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She really didnt want to talk to these people.

And now, Yan Zhiqing, for some weird reason, understood the mental exhaustion that Wei Wucai felt.

Yan Zhiqing emitted a couple dry laughs.

She didnt reject them, nor did she respond in acknowledgment.

She just left as quickly as possible.

Fang Qiaohan also tried to make her presence as unnoticeable as possible as she went back to her room.

And now, the people at the Mount Lan Compound were the only ones left.

At this point, Wei Wucai had nothing to say.

With a helpless expression, he glanced over at his team members.

Its his team members, so he had no choice but to accept this reality.

“Are you not going” Wei Wucai said helplessly.

“Yes!” Liang Shibo said loudly.

He then gathered the team members and went back to the room with Wei Wucai.

Soon, Yuan Jiangyi and Hao Donghuai brought their men over.

Wei Wucai lived in a suite.

However, with so many people in the room, the suite became very crowded.

It felt as though there wasnt even any space to stand in the room.

Wei Wucais eyes twitched as he watched the crowd in his room.

He felt mentally exhausted.

Liang Shibo hastily handed over all the materials that they had investigated today to Wei Wucai.

“Team Leader, you wouldnt have known it if you didnt have him investigated, but Chen Zeqings past is full of dirt! It would ruin your worldview if you read it,” said Liang Shibo.

“Yes!” Hao Donghuais deputy, Liu Yuhao, nodded along and said, “We have seen so many things because we usually collect all kinds of information.

We have witnessed even darker things.

Chen Zeqings secrets are not the darkest, but considering the persona that he had created, they are really gross.”

“Let me see,” Wei Wucai said.

Liang Shibo hastily handed over the materials that they had organized at the Mount Lan Compound earlier to Wei Wucai.

“Just take a seat somewhere on the ground,” Wei Wucai said.

The size of the room could not become bigger and could not occupy this many people.

The sofa and chairs were all taken.

There were people sitting on even the armrests of the sofa and chairs.

There were people sitting on the table, coffee table, and low cabinets.

As for the others, they all sat on the carpeted floor.

As for Wei Wucais bed, no one dared to sit on it.

Dont ask them why.

They didnt know why and they didnt dare to ask.

However, because Wei Wucai had booked a suite with many rooms, his bed was in his bedroom.

No one dared to go into Wei Wucais bedroom.

Although the bedroom and the living room were connected and there were no doors in between…

All of the team members subconsciously decided not to step into the bedroom.

If it was really too crowded in the living room…

Some team members would sit by the entryway to the bedroom.

Wei Wucai quickly finished reading Chen Zeqings information.

The longer he read, the more horrible the expression on his face became.

This type of trash had the audacity to court Yan Zhiqing.

With so many people at the Mount Lan Compound, there was no need for Wei Wucai to contact Lu Man, the professional for public relations.

If not for their worry about causing issues, they could have just hacked into the big social media accounts of celebrity gossip and just posted all these things.

However, Wei Wucai didnt choose to use such an extreme and troublesome method.

He did what he had done to Hou Wus company.

He bought a space on the recommended section on the home page to generate more media exposure.

There were so many people at the Mount Lan Compound.

So many of those people had alternate accounts, and many of those alternate accounts had blank profiles.

In the database of the Mount Lan Compound, there was a special folder that stored information of new accounts on different social media platforms.

Anyone who needed a completely new account could just take one from that folder.

However, after you used the account, you would have to add the information of another completely new alternate account in the folder.

Because even if the account was used only once, there would still be traces of it being used before.

There would be a risk of someone finding clues through the account.

The Mount Lan Compound did not allow such risk.

Therefore, the accounts in the database had to be completely new and clean.

They must be accounts with no mistakes at all.

These accounts in the database were only used when there was an urgent need for them and there was not enough time to create new accounts.

In this case, one could take an account from the database and add a new one later on.

However, normally, when the people at the Mount Lan Compound had nothing to do, they would create a few alternate accounts for themselves to prepare against unexpected needs.

And now, the time had come for these accounts to be used.

They didnt need to use a lot of accounts.

Everyone just needed to take one alternate account out.

Then, each person just needed to post one material about Chen Zeqing and that would be enough.

The people at the Mount Lan Compound did things with such orderliness.

There were many people, but the whole process was not confusing at all.

Each person voluntarily took one task.

Then, Wei Wucai, Yuan Jiangyi, and Hao Donghuai had a discussion on the exact plan.

After that, they passed the plan to the deputies.

The deputies then executed the plan with the team members in an orderly manner.

Because of Chen Zeqing, half of the Hidden Shadows unit had been sent out to do tasks like they were doing work in a production assembly line.

As for Wei Wucai, he did the first task that gained attraction.

He posted one negative information on Chen Zeqing.

Then, with much familiarity, he paid to have this post be promoted.

When news of this had spread far and wide on social media, Wei Wucai posted the following using an alternate account: “More fascinating news to come.”

Because of this sentence, the fanbase for Wei Wucais alternate account was growing by thousands per minute.

In fact, the popularity of this account was increasing by ten thousand.

Soon, the fanbase reached tens of thousands.

When he noticed that there was enough attention on the post…

Yuan Jiangyi went along and posted something new about Chen Zeqing.

Yuan Jiangyi wouldnt have to pay to get his post boosted.

Wei Wucai would just need to share his post and many people would see it and share it as well.

The other team members all started boosting and promoting their posts.

Every post they made was trending.

Clearly, they wanted Chen Zeqings name to dominate the ranks of trending posts.

They didnt want to leave any space for other people.

Yuan Jiangyi and Hao Donghuai posted their materials.

The three team leaders then handed the accounts over to the team members so that they could deal with the rest.

The team members continued working hard and releasing more posts about Chen Zeqings dark past.

Even the oldest dirt that Chen Zeqing didnt think mattered and believed that no one would know…

That dirt had been dug up and made publicly known through a post.

The work was distributed among the team members.

There were three teams of men.

One group was in charge of releasing the posts with the materials on Chen Zeqing one by one.

The other team was responsible for boosting these posts until they became top trending posts.

The last group was in charge of leading the netizens in the comment section.

The members of the Hidden Shadows were very familiar with this process.

They were even more familiar with this than the people that Lu Man had hired in the past.

In addition, they knew each other well, which was definitely a bonus.

They release the posts one by one.

However, they didnt release one immediately after the other.

They would release one post and wait until there were enough views and attention.

While the netizens were still extremely interested, they would post a new one.

That would then create a new wave of high tide for the netizens.

Wei Wucai and everyone else had made up their minds to post every material that they had collected on Chen Zeqing tonight.

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