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Chapter 3290: These Are All Part of the Scheme

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It rang ring this time because someone had tagged him in the group.

Wei Wucai opened it and saw that the message that had tagged him had already moved all the way up, so he had no idea where it was.

He had just received the message, but it had already been washed away by the waves of messages.

Wei Wucai had no choice but to click on the notification, which brought him directly to the message that tagged him.

He then saw that it was Yuan Jiangyi was the one who had tagged him in the group.


“Xiao Cai, are you up Are you ready” Yuan Jiangyi asked.

Wei Wucai was speechless.

Wei Wucai didnt dare to answer.

He was scared that if he answered, those people would wait at the door and start gawking on the spot.

The thought of a group of people staring at them from a meter away when he was with Yan Zhiqing...

Wei Wucai felt goosebumps rising on his skin.

And so, Wei Wucai ignored Yuan Jiangyi.

He then checked the group again and saw that the chat history of the group was so long.

It started since the live stream last night.

Looking at the chat history, Wei Wucai saw that Hao Donghuai had even recorded what he said and sent it to the group.

And he checked the time of the messages in the chat history.

The group of people had actually talked for an entire night.

Did they not sleep

That was too much!

Wei Wucai closed his WeChat.

He guessed that Yuan Jiangyi would ask that question because Yuan Jiangyi was still in his room.

And so, he quickly stepped out of the door.

He was scared that he might bump into someone.

Wei Wucai knocked on Yan Zhiqings door.

He knocked a couple of times, and he waited for less than a few seconds when the door opened.

He saw Yan Zhiqing standing in the room.

This was the first time they had met since they became lovers.

Only a few hours had passed.

But the feeling of seeing each other again felt even more unfamiliar than when they had been friends.

Actually, it was not an unfamiliar feeling.

It was just embarrassing.

Of course, Yan Zhiqing was the only one embarrassed.

Wei Wucai didnt feel such emotions.

If he felt embarrassed in front of his girlfriend, how thin-skinned would he be

However, Wei Wucai refused to admit that he wasnt embarrassed because his skin was especially thick.

He quickly acclimatized to his new identity as Yan Zhiqings boyfriend.

He leaned over and kissed Yan Zhiqing on the lips.

Then, he smiled and said, “Good morning.”

At this moment, near the corner at the end of the hallway.

Liu Yuhao was holding his phone out.

He had extended the camera out of the corner and quickly snapped photos of Wei Wucai leaning over and kissing Yan Zhiqing.

However, Yan Zhiqing was hidden in the room.

And so, at this current angle, Yan Zhiqing would not be in the picture.

He couldnt even get Wei Wucais face in the photo.

Liu Yuhao thought that this was humiliating as a member of the Shadowless Unit.

As a member of the Shadowless Unit, he would never yield.

And so, he fished out something from a hidden pocket in the knee area of his pants.

He fished out a black item that was not much bigger than a piece of rice.

At first glance, it looked like a mosquito.

However, if you zoomed in and observed carefully...

Or even looked at it with a magnifying glass...

You would find that it was neither a mosquito nor a bug.

It was a small machine.

There was a camera even smaller than a pinhole on the machine.

It was unknown how the technical team at the Mount Lan Compound had achieved this.

Anyway, they managed to bring out a product like this.

And they equipped every member of the Mount Lan Compound going out for a mission with this item.

Of course, those smart-asses on the technical team would never expect that...

Their high-tech item would one day be used by Liu Yuhao to take pictures of Wei Wucais life.

Liu Yuhao used the watch on his left wrist to control the small machine.

This tiny and unremarkable-looking item started flying over toward Wei Wucai in a conspicuous manner.

It stopped behind Wei Wucai and recorded the entire thing.

The recording was transferred in real-time to the special watch on his wrist.

This watch functioned as a remote control and a remote storage device.

At the time, Liu Yuhao had transferred the recording in the watch to the group in real-time through the internet, allowing all the buddies at the Mount Lan Compound to see it.

At this moment, Yuan Jiangyi and the others were hiding at the end of the corner.

They were at the end of the corner to prevent themselves from being discovered by Wei Wucai, as there were too many of them.

And so, they hid behind.

However, they were really curious as to what was happening at the front, so they werent willing to go back to their rooms.

Even if they couldnt see it, they could at least experience the vibe.

And so, they all gathered here.

Actually, when Yuan Jiangyi had tagged Wei Wucai in the group, they had already gathered here.

They waited for a while, yet Wei Wucai still hadnt stepped out of the door.

They then suspected that Wei Wucai was either still in the room or he had left early to see Yan Zhiqing.

Because of this uncertainty, Yuan Jiangyi had tagged Wei Wucai in the group.

They wanted to know whether Wei Wucai had left or not.

But then, Wei Wucai didnt reply.

But thankfully, Wei Wucai had come out of his room soon after the message.

And so, they decided to pick one person to do the live stream at the frontlines.

It was harder to get noticed if it was just one person.

They were going to ask Wei Wucais deputy, Liang Shibo, to go.

However, Liang Shibo didnt dare to go.

While feeling the contemptuous glares, Liang Shibo explained pitifully, “That is my team leader! My direct supervisor! I dont dare to go.

If he finds out, I will die a worse death than all of you.”

“Look at you being useless.” Yuan Jiangyi said scornfully, but then he thought that it would be unsuitable for a team member to betray their own leader.

And so, Yuan Jiangyi dragged Hao Donghuais deputy, Liu Yuhao, out.

As for how Liu Yuhao complained to Yuan Jiangyi about how he had to choose Hao Donghuais deputy instead of his own deputy...

Yuan Jiangyi pretended as though he had lost his hearing.

And so, Liu Yuhao was sent to the front lines.

At this moment, everyone could see the scene in real-time, thanks to Liu Yuhaos live stream.

Liu Yuhao was scared that Wei Wucai might hear him, so even his breathing was done carefully.

Of course, even so, he daringly recorded himself saying, “Reporter Liu Yuhao risking death to report this.”

Everyone: “...”

Was he not afraid of Wei Wucai finding out and beating him to death

Immediately, they saw the video of Wei Wucai kissing Yan Zhiqing.

But because of the angle, even with the small machine...

Liu Yuhao still didnt dare to blatantly control the machine to film.

The machine hid somewhere unnoticeable.

And so, most of the time, Wei Wucai was still the only one in the video.

As for Yan Zhiqing, she was very blurry in the video.

Of course, it might have been because Liu Yuhao didnt dare to film too clearly.

However, these were enough for Yuan Jiangyi and Hao Donghuai to teach their team members.

“Did you all see that” Yuan Jiangyi pointed at the screen and said, “Learn from Team Leader Xiao Cai.”

Hao Donghuai nodded.

He couldnt agree more as he said, “These are all tricks.

These are all part of the scheme.”

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