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Hu Xuming wiped the sweat off his forehead as he said, “Why is there so much ** on Chen Zeqing! He makes me so tired.”

The scene turned to Chen Zeqing.

Chen Zeqing was still showering and had no idea what was happening online.

When he got out of the shower and opened the door, he heard the phone on his bed ringing constantly.

Because the call had not been answered for too long a time, the ringing stopped.

But soon, it started ringing again.

Chen Zeqing frowned.

He didnt know who had been calling him again and again.

Chen Zeqing took up the phone and saw that it was his manager.

Chen Zeqing immediately picked up the phone and greeted, “Brother Gao.”

“We are in trouble,” the manager said in a deep tone.

His voice sounded very urgent.

“What happened” Chen Zeqing asked in surprise.

When Chen Zeqing heard the tone of his managers voice, he became nervous as well.

The manager said, “Go check Weibo.

A bunch of alternate accounts with unknown backgrounds and support have posted all your past scandalous information.

“They posted everything from the time when you were in school until after you joined the entertainment industry.

They even got the dirt from the darkest corners.

A few years ago, the company worked very hard to clean up your reputation and managed to get the netizens to forget about those things.

We created a whole new persona for you.

“But now, everything has been revealed.” The manager sounded very sorrowful.

“I dont know how they found out about those things.

If they were only posting texts and had no evidence, it would have been fine.

We would have been able to save this situation and say that this was slander.

Even if people didnt believe us, they would forget about it as time passed and we would just continue living our lives.

“But this time, they even provided evidence, such as past conversations and pictures.

We dont even have access to some of that evidence for things that happened a long time before you became famous, but they do.

“I remember that before you became famous, you asked your previous classmates and ex-girlfriends for any evidence and destroyed all of them.

I dont know where they found those things.

“Go check it out now.

I have to think of a solution to suppress this news.

They are posting a new one every now and then.”

The manager even wanted to ask Chen Zeqing:

Why was there so much dirt on him

New scandalous information emerged endlessly.

There were so many that the manager didnt even know about.

When he saw these materials posted, he was stunned.

Chen Zeqing was too pretentious.

Clearly, Chen Zeqing was going to single-handedly become the main character in all the gossips of the entertainment industry this year.

If it was someone else, there would have been no materials left to post after so many had been posted.

But who would have expected Chen Zeqing to be this powerful!

He had basically provided the other party with an endless amount of information.

The manager had not even hung up when Chen Zeqing heard on the other end…

Someone said to the manager, “Brother Gao, they released a new material.”

Chen Zeqing heard this very clearly.

“Again” Chen Zeqing had not read the materials that were posted online, but he already felt mentally exhausted when he heard that on the other end.

They hadnt even dealt with the current news and the other party had already released a new one.

Chen Zeqing immediately said, “Brother Gao, let me hang up and I will go take a look.”

The manager said, “Alright.

Go check it out.

I will go back to the company immediately.”

This suddenly happened when it was late at night.

And so, Chen Zeqing hung up the phone.

He immediately logged into Weibo.

And what he saw almost caused him to pass out.

Why did it feel like everyone in the country was sharing the negative news coverage on Weibo

Chen Zeqing almost blacked out.

At this moment, a WeChat message popped up on the top of his phone screen.

It was a message from his manager.

“Your name occupies the top ten of the trending posts ranking, and another post of yours will soon take up the eleventh place in the ranking,” the manager said.

On the ranking of trending posts, the twelfth negative news coverage on Chen Zeqing had overtaken the fourteenth place, and its popularity was consistently increasing.

Soon, the popularity of the post would overtake the post that was 13th in rank.

Chen Zeqing felt suffocated.

“Who… who did I provoke! Why did these things suddenly emerge” Chen Zeqing felt angry and worried.

If it was just one material posted and it resulted in two or three more things being posted, this was still normal.

But right now, over a dozen materials had been posted.

Obviously, someone was trying to ruin his life!

“Think about it.

Have you offended anyone recently” the manager asked.

“No! Back then, to become famous and be cast in films, I have definitely done things to steal other peoples jobs.

But the fallout with those people happened a few years ago, and if they had wanted revenge, they would have done so long ago,” said Chen Zeqing.

“Back then, I did a lot of things that people hated.

But for the sake of mutual benefits, our relationship became fine again.” At least superficially, the relationship looked fine.

“And now, they dont have a reason to slander me.

I have matured now and I dont offend people easily.

I am tactful.

I dont have a lot of friends, but I maintain a good relationship with everyone.” Still, those people might not help him if he was in trouble.

However, when things were calm, no one would intentionally cause trouble for him.

“In addition… Brother Gao, you saw as well that these materials are very old news.

Who in the industry would be capable of digging up dirt from that long ago”

The manager pondered.

He even thought about Lu Man.

Because in the past, Lu Man had managed to find a lot of blackmailing materials on other people.

However, Lu Man did not seek out materials from that long ago.

When Lu Man posted materials, they usually occurred recently.

She didnt dig up things that had happened a long time ago.

And so, the manager eliminated Lu Man from the list of suspects.

“I will do more investigation and ask the paparazzi agencies,” said the manager.

“By the way, I asked your assistant to pay attention.

He will notify you whenever something new is posted.” The manager paused and couldnt help but say, “Why is there so much dirt on you”

Chen Zeqing felt speechless.

“It happened back when I was young and arrogant,” Chen Zeqing said in an insipid tone.

The manager sighed bitterly and said, “Alright, then.

I will do more investigations.”

He really didnt know who Chen Zeqing had offended.

But the manager had a feeling that even the paparazzi agencies did not have these materials.

They couldnt be the ones behind these negative news coverage.

In addition, doing this did not benefit the paparazzi agencies at all.

They wouldnt be able to earn anything from this.

Were they just posting this for fun because they were so bored

Chen Zeqing rubbed his face and continued reading.

Around twenty minutes later, he received a message from his assistant.

Another hot gossip had been posted!

Chen Zeqing felt his heart trembling.

He pondered carefully and couldnt think of a time when he had said something wrong.

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