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She might not know Wei Wucai well enough.

Based on the tricks that Wei Wucai had played before, he should have asked her to make a choice

He would have made her choose, which was another way of forcing her.

Previously, Yan Zhiqing would have felt mad.

But now, she couldnt be bothered with those things anymore.

She wanted Wei Wucai to know that she had no intention of dating Chen Zeqing.

She had no interest in even becoming Chen Zeqings friend.

Chen Zeqing had obviously approached her with an ambition for more benefits.

Yan Zhiqing had no intention of giving him any chances.

But unexpectedly, Wei Wucai had responded, “I got it.” Then, he turned and left.

He actually didnt even ask her.

It was like he didnt care about whatever happened to her.

Yan Zhiqing couldnt help staring at Wei Wucais retreating back.

It took her a while to drop her gaze.

She looked down slightly, feeling somewhat uneasy.

When Chen Zeqing saw Yan Zhiqings reaction from the side, the warming feelings in his heart turned cold.

Were Yan Zhiqing and Wei Wucai really not just simple friends

At this moment, he heard Yan Zhiqing ask, “I want to know what you would like to discuss with me.”

Chen Zeqing was stunned.

He then smiled and said, “Just things about work.

I joined the crew halfway and I am still having a hard time grasping the details of interacting with you in a scene.”

Having found an excuse, Chen Zeqing continued, “I also want to know the level of immersion you have for the role that you are playing when in a scene with me.

What would be your emotions in a given scene I just want to discuss this with you so that it would be easier for me to grasp feelings in a scene with you.

It will really help me when I am playing my role.

“I want to become fully immersed in the production of this film as quickly as possible so that the filming wouldnt be slowed down because I didnt do a good job at playing my role.” Chen Zeqing went on, “Of course, I am also worried that Director Wu and the other seniors might think that I am not a good actor and that I am not suitable for this role.

I dont want them to regret casting me.

“If I dont build a good reputation with them, it will affect my future development.

And so, I really value this opportunity.

I hope to leave a good impression on Director Wu and the seniors, and I hope that they will think well of my acting skills and consider me someone who takes acting seriously.

I hope they will think of me when there are more opportunities in the future.

“Therefore, this is really important to me.” Chen Zeqing smiled.

“Its not convenient to talk about this in a place with many people.

I am not saying that we should do this behind peoples backs.

If there are many people, the conversation can become messy, and we wont have any chance to discuss the important matters.

“Therefore, I am thinking about inviting you out for lunch with just the two of us.

That would be more convenient.”

“That is not suitable.

It wont be good if someone took pictures of us,” Yan Zhiqing said with a fearful expression.

“In addition, if you want to practice your lines with me, we can do it after lunch and before filming starts.

“Also, Director Wu will explain the scene to us before the filming starts.

He will explain how we should act and discuss the emotions, expressions, movements, and every detail of the character.

Dont worry.”

Yan Zhiqing smiled.

“Director Wu had never once looked down on someone who doesnt play their role well.

He only hates those who have no skills and refuses to work hard.

Since you work hard, you dont have to worry.

Everyone will see the effort you put into this.

“But its not suitable for us to eat by ourselves.

If pictures of us were taken, we wont be able to clear things up.

Even if we explained and gave them the truth, no one would believe us.

I appreciate you inviting me, but I am sorry.”

With this, Yan Zhiqing picked up her thermos and left.

She refused to sit with Chen Zeqing.

Wei Wucai saw that from afar and finally looked more relaxed.

Yuan Jiangyi and Hao Donghuai stood beside him on the left and right sides.

“Why did you leave so easily You didnt even try.

How will Zhiqing see that you are serious” Yuan Jiangyi scoffed.


You gave up quickly.

That doesnt show any sincerity,” Hao Donghuai said.

“…” Wei Wucai, feeling annoyed, looked at both of them and said, “Didnt I ask you two to go and work Are you two just here to gossip”

“Dont talk about that right now,” Yuan Jiangyi said.

“Why didnt you ask Zhiqing if she was going”


She already left.

You dont even know the result and you dont know if they have agreed to get lunch together,” Hao Donghuai said.

Yuan Jiangyi added, “If they were to eat lunch together at noon, theres no knowing how eager Chen Zeqing would behave to ingratiate himself to Zhiqing.

What if Chen Zeqing were to use this opportunity to move a step forward and try molesting Zhiqing”

Considering how defensive Yan Zhiqing had always been, she couldnt possibly allow Chen Zeqing to do anything to her.

If not, Wei Wucai would not have had to pretend to be gay to deepen his relationship with Yan Zhiqing.

For things like this, she behaved like a very alert hedgehog.

“I dont want to force her,” Wei Wucai said.

“How is this forcing her” Yuan Jiangyi disagreed.

“How is it not forcing her when I want her to make a decision in front of Chen Zeqing despite knowing that she is still mad at me” Wei Wucai said calmly.

“I should have given more consideration to a lot of the things that I have done in the past.

“Therefore, I am now trying to pay more attention to it and do the right thing.

I am trying not to make things difficult for her.”

Even if it was just asking her to make a choice…

If its something that made her struggle, he wouldnt do it.

Hao Donghuai and Yuan Jiangyi both became silent.

Soon, Yuan Jiangyi said, “Xiao Cai, you are trapped.”

Hao Donghuai nodded heavily.

“I really did not expect that.” Yuan Jiangyi patted Wei Wucai on the shoulder with a profound look on his face.

“I didnt expect you to be like this one day.

I didnt expect you to think for others and put other peoples feelings first.”

Wei Wucai lifted his chin up proudly and said, “Thats how one should act if they really like someone, right”


Thats enough.” Yuan Jiangyi couldnt tolerate this anymore.

“You arent even dating her yet, so there is no rush in showing how much you love each other.”

Wei Wucai was speechless.


Show love after you actually start dating her.” Hao Donghuai cast a scornful glance at Wei Wucai and said, “I already told you earlier.

Whats the point of showing off your affection so early”

Wei Wucai was speechless.

Wei Wucai had made it sound really easy, but he was secretly sulking.

While he was working, he couldnt help but shift his gaze towards Yan Zhiqing.

He saw Chen Zeqing seizing every chance during filming to befriend Yan Zhiqing.

Chen Zeqing was constantly trying to talk to her.

Wei Wucai gnashed his teeth and subconsciously humphed coldly.

Soon, it was noon, and Wei Wucais employees were ordering food delivery.

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