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Chapter 3286: Who Didnt Know How to Make Public Displays of Affection

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Since she could say it out loud, it meant she was 99% certain about that matter.

Consequently, Yan Zhiqing didnt actually feel suspicious about it.

It was just that she still wanted to ask for Wei Wucais sake.

As such, Mou Danqiong said, “Of course, even if there were to be some unexpected factors outside of our control that would cause Director Wu to continue using Chen Zeqing, you can still make your announcement tomorrow.”

“If they continue using Chen Zeqing, it will have a greater negative impact on them as the matter regarding Chen Zeqing will continue to worsen tomorrow.

It has yet to implicate the cast and the crew as of this evening, but it definitely will implicate them by tomorrow.”

“When the time comes, the cast and the crew will become one of the parties involved in the scandal.

Your announcement to the public about your romantic relationship would still be able to draw some attention away from the cast and the crew.

Similarly, Director Wu would remember this act of kindness of yours.”

“In that case, when would be a suitable time to make the announcement tomorrow” Yan Zhiqing asked.

“If the cast and the crew are making their own announcement, we can wait until after an official post is made.

However, what if its decided that Chen Zeqing will continue to stay on the cast Until what time tomorrow should we wait”

Mou Danqiong looked at her watch and said, “Wait until 8 pm.”

“8 pm is prime time.

People work during the day.

Even if they go looking on Weibo during their break time, they would only scroll through content posted during that time, so its very easy for your announcement to get missed.”

“If your announcement is made at 8 pm, those who get off work early will have returned home by that time.

They can scroll through Weibo while watching TV.

Those who are having dinner or even while waiting to have dinner would all have the time to look on Weibo.

Most of those who have yet to get home would be on the way home at that time.”

“The best way to pass time while traveling home on the bus or train is to go on the internet, right

“And the rest of the people would either be doing overtime or be out having fun,” Mou Danqiong said.

“That means they wouldnt be able to see your first post regardless of when you make your announcement.”

Yan Zhiqing nodded.

She could feel that what Mou Danqiong had said made sense.

Right after, she heard Mou Danqiong continue, “I wanted the celebrities my subordinates are managing to become hot topics and snatch the search hits, so I had someone collect data and make a comparative analysis to find out when is the best time to release news to attract the most attention.”

Mou Danqiongs subordinates were divided in a very systematic way.

One group specialized in doing research on the data regarding popular search queries.

They analyzed the publics reactions, the popularity of the posts, and the netizens feedback after the celebrities that her subordinates were managing released posts on Weibo, as well as when was the best time to release news and so on.

There was another group that specialized in creating data reports regarding the data of the celebrities Weibo posts.

They would form beautiful visualizations for each celebrity based on the data results from the first group.

There was even a public relations team.

Their scope wasnt that wide, but it was enough to deal with unexpected everyday mishaps.

In particular, their purpose was to act as a safeguard for the occasional moments when the celebrities might say the wrong thing.

Aside from sharing their daily lives, the celebrities would post opinions regarding some facts or hot topics.

There might also be times when they would need to declare their positions on a matter.

Mou Danqiong would not let the celebrities make these posts themselves.

Instead, once the celebrities were done writing the posts, the posts were screened and refined by the public relations team.

They would remove and change anything that wasnt that appropriate.

Words that could lead to ambiguous interpretations or opinions that could cause netizens to misunderstand or misinterpret would also be changed.

Once they were certain that there were no mistakes, they would use the celebrities personal accounts to release the posts.

This was because the public reputation of the celebrities managed by Mou Danqiongs subordinates had always been pretty good.

In other words, even the general public viewed them in a good light.

The celebrities Mou Danqiong had personally managed were all renowned and had flourishing popularity.

The more famous they were, the more Mou Danqinong would restrict them and ensure that they would cherish their prestige...

This was better than causing trouble for themselves due to a slip of a tongue and ultimately damaging their reputation.

“If you post at 8 pm, it will definitely be a hot search after the prime time.

If we manipulate things somewhat, its definitely possible to make it the top hot search,” Mou Danqiong said with a smile.

“Its also possible that we wont need to do anything, and itll become the top search on its own because of your popularity.”

“By the time the people who return home late at night finally see the news, your post will already be the top search.

They wont need to search for it, so we wont need to worry that they wont see it,” Mou Danqiong said.

“Additionally, when the number of people who have seen the post increases, the number of search hits will increase, and so will the likelihood of maintaining your spot as the top search.

This way, there will be even more people who will see your post, which will ultimately lead to a loop.”

Yan Zhiqing thought about it and felt that it was quite fitting.

In any case, the public announcement simply had to be made tomorrow.

Yan Zhiqing then turned to ask Wei Wucai, “Is this okay”

She respected Wei Wucais opinion greatly.

Wei Wucai really wanted to know.

If he said no...

What would Yan Zhiqing do

So, he asked, “If I think its too late”

Yan Zhiqing blanked for a bit, but she didnt appear distressed at all.

She immediately said, “If you think its too late, lets not bother about the timing so much.

We can do it tonight or tomorrow morning.

Well do what you say.”

Wei Wucai couldnt help but smile.

He cradled Yan Zhiqings face in his hands.

“How can you be this good”

How could he have ever thought of her as willful in the past

This girl was clearly extremely adorable.

As long as you treated her well, she would treat you well as well.

Moreover, she was especially considerate of the other party.

Mou Danqiong had clearly analyzed it for Yan Zhiqing and told her what the most favorable plan of action was for her.

However, as long as he said he wasnt happy, Yan Zhiqing would go with what he said without the slightest hesitation.

She was willing to decisively give it up even though it was favorable to her.

All she wanted was to not disappoint him.

“Well do what Elder Sister Mou said,” Wei Wucai said.

“I just asked out of curiosity.

I think that plan of action is a very good choice.”

Mou Danqiong thought to herself: she wasnt that close to Wei Wucai!

Why was he even calling herElder Sister

Moreover, they were talking on the phone.

She just suffered a hit from these two people...

What did she do wrong

It wasnt as if she didnt have a husband...

Mou Danqiongs mouth twitched.

She said, ” All right.

Thats fine.

I need to go to bed now.

Your Elder Brother Lins calling me.”

Who didnt know how to make public displays of affection

Wei Wucai was speechless.

He just really wanted to go to bed with Yan Zhiqing.

Otherwise, what was he going to do

Mou Danqiong countered their attack with a public display of affection as well.

She hung up the call feeling perfectly satisfied.

Yan Zhiqing hung up and looked at the time on her phone.

It was already midnight.

“Ill be heading back then,” Yan Zhiqing said to Wei Wucai.

It was simply too dangerous for her to stay here.

She wasnt just afraid of Wei Wucai.

Yan Zhiqing was also very afraid that her determination wouldnt be strong enough.

After all, Wei Wucai was truly too attractive.

Just staring at him like this made it very easy for her to lose restraint and make a mistake.

Yan Zhiqing was even rather afraid that her true feelings would be revealed.

As such, she hurriedly stood up as she spoke.

She did not dare to continue sitting on the bed.

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