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Chapter 3291: Dont Be Too Proud of Yourself

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Tsk.” Yuan Jiangyi shook his head as he watched the video.

“Why do I think that Xiao Cai has the potential to be one of those f*ckboys He knows his tricks well.

He doesnt seem like a virgin boy who had been single for thirty years.”

The team members, especially, Liang Shibo, were shocked.

Liang Shibo wanted to cover Yuan Jiangyis mouth.

“Team Leader Yuan, be quiet.

Our team leaders ears are very good.

What are you going to do if he hears you” Liang Shibo said.

No one liked to seek death like Yuan Jiangyi.

That was what he had concluded when he was at the Mount Lan Compound because Yuan Jiangyi and Wei Wucai fought too frequently.


How diligent was he for him to compete with Wei Wucai every day

However, at this moment, Liang Shibo felt as though he had seen the truth.

It might have been because Yuan Jiangyi was too strong at making life worse for himself.

He would always bother Wei Wucai whenever he had nothing to do.

What was the result

Obviously, Wei Wucai would always drag and give him a good beating.

Unbeknownst to Liang Shibo, he had predicted the truth.


At this moment, Yan Zhiqing came out and closed the door.

Wei Wucai turned and just so happened to see the tiny flying machine hiding behind him.

Wei Wucai was speechless.

These people were really becoming better at what they were doing.

To film his life story, they even used professional equipment from the Mount Lan Compound.

Should he thank them for seeing him as someone so important

Wei Wucai didnt say a word.

He suddenly stretched his hand out quickly and grabbed the mini flying machine.

Liu Yuhao was controlling the flying machine with the watch.

The screen on the watch was showing the video filmed in real-time by the flying machine.

When he saw Wei Wucais hand quickly grabbing the flying machine, Liu Yuhao was frightened.

He quickly controlled the flying machine to dodge toward the side.

But Wei Wucai was too fast, and Liu Yuhao hadnt reacted in time.

When Wei Wucai noticed the flying machine, he didnt look in the direction of the flying machine.

As a result, Liu Yuhao thought that Wei Wucai hadnt noticed the presence of the flying machine.

Liu Yuhao was happy about it.

He thought that he had improved and could actually successfully control and sneak a flying machine near Wei Wucai.

It could actually escape Wei Wucais eyes.

But then, although Wei Wucai was not looking at the flying machine, he had already noticed it.

Liu Yuhao was really frustrated.

How did he even see it!

The flying machine was so small.

Normally, it would be difficult to notice even a mosquito flying nearby.

Why was Wei Wucai so alert

Liu Yuhao could successfully become the deputy team leader in a fierce competition.

His skills were obviously not average.

And his technical skills were even better than the other average members.

Of course, even the ordinary team members were considered godly outside.

And this clearly showed the level of the deputy team leader.

Back then, when they would leave for missions, Liu Yuhao would never make such a mistake.

But because of Wei Wucais sudden attack, he panicked.

Liu Yuhaos plan was very reasonable.

He planned to control the flying machine to the left and then control it downward.

He would use Wei Wucais blindspot and dodge his grab successfully.


Unfortunately, it only worked great in Liu Yuhaos mind.

But when he controlled the flying machine to the left, he could not execute the second step of his plan.

Or you could say that he had barely completed the first step.

It was all because Wei Wucai had already predicted the direction that the flying machine was flying.

In fact, Wei Wucais hand had moved to the left even before the flying machine.

When the flying machine headed left, Wei Wucais hand was already there.

When Liu Yuhao realized it, he wanted to control the flying machine in another direction, but it was too late.

He could dodge, but Wei Wucai would move his hand as well.

And so, the flying machine flew straight into the trap.

It flew into Wei Wucais palm.

Liu Yuhao was speechless.

He felt like he had behaved like an idiot in front of Wei Wucai.

This was too embarrassing!

He was not trying to show off his skills in front of Wei Wucai, and he wasnt trying to prove his ability in front of Wei Wucai either.

But the moment Wei Wucai made a move...

Liu Yuhao wanted to know the level of his skills in comparison to that of Wei Wucai.

Was he about the same level as Wei Wucai

Had he become skilled enough to challenge Wei Wucai

Although Liu Yuhao knew that he shouldnt have much hope that the answers to the last two questions would be yes.

He still couldnt help but imagine...

But the reality was cruel.

Before he could do anything...

Liu Yuhao felt that he had yet to even show his skills when he was immediately overpowered by Wei Wucai.

Wei Wucai was indeed teaching him how to be a humble human being.

He now realized that the difference in level between him and Wei Wucai was huge.

And it was obvious that Wei Wucai didnt even show one-tenths of his ability.

Accurately speaking, Liu Yuhao didnt even let Wei Wucai show his true strength.

Liu Yuhao wasnt capable enough to do that.

He was not qualified.

Liu Yuhao was shocked and sad.

Then, he recalled the series of controls he had done earlier.

He did an analysis in his head.

And he realized that he had been slower than Wei Wucai from the beginning.

He subconsciously panicked the moment Wei Wucai had made his move.

When he panicked, he became slower and messed up his controls.

Due to psychological reasons, he had made a mistake from the beginning.

He pondered on the whole process of the controls.

Wei Wucai could predict his movement, but he couldnt predict Wei Wucais movement.

That had to be the difference.

In addition, the micro flying machine was so tiny and was extremely fast.

You might not even be able to smack a mosquito with such speed and accuracy, not to mention catching a mosquito with bare hands.

However, Wei Wucai was able to accurately grab the flying machine in his hand.

Liu Yuhao thought that he had to yield.

He still had a long way to go before he could be promoted to team leader.

At this moment, the screen on the watch turned pitch black.

Wei Wucai grabbed the flying machine in his hand.

He covered the camera.

At this moment, Yuan Jiangyi and the others gathering in the corner watched the whole process through the live stream in the chat group.

Hao Donghuai took advantage of this opportunity to give his members a lecture.

“Did you all see that That is the difference between you and your team leader.”

“Just because you guys are performing well and that your skills have improved, dont assume that you are approaching the level of your team leaders,” Hao Donghuai said.

“You guys are improving.

However, its not as if the team leaders are doing nothing,” Hao Donghuai said, “You guys are making progress, but we are making progress as well.”

“So, dont be too proud of yourselves,” Hao Donghuai concluded in a serious tone.

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