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“Of course, the more inferior you are, the better it is for me.”

Chen Zeqing felt speechless.

He had never met anyone this shameless!

However, the important question was, how did he appear inferior!

“Also—” Wei Wucai said, “you are not as good-looking as me.”

Chen Zeqing felt speechless.

Everyone around couldnt help but glance over at Chen Zeqings face before they looked at Wei Wucais face.

They realized that there was no way to refute what Wei Wucai had said.

Wei Wucai did have a much better-looking face than Chen Zeqing.

Looking at how confident Wei Wucai appeared, Chen Zeqing felt so furious.

He sneered and said, “Are you saying that Zhiqing is someone who only looks at appearance”

“Whether its my face or my heart, both are much more genuine than yours,” Wei Wucai said.

“Of course, she will be happier to look at my face every day than yours.”

With this, Wei Wucai placed his hand on Yan Zhiqings shoulder.

He then dragged Yan Zhiqing back.

Yan Zhiqing didnt even have the time to think about it as she subconsciously followed Wei Wucai and sat back down.

When Yan Zhiqing came back to her senses, Wei Wucai had already sat beside her on the outside, blocking her way out.

Even if Yan Zhiqing wanted to, she couldnt go out.

This was extremely cunning of him.

“Alright, get going,” Hao Donghuai said to Chen Zeqing, who remained stunned at the door.

“If you dont leave, your food will turn cold.”

With this, he ruthlessly shut the vans door.

Chen Zeqing couldnt catch a hot girlfriend.

Obviously, he shouldnt miss out on eating hot food.

Thankfully, Wei Wucai did a good job during noon today.

His rudeness had finally shown some usefulness.

After the door was closed, Wei Wucai whispered to Yan Zhiqing, “I will disrupt the plans of anyone who wants to court you.”

Yan Zhiqing felt speechless.

“You promised to let me calm down by myself, didnt you” Yan Zhiqing raised her brow and said, “I havent forgiven you, but you still keep talking to me.

What is the meaning of this”

“At least you are willing to talk to me now,” Wei Wucai said.

As Shi Xiaoya had said, no one else was as confident as Wei Wucai.

Yan Zhiqing felt speechless.

“Even if you are not willing to talk to me, I can talk to you.” Wei Wucai paused.

Yan Zhiqing thought that Wei Wucai had already finished talking.

But this was just a pause in Wei Wucais speech.

Wei Wucai then made a move and said, “Because I like you.”

Yan Zhiqing felt speechless.

Thankfully, she was not eating.

If she was, she would have been so scared that she would have coughed everything out.

“You—” Yan Zhiqing was so angry and helpless.

She could not do anything to him.


I wont disturb you,” Wei Wucai said.

Yan Zhiqing felt speechless.

Why hadnt he been worried about disturbing her earlier

But then, Yan Zhiqing had barely taken a few bites when Wei Wucai suddenly said, “Now that you are certain of my sexuality, you wont have to worry about me changing in the future.”

Yan Zhiqing thought to herself, this didnt guarantee that he wouldnt like other girls in the future, right

Of course, Yan Zhiqing knew that she was intentionally finding faults.

Even if it was someone else instead of Wei Wucai…

No one can guarantee what might happen in the future…

However, it seemed like Wei Wucai could tell what she was thinking.

He whispered in a tone of determination, “I am not someone else.

I will not change.”

Yan Zhiqing fell silent.

She didnt know how to respond.

She lowered her head and hastily took a few more bites.

With Wei Wucai sitting beside her, she couldnt help feeling nervous.

She felt uneasy.

And so, she could only take huge bites and focus on eating quickly.

Wei Wucai wanted to ask her to eat slowly.

But when he saw Yan Zhiqing behaving as though she was about to face a mortal enemy…

He pondered and bit back the words that were on the tip of his tongue.

When Yan Zhiqing had just finished her food, the staff members came to call her away for filming.

Fang Qiaohan opened the door and got out of the van.

She casually asked, “Why are we starting so early today”

“We have to shoot some emotional scenes today.

Since the weather and lighting is good right now, we can film,” the staff member said.

“By the way, Zhiqing and Teacher Chen Zeqing are filming an emotional scene later,” the staff member added.

The staff member referred to Yan Zhiqing as Zhiqing, but added the word “Teacher” when he was saying Chen Zeqings name.

Obviously, the staff was not close to Chen Zeqing.

The staff member was not being disrespectful to Yan Zhiqing.

It was really because Yan Zhiqing had always been very approachable and always had good interactions with the staff members.

In the beginning, everyone was very careful and was very courteous when interacting with her.

They would refer to her as Teacher Yan.

But it made Yan Zhiqing feel uncomfortable as she really didnt think she should be considered a teacher.

Whenever it happened, she would explain it to the person who called her teacher.

In the beginning, when she had just mentioned it a couple times, people thought she was just being polite and trying to not appear arrogant.

Still, Yan Zhiqing would go through the trouble and explain every single time.

She was not angry about it.

However, after she had explained so many times, the people who called her teacher knew that Yan Zhiqing was being serious.

She was not faking her politeness.

And so, they changed the way they called her.

In addition, she had interacted with them on set for a while.

They did think that Yan Zhiqing had a good personality.

She was always joking and had never behaved in an aloof manner.

Therefore, after a long while, even if the staff members werent her friends, they still became more familiar with her.

Their interactions with each other became more natural.

As for Chen Zeqing, he had just arrived on set.

The staff members had experience.

They first tried calling him Teacher Chen.

Without hesitating at all, Chen Zeqing responded.

After he responded, he then said that he was not at the level to be addressed as Teacher.

But based on his attitude, the staff members could tell that he was just being polite.

He was really very happy to be called a teacher.

If anyone believed what he said out of politeness and stopped calling him teacher, Chen Zeqing would most likely curse them behind their backs.

If Chen Zeqing was petty, he would intentionally do things to make that staffs life difficult.

That would cause suffering.

And so, the film crew and cast had different terms of address for Yan Zhiqing and Chen Zeqing.

However, this was ironic.

Yan Zhiqing was much more successful and famous than Chen Zeqing.

However, the way they addressed Yan Zhiqing showed their closeness to her.

On the other hand, they were very courteous when addressing Chen Zeqing and would even refer to him as Teacher, a title that he had yet to deserve.

In comparison to Yan Zhiqing, Chen Zeqing just seemed very hilarious.

It was just unknown as to whether Chen Zeqing had such awareness.

Anyway, the staff members were all secretly laughing at Chen Zeqing.

However, Wei Wucai heard the staff members saying the sentence “Zhiqing and Teacher Chen Zeqing are filming an emotional scene later.”

When Wei Wucai heard this, he obviously couldnt tolerate it!

Immediately, he handed over the rest of the work in the afternoon to his employees and left to keep watch on Chen Zeqing.

He couldnt allow Chen Zeqing to take advantage of Yan Zhiqing.

He was just about to notify his employees when he turned around and saw Yuan Jiangyi and Hao Donghuai right behind him.

“…” Wei Wucai said helplessly, “Why are you two like those ghosts on peoples backs! Do you two have nothing to do Why do you keep following behind me”

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