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Hao Donghuais deputy team leader nodded in agreement.

“After all, its our Team Leader Xiao Cais happy occasion!”

Wei Wucai was unaware of what was going on.

He hadnt fully won the heart of the girl he liked…

About half an hour later, a middle-aged man wearing sunglasses and a long down coat strode into the exhibition hall with his wife.

The Jing family members standing at the door were stunned silly.

We have to hurry up and inform Sixth Master.

If they bump into him, wouldnt it be awkward

Master Xu reached out to take off his sunglasses.

“Are those people at the door from the Jing family”

“Enemies are really bound to meet on a narrow road.

It would be great if I could meet that brat Jing Hanchuan.

I havent seen him in a long time.

We can even have lunch together and…” He smiled.

“… catch up.”

The woman beside him smiled helplessly.

She felt that it was common for children to fight and bleed.

She didnt understand why her husband took it to heart and hated him for more than twenty years.

Actually, Jing Hanchuan knew to carry their daughter on his back to see a doctor back then.

At the very least, he was responsible and dared to take responsibility.

The three people were speechless.

Yuan Jiangyis deputy immediately received disdainful gazes from the other two deputies.

Consequently, Yuan Jiangyis deputy said hurriedly, “No! Thats not what I meant! Chief Chai, this is a Mount Lan Compound internal matter.

How can it be considered the personal use of a public resource Its for a public matter!”

When Yuan Jiangis deputy finished talking, he gave Chai Yu a foolish grin.

He truly couldnt bear looking at this little fool.

But of course, Chai Yu merely wanted to give them a scare.

While he was talking to the three deputies, Chai Yu had already instructed the HIdden Guards who were still in the compound.

He had them contact the Hidden Guards who were doing assignments outside and inform the latter of Wei Wucais happy occasion.

“Alright, I need to quickly let our leader know about this good news,” Chai Yu said.

If all of their comrades knew, but Wen Ren, their leader, did not… Wouldnt they just make him extremely angry!

Once their leader got angry, he would torment someone!

Chai Yu truly knew this too well.

In that case, who would their leader torment

He definitely could not torment his wife.

He wouldnt dare torment Fang Boran, his wifes older brother.

The ones who remained were his two sons, but they were still in training, so he couldnt torment them either.

So of course, he could only torment Chai Yu, the person closest to him!

The moment Chai Yu thought of this, his expression turned dark.

He dared not delay as he was deathly afraid Wen Ren would hear the news from someone else.

Chai Yu ran hurriedly like his butt was on fire to tell Wen Ren this news.

Meanwhile, the three deputies hurriedly urged their team members to thoroughly investigate the matter their three team leaders wanted them to check out.

This was the first time that not a single member of the Shadow unit was missing.

All members of the unit worked together to investigate one matter.

Chen Zeqing was receiving so much honor and respect.

Due to having so many people investigating…

The investigation was done extremely meticulously even though Wei Wucai and the other two team leaders had requested for an investigation with a wide scope.

Once the tasks were delegated among all their members, it was no longer such a big assignment.

Furthermore, they were extremely proficient in investigating this sort of matter.

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