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It was so that he could conveniently and successfully turn himself straight again in the future.

He had expected that Yan Zhiqing would absolutely reject him.

And so, when he heard Yan Zhiqings rejection, Wei Wucai let it go.

He obviously wouldnt seek out anyone else to experiment with regarding this.

Because there was absolutely no need for an experiment.

Since Yan Zhiqing wouldnt agree to this, it would be unnecessary for him to even try it.

But then, Yan Zhiqing actually kept this on her mind and even asked this question.

Hearing that, he didnt answer immediately—

Yan Zhiqing thought that he was really considering experimenting about this with someone.

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Yan Zhiqing suddenly realized that Wei Wucai might not even be considering whether he should seek out someone else for this, but he might be considering who he should be asking.

Previously, Wei Wucai had been gay.

No matter what, he had nothing to do with women.

Therefore, Yan Zhiqing couldnt be jealous.

She obviously couldnt compete if her competitors were people of the opposite gender.

But now, there were signs of Wei Wucai being turned straight.

If he were to seek out another woman at this point, Yan Zhiqing would be very angry.

If thats what he really thought—

Then her affection for him would be completely wasted.

She had no intention of wanting a man who would simply seek out another person!

Nor would she accept his suggestion because he was going to find someone else.

After all, if thats the case—

It meant that he viewed her just like everyone else.

It didnt matter who he sought out.

As Yan Zhiqing thought more about this, the more frustrated she felt.

Immediately, she asked out of anger, “Who are you thinking about asking”

“Eh” Wei Wucai was normally quick-witted, but then, he screwed up at such critical moments as he responded, “Asking who”

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Yan Zhiqing was so angry that she shouted, “Move away from me!”

“What happened” Wei Wucai was puzzled.

But when he saw how mad Yan Zhiqing was, he quietly moved away slightly in a well-behaved manner and sat behind her.

Yan Zhiqing still wouldnt turn back and look at him.

She still hid half of her face in the pillow.

She was squeezing the corner of the pillow with her fingers while asking, “Who are you going to do this experiment with To determine your current sexual orientation”

Wei Wucai curved his mouth up.

Still, he endured his laughter and responded in a sad and dissatisfied tone, “From your point of view, am I this type of person”

When he saw Yan Zhiqings shoulder freeze, he added, “I dont like other people.

Who am I going to ask

“In addition, an experiment Thats bullying.

To mess with an innocent person for my little experiment and use her for my own benefit would not be fair to her.

If I did that, I would be no different from those selfish jerks.”

Wei Wucai pretended to be angry and even took a deep breath out loud.

He wanted Yan Zhiqing to hear how obvious his anger sounded.

“Zhiqing, am I a selfish jerk in your eyes Someone who can simply experiment with someone over such a ridiculous matter Am I this casual

“Putting aside what that person might be like, even if I seek out someone who is willing to do it for fun… that person would just be doing it for fun.

Do you think I would be the same as well

“This experiment might prove that I could be sexually aroused by a woman.

But even if it could prove it, I still wouldnt like it.

“Just for this tiny possibility, I am going to hurt someone.” Wei Wucai sounded very angry.

“I now know that you see me as a cunning and selfish jerk.”

With this, Wei Wucai stopped talking.

Yan Zhiqing was initially very angry.

But when she heard what Wei Wucai said, she couldnt be bothered to remain angry.

She felt scared when Wei Wucai became angry.

“I didnt…” Yan Zhiqing couldnt even bother to remain angry with her back facing Wei Wucai.

She hastily sat up and turned to look at him.

She didnt even know that they looked like a couple who were arguing.

“That is not what I meant.” Yan Zhiqing felt guilty and annoyed.

“What did you mean, then” Wei Wucai immediately asked.

Yan Zhiqing suddenly felt at a loss for words.

She couldnt say that she was jealous.

She was jealous and angry.

She was worried that he might really seek out someone else.

But if he did, she would feel disappointed.

She was worried that if she felt sad, she would take back all the feelings she had for him.

She couldnt even figure out if she was afraid of him seeking out someone else or if she was afraid of him disappointing her.

Yan Zhiqing looked down and stared at her pajama pants.

Even now, she was wearing Wei Wucais pajama pants.

Wei Wucais waist was really very thin.

Even if he was a big man and his clothing size was much bigger than hers…

In addition, Yan Zhiqing was much skinnier than other people on average.

But while she was donning his pajama pants, the waist band was only slightly bigger, but not to the point that she would not have been able to wear it.

Yan Zhiqing then became curious as to what Wei Wucais waist line was.

She even wanted to measure how thin his waist was.

But now wasnt the time for her to think about this.

Suddenly, Yan Zhiqing was reminded of something.

It was as though she had achieved enlightenment and received blessings to her soul.

“Wait,” Yan Zhiqing suddenly said.

Wei Wucai raised his brows and thought that this didnt make sense.

Yan Zhiqing previously looked like she was feeling guilty.

Why did she appear confident within the blink of an eye

He then heard Yan Zhiqing say, “You said that you were not someone who would do this casually and would not hurt anyone to do this experiment with.”

Yan Zhiqing was fuming.

“Didnt you ask me to help you verify it in the beginning”

Instead of harming someone else, he decided to hurt her

If Wei Wucai dared to say that it was because they were friends, Yan Zhiqing would kick him off the bed right away.

Wei Wucai was speechless.

For the first time in Wei Wucais life, he experienced shooting himself in the foot.

Seeing how angry Yan Zhiqing looked, he kept pondering but couldnt come up with a good excuse.

Suddenly, he leaned over towards Yan Zhiqing.

Yan Zhiqing was shocked as she saw Wei Wucais pretty face gradually getting closer.

Whenever he approached her with that face, her brain would stop functioning and she would turn into a fool.

Before Yan Zhiqing became friends with Wei Wucai, she thought she was someone who would never be tempted by beauty.

After all, her brother, Yan Beicheng, and the people in the other families such as Qi Chengzhi and Han Zhuoli, were good-looking people.

If they were in the entertainment industry, their appearance would be considered top-notch.

After seeing such faces for so long, she became immune even while being part of the entertainment industry.

The entertainment industry was probably the line of work that has the most impressively looking people.

Yan Zhiqing worked every day.

She had films to shoot and events to attend.

The people she had interacted with in this industry were different in their own way, but all of them had top-notch beauty.

Being in such an environment and watching people like this every day gave her better immunity to such beauty.

Therefore, Yan Zhiqing had very high immunity to such top-notch beauty.

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