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“Do you know where I am” Yuan Jiangyi asked.

“…” The corner of Wei Wucais eye twitched.

“How should I know”

“Have you heard of Hou Wus office” Yuan Jiangyi asked.

The moment Wei Wucai heard that, he understood.

“Oh Theyve sought out the Mount Lan Compound” Wei Wucai said with raised eyebrows.

Upon hearing that, Yan Zhiqing and the other two people shifted their attention over to him.

Once Yuan Jiangyi heard Wei Wucais words, was there a question left that he didnt know about the incident

He immediately said, “So it really was you that did it”

“Mm-hm, it was me,” Wei Wucai admitted without the slightest hesitation.

Yuan Jiangyi knew it; from the methods used, it was Wei Wucais handiwork.

It seemed like the actions of someone especially black-hearted.

However, Wei Wucai did not know about the parts Yuan Jiangyi had left unsaid, only thinking them.

Despite that, even just that one line that Yuan Jiangyi did say wasnt particularly pleasant to the ears.

“How did Hou Wu provoke you” Yuan Jiangyi asked nosily.

At some point, unbeknownst to Yuan Jiangyi, Hao Donghuai had run over to his side and pressed an ear against his phone.

This disgusted Yuan Jiangyi greatly.

Who would willingly be pressed so close against a rough old man like Hao Donghuai

After all, Hao Donghuai wasnt a soft and fragrant young lady.

Hao Donghuai was the size of a bear.

Yuan Jiangyi moved to the side to avoid him, but Hao Donghuai immediately pressed his ear back onto Yuan Jiangyis phone.

Seeing that Yuan Jiangyi still intended to avoid him, Hao Donghuai immediately threatened, “I just want to hear what Xiao Cai is saying.

If you keep avoiding me, I will just hug you.”

Yuan Jiangyi almost vomited when he pictured that.

He silently pulled out a pair of wireless Bluetooth earphones from his pocket.

They were really small, the kind that wouldnt be easily noticed by others when they were worn.

He gave one of them to Hao Donghuai and said, “The two of us can wear one each to listen.

Move a bit further away from me.”

“Since you already had this thing, wouldnt the problem have been solved if you had just taken it out earlier” Hao Donghuai took the earphone with disdain and stuffed it into his ear.

Did Yuan Jiangyi actually think Hao Donghuai wanted to stick so closely to him

Yuan Jiangyi also placed the earphone into his ear and then connected the earphones to his phone.

As soon as he did so, they heard Wei Wucai say, “Ill tell you in detail when you come over.”

“All right.” Yuan Jiangyi nodded.

“So should I crack it for them or not”

“How much money are you asking them to pay” Wei Wucai said.

“The issue is not too difficult.

My call-out fee is 500,000… the add-on is 300,000.

Ill ask him if he wants to make it 800,000 as it sounds auspicious,” Yuan Jiangyi said.

“…” Wei Wucai said darkly, “You only want 800,000 to crack my software”

Was his software worth that little

Yuan Jiangyi rolled his eyes.

“The software you designed isnt hard to crack.

Arent you just bullying them for having no standards”

Fortunately, Wu Sheng and Yu Mingxin did not get to hear these words.

Otherwise, wouldnt the two of them weep in the toilets

After all, one of them was currently the manager of a famous science and technology companys IT department, and the other was his predecessor.

In the end, they were described as people with no standards.

“In my opinion, this was a last-minute thing you made in a short amount of time.

A part of the code is very different from yours.

Its clearly very rough and is probably the offices original code.

“You made changes in their base code.

Because you didnt have much time, you just casually messed with it.

Its actually not complicated.

It only looks hard.

All you did was add a couple of traps and a few turns.

I just need to find those traps and solve them.”

So, it wasnt that Wei Wucai didnt have a high level of ability.

It was just that he simply hadnt made the software seriously.

He couldnt be bothered wasting time and effort in writing a whole new software just for Hou Wus office.

However, even though this was a totally simple little toy for Wei Wucai and Yuan Jiangyi, it was very challenging for ordinary programmers.

“Its not complicated.

Ill crack it in just a few minutes.

I dont think itd be appropriate for me to ask for so much money.” Yuan Jiangyi felt that he was a very honest person.

He made business transactions with integrity and did not cheat either the young or the old!

Fortunately, Hou Wu did not get to hear these words.

Otherwise, Hou Wu would have definitely spat out a mouthful of saliva at him.

If one were to go out and ask around for the market rate, they would know it wasnt that expensive, okay

Hou Wu had been paying that expert programmer to oversee his offices network all this time, but it had only been 1,000,000 for the latters annual salary.

Yuan Jiangyi would only be here for a short while, and he wanted to walk away with 800,000.

With 800,000, one could buy a Mercedes-Benz that didnt leak oil!

Wei Wucai rolled his eyes up towards the sky and said, “Why dont you just round it up and take 1,000,000”

After all, didnt Hou Wu blackmail Yan Zhiqing for 1,000,000

Wei Wucai would make Hou Wu lose 1,000,000 first before he even got his hands on Yan Zhiqings 1,000,000.

This meant that Yan Zhiqings 1,000,000 would actually be going to Yuan Jiangyi, but Wei Wucai didnt really mind.

It didnt matter who it went to as long as Hou Wu would be suffering a loss.


A million it is.” Who would be unwilling to earn more money

Yuan Jiangyi nodded.

In any case, Hou Wu definitely offended Wei Wucai, so he didnt mind asking for a bit more.

“This means youre letting me crack your software, then” Yuan Jiangyi asked again.

“Just crack it.

To begin with, I already intended for them to crack it.

Otherwise, I wouldnt have changed the software to something so easy to crack,” Wei Wucai said.

Who knew that that group of people would be so useless that they couldnt even crack such a simple program

Right from the start, Wei Wucai had never expected that they would not be able to crack it.

After all, he was still waiting to see what their reactions would be after cracking the software and finding their computers had been completely wiped clean.

Since this was his aim, he could not make them a program they couldnt crack, right

If Hou Wu were to find out about the thoughts in Wei Wucais mind…

He would cry tears of blood.

Such a program was considered simple…

This was a program hed have to spend 1,000,000 to crack!

Knowing Hou Wu was someone with whom Wei Wucai had beef with, Yuan Jiangyi was in no hurry at all to resolve his problem.

Currently, Yuan Jiangyi had an extremely crafty and fawning appearance.

He even started shaking his leg and then said to Wei Wucai a little puzzledly, “Is it because its me specifically that came to crack it that you want me to earn more money Would you not have let them crack it if it were someone else”

What did it mean to be brothers!

Their relationship couldnt be judged solely on the way Wei Wucai normally beat them up.

At the crucial moments, genuine brotherly feelings that ran deep was what operated.

Unexpectedly, before Yuan Jiangyi had finished soaking in these emotions…

He heard Wei Wucai say, “The main point is that I wanted to delete everything stored on their computers, not just every kind of file they had.

I didnt want to leave them even a single program.”

Yuan Jiangyi was speechless.

“But I can see that theyre totally useless.

Unexpectedly, they have no way of cracking the program I made without much effort.

If you dont crack it for them, how will I see their pained expressions” Wei Wucai said.

“After you crack it, remember to record their reactions for me to see.

I really want to see what their reactions will be when they find that, after spending 1,000,000 and finally cracking the program, there is nothing on their computers and all that is left are empty shells.”

Yuan Jiangyi was speechless.

Hao Donghuai felt speechless.

“Sure,” Yuan Jiangyi replied.

Then, before taking out the earpiece, he told Hao Donghuai directly, “Hao Zi, when I crack the program later, record a video of my dashing figure from the side.”

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