if a person was pretending to sleep or actually asleep.

In addition, Yan Zhiqing was fearless and sometimes timid.

She could avoid him for a few days.

If she was pretending to sleep, she wouldnt dare to do such a bold thing.

However, with Yan Zhiqing being like this, Wei Wucai could not move.

Wei Wucais body stiffened as he saw Yan Zhiqing using his leg as a pillow and rubbing her face against his leg again.

She seemed to be eating something tasty.

She munched twice before she stopped and continued sleeping soundly.

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