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Yan Zhiqing decided to rest for a few days to calm herself down before she continued reviewing.

Wei Wucai did this for a living and was used to collecting information for the Mount Lan Compound.

Therefore, he had even checked some of the materials twice.

He had copied all of the information and moved them into the Mount Lan Compounds network system.

Regardless of whether these materials could be used, it would be good to expand the intelligence network at the Mount Lan Compound.

Yan Zhiqing placed the computer at the side and leaned back on the couch.

She then closed her eyes.

She wanted to rub her eyes, but Wei Wucai stopped her.

“Dont rub your eyes.” Wei Wucai frowned and said, “Dont you have eye drops”

She did have it, but she also felt too lazy to move.

Yan Zhiqing was just about to answer when Wei Wucai said, “Thats why I said that it would be more convenient if you stayed in my room.

I have everything you need there, and I can also take care of you.

You can lie in bed and do nothing.”


Mou Danqiong was speechless.

Fang Qiaohan was speechless.

The two had a change in expression.

They didnt know if they were shocked by how Wei Wucai was still shamelessly trying to trick Yan Zhiqing into his room right now.

Or if they were shocked by what he said.

What did he mean when he said that Yan Zhiqing could lie on the bed and do nothing

Why did that sound so wrong

What did they… do on the bed

Mou Danqiong secretly sent Fang Qiaohan a WeChat message.

“Are they together Is there anything you did not get the chance to tell me”

Mou Danqiong knew that Yan Zhiqing had spent the night at Wei Wucais room.

After all, her pictures had been taken and had been used as blackmailing material by Hou Wus office.

Mou Danqiong had no idea what the two had done in the room.

Of course, she was old enough to guess what had happened.

However, Fang Qiaohan told her that Yan Zhiqing had a fever, which meant that the two couldnt have done anything.

Wei Wucai couldnt possibly do anything when Yan Zhiqing was still having a fever, right

So, Mou Danqiong thought that the two might have just innocently slept a night together.

But now, listening to the way Wei Wucai had said things, Mou Danqiong no longer knew what had happened.

This was also because Mou Danqiong hadnt been on the set.

She didnt know Wei Wucai well.

But Fang Qiaohan had been with Yan Zhiqing.

As someone who had personally witnessed the way Wei Wucai did things, Fang Qiaohan knew Wei Wucai well.

The corner of Fang Qiaohans eyes twitched as she didnt know how to explain it.

Occasionally, she thought that Wei Wucai was very strange.

“Erm… Elder Sister Mou, you can think of this as him intentionally saying things to make people misunderstand his relationship with Zhiqing…” Fang Qiaohan thought about it and realized that she was not exactly accurate.

“Actually, its not exactly a misunderstanding.

He just likes to take things a little bit quicker than it is supposed to go.

“For example, when the two arent together, he would do things that would make people think that there was something going on between them.

Once there is actually something going on between the two, people would think that they were already together long ago.

He is just fooling others into thinking that their relationship is one step ahead of where it actually is.”

Fang Qiaohan reflected on the past and thought that this explanation was more accurate.

As expected, Mou Danqiong understood.

The corner of her mouth twitched.

She silently mourned for Yan Zhiqing.

She felt sad for Yan Zhiqing meeting Wei Wucai, a man with so many tricks and schemes.

Even if there were ten Yan Zhiqings, they would be no match against Wei Wucai.

In Mou Danqiongs opinion, Yan Zhiqing should just obediently give in to Wei Wucai.

Why bother struggling when you have encountered such a cunning man

Fang Qiaohan and Mou Danqiong were whispering to each other.

Yan Zhiqing didnt know what the two were talking about.

She couldnt hear them clearly.

She just knew that they were gossiping about her and Wei Wucai.

Yan Zhiqing started blushing a little.

Wei Wucai was different from Yan Zhiqing.

He heard what Fang Qiaohan and Mou Danqiong said very clearly.

However, he didnt care about Fang Qiaohans comments at all

Why should he care about his reputation when it concerned things like courting his own wife!

Did having shame guarantee that he would get a wife

If he cared, he would lose.

Yan Zhiqing thought about what Wei Wucai had said and responded with a stiff expression, “I have eye drops.”

Normally, because she often had to film for a long time and needed to read her scripts, her eyes would often feel tired and sore.

Therefore, eye drops were necessary.

“Im just too lazy to grab it,” Yan Zhiqing said lazily.

“I know where it is.” Before Wei Wucai said anything, Fang Qiaohan stood up.

With much familiarity, she opened the drawer and located Yan Zhiqings eye drops.

She then handed it over.

Yan Zhiqing raised her hand and was about to grab it when Wei Wucai took it away.

Yan Zhiqing felt speechless.

Fang Qiaohan was speechless.

Yan Zhiqing turned and looked at Wei Wucai with a puzzled expression.

She saw Wei Wucai wave at her while saying, “Come lie down.

I will administer the drops for you.”

Yan Zhiqing felt speechless.

What was he talking about in front of Fang Qiaohan and Mou Danqiong!

Both of them were still here.

How could she lie down and let him put in eye drops for her

Of course, even if… even if Fang Qiaohan and Mou Danqiong werent here, she couldnt allow herself to do this.

“I will just do it myself.” Yan Zhiqing held her palm out, hoping that Wei Wucai would place the eye drops in her hand.

At the same time, she shuddered as she glanced over at his legs.

She pictured herself lying on his leg and allowing him to administer her eye drops.

The picture of them together looked so intimate that Yan Zhiqing felt too embarrassed to even continue thinking about this.

Because her mind had wandered off, her eyes lost focus, and she had no idea where she was looking.

But at this moment, from Wei Wucais point of view, Yan Zhiqing was looking at his thighs.

Maybe she was looking at his thighs or the area below his waist.

Wei Wucai couldnt help but blush.

He wondered about what absurd thoughts Yan Zhiqing might be having!

However, because of this, he felt bad about making Yan Zhiqing lie on his thighs.

He hadnt thought this through, but he could not help but allow his mind to wander freely when he felt Yan Zhiqing staring.

The moment he started thinking about this, it became hard to keep calm.

If Yan Zhiqing actually leaned over and he couldnt help feeling aroused, that would be embarrassing.

Wei Wucai gave a dry cough and said, “Little girl, what nonsense are you thinking!”

He looked like he represented justice and behaved like he had not thought of any nonsense.

“Look up and I will administer the drop,” Wei Wucai said.

Yan Zhiqing wanted to say that she could do a very good job by herself.

There was nearly an awkward pause.

Fang Qiaohan and Mou Danqiong were still there.

Yan Zhiqing felt embarrassed.

But obviously, Wei Wucai didnt feel any embarrassment.

Yan Zhiqing had no choice but to admit defeat.

She gave up and leaned back on the couch.

Wei Wucai then straightened his back and leaned forward.

Wei Wucais face immediately appeared above Yan Zhiqings face.

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