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The two exclaimed in shock.

But Wei Wucai and Mou Danqiong were not curious at all.

They did not share the joy of gossiping with each other.

In Yan Zhiqing and Fang Qiaohans opinion, they could only talk to each other.

And so, the two gathered together to read and share the gossip that they read.

“Wow! I thought they were a golden couple!” Fang Qiaohan gasped in shock.

“Oh my god!” Yan Zhiqing shouted in shock.

At this moment, Wei Wucais phone started ringing.

He took up the phone and saw that it was Yuan Jiangyi.

Wei Wucai picked up the call and heard Yuan Jiangyis happy and excited voice.

Wei Wucai was speechless.

“I have to go on a business trip to B City, so I will come visit you!” Yuan Jiangyi said happily.

Hao Donghuai was beside him as well.

Hao Donghuai had nothing to do of late.

When he heard that Yuan Jiangyi was going on a business trip and visiting Wei Wucai on the way there, he immediately said he wanted to join.

While he was beside Yuan Jiangyi, he started shouting, “Xiao Cai, I will come visit you too!”

His voice was so loud that Wei Wucai had to move his phone a little farther away from his ear.

If it was this bad for Wei Wucai, it was worse for Yuan Jiangyi, who was right next to Hao Donghuai.

Yuan Jiangyi felt as though his ears had gone numb.

Not only were his ears hurting, but he could also hear ringing sounds.

Yuan Jiangyi hastily ran far away and shouted, “Xiao Cai! Xiao Cai, are you there”

Wei Wucai rolled his eyes and said, “Keep your voice down.”

“What” Yuan Jiangyis voice became even louder as he answered, “My ears hurt because Hao Zi was so loud.

I cant hear now.”

Wei Wucai was speechless.

“Then dont talk.” Wei Wucai felt helpless.

“Alright, then.

I am going with Hao Zi to see you in the afternoon,” Yuan Jiangyi shouted.

His voice was so loud that even Yan Zhiqing could hear him clearly while being away from the phone.

“I got it.” Wei Wucai didnt even ask Yuan Jiangyi about the assignment.

Being from the Mount Lan Compound, they understood each other very well.

They wouldnt tell each other what they were assigned to do.

Wei Wucai hung up the call.

The four then continued checking the files.

Yuan Jiangyi and Hao Donghuai arrived at B City.

It took them only three hours total.

Hou Wuu didnt even expect them to get here so quickly.

When he saw that two people had come, he immediately wondered if this case was worth so much attention from the Mount Lan Compound.

If the two had come together, would he have to pay double the price

Hou Wu immediately felt his liver aching.

He wondered if this task required more than one person to complete.

Thankfully, Hao Donghuai explained, “I am just here to visit a friend and came by with him.

He is the one dealing with your matter.

Its none of my business.”

Hou Wu let out a sigh of relief.

Yu Mingxin and Wu Sheng, who hadnt left, came over hastily.

As a top-notch hacker recognized internationally, Yuan Jiangyi would always use an alias whenever he worked on things.

He had never shown his face before.

Therefore, Yu Mingxin and Wu Sheng could not recognize him.

They only came to greet Yuan Jiangyi because they wanted to see how this issue would be solved.


We can start now,” Yuan Jiangyi said.

“Lets solve this quickly and leave.”

They still needed to visit Wei Wucai.

They hadnt seen him in a long time and missed him a lot.

This person was in such a rush.

Hopefully, his technical skills were as good as how he was behaving.

Whatever the case, Hou Wu hastily led Yuan Jiangyi to the computer.

Yuan Jiangyi immediately started using Yu Mingxins computer.

Yu Mingxin and Wu Sheng stood like guardians on the left and right side of Yuan Jiangyi.

Yuan Jiangyi didnt say anything and just continued typing on the keyboard.

In the beginning, he looked relaxed.

He was even tapping his foot in a frivolous manner.

However, Yuan Jiangyi soon made a confused “eh” sound.

When Hao Donghuai heard this, he immediately approached, pushing Wu Sheng and Yu Mingxin away.

“Why Is it difficult”

“It is a little difficult, but I can solve it,” Yuan Jiangyi said.

Hou Wu, who was worried, felt at ease again.

He then heard Yuan Jiangyi say, “This technique seems familiar.”

Hao Donghuai started scrutinizing it and said, “You are right.

It does look very familiar.

It also has this cunning and evil vibe.”

Yuan Jiangyi placed his arm on the armrest and rubbed his chin as he said, “The code is written in such a cunning way.”

“Its also very shameless.” Hao Donghuai nodded.

Hearing this, the people around them didnt even know if they were making comments on the software or the person.

“The software is like the person!” Yuan Jiangyi sighed emotionally.

“Only that dude can do something like this,” Hao Donghuai said.

The two seemed to be playing riddles with each other.

They both knew who they were talking about, but neither said Wei Wucais name.

Yuan Jiangyi and Hao Donghuai exchanged glances.

If it was Wei Wucai who had done this, should they still solve this issue for Hou Wu

“How about… we give him a call and ask” Hao Donghuai suggested.


Lets ask,” Yuan Jiangyi said.

Lets ask what happened and how Hou Wu had provoked Wei Wucai.

If Wei Wucai didnt want them to solve this issue, they would just leave and go have fun with him.

The two werent loud at all, but they werent exactly avoiding people.

If the two didnt want people to hear them, the others would really not have been able to hear a single thing.

Because the two werent intentionally keeping their conversation a secret, Hou Wu and the others had heard them clearly.

Hou Wu thought it was weird.

Did the two perhaps know who had done this and were familiar with that person

“You…” Hou Wu couldnt help but ask, “Do you know who did this”

Unexpectedly, when Yuan Jiangyi and Hao Donghuai heard his question, they both stared at him immediately.

Yuan Jiangyi and Hao Donghuai were just curious as to how Hou Wu had provoked Wei Wucai.

To the extent that Wei Wucai personally did this to them.

It wasnt even a task assigned by the Mount Lan Compound.

The Mount Lan Compound had not gotten any assignment to hack Hou Wus office.

This meant that Wei Wucai had personally made this decision.

It could be his personal affairs.

They knew that Wei Wucai owned a visual effects company.

Although Wei Wucai had one foot in the entertainment industry, he really did not do anything that had something to do with Hou Wu.

And so, Yuan Jiangyi and Hao Donghuai really wanted to know what Hou Wu did to provoke Wei Wucai.

How did Hou Wu even make Wei Wucai use such cunning tricks

Unfortunately, even after they had stared at Hou Wus face for a long time, they could not interpret anything.

Instead, their stares frightened Hou Wu.

“Let me go ask and verify,” Yuan Jiangyi said.

He then went to give Wei Wucai a call.

When Wei Wucai got Yuan Jiangyis call, he checked the time first.

At this moment, they had yet to finish reading all the files but would soon be done.

Wei Wucai picked up the phone and asked, “Are you done with work”

“No,” Yuan Jiangyi said.

He cast a glance at Hou Wu before standing up to continue his phone call in the corner, refusing to let Hou Wu and the others listen to the conversation.

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