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Wu Sheng felt bad saying this in front of everyone at the office, but he wanted to make it known that this place was unworthy of Yu Mingxins talent.

Wu Sheng said helplessly to Hou Wu, “I am sorry.

This software is too difficult for me.

This is beyond my skills and capabilities.”

When Hou Wu heard this, he realized that even Wu Sheng was unable to solve this issue.

Yu Mingxin shook his head and smiled wryly.

“You think too highly of me.

I cant write software like this now, not to mention five years ago.”

“What” Wu Sheng was shocked.

“Did this office perhaps specifically hire a skilled expert to write this software”

Yu Mingxin explained, “No.

I did write this software in the beginning, but it definitely did not look like this.

The hacker from earlier attacked our network, took over our administrative rights, and kicked me out.

I didnt expect the hacker to be able to modify my software within such a short time.”

Yu Mingxin smiled bitterly and said, “Although I said modify, he honestly rewrote the entire thing.

With the software I wrote as the foundation, he wrote more codes and expanded it.

Then, he changed it to be more secure.

In addition to this foundation, he added more bricks and a roof…”

Yu Mingxin felt like crying as he talked about this.

He didnt want to talk about this anymore.

This was a huge blow to him.

Hed always thought that he was on a very high level.



Even if he were to go to an international high-tech company and even if he didnt take the position of a manager or chief, he would at least be an ordinary programmer that was not of a lower level than the others.

Even if there was a disparity between him and those top-ranked programmers or even hackers whose names were placed in the top ranks of the world, he wouldnt be exactly defenseless if he were to encounter them.

However, he truly witnessed it today.

The difference was not just ordinarily big.

In addition, he didnt even know who the person was, where this God came from, and what level he was at.

He had no idea if this hacker had performed to the full extent of his abilities.

However, Yu Mingxin had a feeling that the hacker had managed this with skill and ease.

“Wu Sheng, you cant break in as well” Yu Mingxin asked.

Wu Sheng shook his head and said, “No, I cant.”

When Wu Sheng shook his head, he saw the paper at the side.

He took it up and looked at it.

“This is…”

“This is the list that I made earlier of the people that I know who are skilled,” Yu Mingxin said.

“However, I only listed the people in B City.

There are also many talented people in S City and Z Harbor.

However, they are just a little far away.

Even if they could help, they might not be able to make it here quickly.

“Even if they made it here quickly, they might not be able to solve the issue.

And so, I didnt write their names.

In addition, I have been out of this social circle for too long.

By the way, do you know anyone who is suitable for this job Such as the younger ones or some newbies with good technical skills”

“Yes, yes, yes,” Hou Wu said hastily.

“It doesnt have to be someone in B City.”

If even Wu Sheng, who was ranked first on the list, was unable to solve this, it would be pointless to seek out anyone else in B City.

“Will no one in the entire country be able to do it” Hou Wu asked.

“We have a lot of important information in these computers.

We cant lose them.

We need access to them at any time.

In addition, the computers contained our work files, and there are tasks that are half-done and still need to be worked on.”

Getting new computers would be much easier, but what about the files inside the computers



“This…” Wu Sheng thought about it and said, “Based on what I know, no one who is employed by a company in the country can break into this.

Even with my level and Brother Yus level, we cant break into the first line of defense.”

Wu Sheng continued with a bitter smile, “There is a powerful individual in Z Harbor who has to stay there to protect against any attacks.

However, he could remotely attack the network system and try to break in that way.

However, considering his skills…

“He can probably only break through the first three barriers and will fail to continue after that.

And so, I dont think you should take the time to seek him out.

I am sure of this because I have competed with him before and we are good friends.

Because I know he is better than me, I wanted to try and see how much better he is than me.

“We have each written a software and attacked each other.

There were five barriers in his software, and I could only break through the first three.

Meanwhile, he was able to break through all five barriers of my security system.

“But right now, with this software on your computers…” Wu Sheng lifted his palms.

“I cant even break through the first barrier.

Even if he came, you know what would happen.”

“Does this mean that all these computers are now useless” Hou Wu refused to believe it.

“We have so many talented people in the country.

Since the hacker that attacked us exists, there must be someone who is as powerful as him or even more powerful than him, right”

“There is,” Wu Sheng said.

Yu Mingxin recalled it as well and nodded along.

“There are, but very few.”

Hou Wus eyes lit up immediately.


“The Mount Lan Compound,” Wu Sheng and Yu Mingxin said at the same time.

They didnt even have to ask if Hou Wu knew about the Mount Lan Compound.

Who didnt know about the Mount Lan Compound

Even if they had never been at its base or even looked down from the peak of the Mount Lan Compound, they knew about it.

There was no need for Wu Sheng and Yu Mingxin to provide any further explanation as Hou Wu had a better understanding of this.

As long as one could pay the amount, one could hire someone from the Mount Lan Compound.

But this amount was not small at all.

It depended on whether Hou Wu was willing to pay.

Hou Wu pondered.

They spent a lot of resources and effort to collect the information, files, pictures, and videos that were in the computers now.

In addition, they had already spent a lot of money.

Not to mention that there were a lot of incomplete tasks stored in the computers.

Their companies financial information was stored in the computer as well.

They didnt know how much it would cost to hire someone from the Mount Lan Compound.

But Hou Wu thought about it.

He gnashed his teeth and made a decision.

No matter what, he would try asking first.

Hou Wu had his connections, which was why he was able to get the Mount Lan Compounds contact information.

He was able to find the price through a middleman.

The “Shadow” group of the Mount Lan Compound did work outside and were priced according to their ranking.

The cost to hire an ordinary teammate and the cost to hire an advance teammate were different.

Wei Wucai, being one of the three team leaders, were priced at a different rate as well.

As for Fang Boran, the head of the intelligence service, no one knew how much it would cost to hire him.

Because Wei Wucai and the other two team leaders were able to solve whatever tasks were at hand, there was never a need for Fang Boran to do anything.

However, even Hou Wu had no idea how skilled the ordinary teammates of the Mount Lan Compound were.

He then described his situation.

Unexpectedly, the Mount Lan Compound knew about Yu Mingxin and Wu Sheng.


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