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There were so many cases that their Public Relations Department didnt take up.

Was it that they no matter what they had to take up every single case

Honestly, they didnt have that much time for every single case.

Sister Li looked at Lu Man anxiously and inched towards her carefully.

She stealthily tugged on Lu Mans sleeve, telling her to let her say a couple of pleasing words to pacify Vice President instead and ask for Vice President Yus forgiveness.

Getting fired over such a small matter was definitely not worth it.

Even if in the future Lu Man was going to resign to go learn to act in a school, resigning versus getting fired were completely two different matters.

However, from the steady look on Lu Mans face, she could feel how stubborn and determined Lu Man was.

She would never let Sister Li say anything pleasing either.

Not that Sister Li thought about it, but ever since Lu Man had joined the company, this wasnt the first or second time that others had come looking for her for trouble.

Yet, somehow she had never really seen Lu Man frightened before.

Left with no choice, Sister Li could only look at Brother Zhang for help.

Brother Zhang plucked up his courage, bracing himself he said, “President Yu…”

“Pleading for her” Vice President Yu definitely couldnt allow anyone to challenge his authority.

“Those who plead for her will have to leave with her too!”

Vice President Yu then pointed to the door of the office.

After such a stern scolding from Vice President Yu, Brother Zhangs face flamed up in anger.

Everyone else too felt angry and unfair.

Vice President Yu was too much of a bully!

“If the rest of you also think its unfair, leave this company!” CEO Yu was livid.

After a while, seeing that no one said anything, he added, “None of you are saying anything else.

So none of you have any more opinions, right!”

Everyone fought to suppress their anger, their face flushed red as they tried their best to hold it back.

However, no one dared to utter a single word.

“Very good.” Satisfied, CEO Yu broke into a pleased and smug smile.

“Now, who will take Yu Xingzhous case Ill repeat it once more, if you dont want to take it, leave this company!”

Everyone looked at each other, glances were exchanged everywhere.

Brother Zhang hesitated a lot, going back and forth and was just about to open his mouth.

Suddenly, a low and cold voice, seething with anger could be heard coming from near the door.

“What a bold tone!”

Everyone was shocked.

Vice President Yu violently froze.

When he turned around, he saw Han Zhuoli standing at the door and behind him stood Zheng Tianming and the actual President of Han Corporation, President He.

Han Zhuoli first looked at Lu Man.

At that moment, everyones attention was focused on Han Zhuoli.

Other than Zheng Tianming and President He, no one saw Lu Man smile lightly at Han Zhuoli, indicating that she was fine and completely didnt take Vice President Yus words to heart at all.

Zheng Tianming had long since been used to it.

However, when President He saw Lu Mans reaction, he couldnt help but feel shocked.

Unable to control himself, he turned and looked at Han Zhuoli.

He then saw Han Zhuoli was also looking right at Lu Mans direction.

His gaze was much softer and gentler.

It wasnt that enraged and deadly look he had just now when he entered.

As if realizing something President He looked towards Zheng Tianming for confirmation.

Zheng Tianming had already predicted that President He would be left speechless.

He smiled lightly and nodded at President He, confirming his suspicions.

President He felt that at this age, after becoming the President of Han Corporation, he had already seen all sorts of wild and crazy things.

However, he still broke out in a cold sweat out of shock right now.

The CEO… CEOs girlfriend was actually working in Han Corporation, and that too in the Public Relations Department!

This was definitely a trap!

Thankfully, he was seated high up in the top management, so he usually wouldnt have much chance to come in contact with the ordinary employees.

Moreover, thinking about it, he probably hadnt given any order that had been disadvantageous or unfavorable to Lu Man.

President He sighed in relief.

However, clearly, Vice President Yu still didnt know about it.

Right now, he was stubbornly dashing down the road to death, and he was just running faster and faster.

President He was extremely glad about that, now he just had to wait for Vice President Yu to suffer.

For a long time, he already couldnt stand the sight of this Vice President Yu.

By asking others to call him as President Yu, he was clearly eagerly coveting for his role of President.

There are people who always keep observing you from the side, waiting for you to slip-up, and ever-ready to give you a deadly blow, just so that they could replace you anytime.


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