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“No, it wont,” Lu Man smiled and shook his head.

“Huh” Sister Li was confused, not understanding why Lu Man said that.

“He doesnt want me to feel uncomfortable while working in this company as if everyone treats me as his girlfriend, my interactions with my colleagues would definitely be different.

Thats why he agreed that he wont tell anyone.

Although he announced it today, he would definitely ensure that it would not be spread around by people.”

“How can you be so sure Just now, the CEO did not say anything nor did he instruct us anything.” Chen Shimian was shocked.

“You dummy, of course, its because they know each other very well that Lu Man is so sure.” Sister Li could not help but sigh and such a deep understanding between them was already similar to an old couple.

It seems that Lu Man and Han Zhuoli had been dating for a long time.

“We will definitely not tell others, dont worry, its just — ” Chen Shimian directed his gaze towards Xia Mengxuan.

Xia Mengxuan had long been so scared that she was still in a stupor and stuttered “I… I wont tell anyone else!”

“Besides you all who know this, theres only Wang Lu, President He, and Vice President Yu.

President He would definitely not spread it, even Vice President Yu is a smart person, and he definitely would not tell other people.

So the only ones who would probably gossip around about this would only be you and Wang Lu,” Lu Man told Xia Mengxuan, “As soon as it starts to spread, he would instantly know the culprit.”

Scaring her like this was definitely a lot more reliable than Xia Mengxuan promising it by herself.

As expected, Xia Mengxuans was scared until the blood drained from her face.

“I… I definitely wont tell anyone.

If it… if it really spreads around, then let the CEO accuse Wang Lu!”

Chen Shimian mocked coldly.

“Just now, you were so bold, trying to curry favor with Vice President Yu.”

Xia Mengxuan gritted her teeth, Chen Shimian always spoke just of her shortcomings.

Right now, Vice President Yu himself was in deep trouble and in front of Han Zhuoli, even if he tried to protect her it would be useless, so wasnt Chen Shimian indirectly mocking her

“Alright, stop scaring her,” Brother Zhang said in a soft voice.

“I just hope that she can be more honest in the future,” Chen Shimian muttered.

In the afternoon, Lu Man went to meet Han Zhuoli for lunch, and now no one found it strange anymore that Lu Man went away to eat her lunch.

Was there still a need to ask

Of course, she was going to meet Han Zhuoli!

Who knew, that just when Lu Man reached Han Zhuolis office, she would see Vice President Yu waiting out there.

Seeing Lu Man there, even Vice President Yu was shocked, but he instantly understood and came over, looking over politely, smiling, trying to curry favor.

“Miss… Miss Lu, youre here to meet the CEO”

At that moment, the employees who had yet to leave, looked at Vice President Yu like they had just seen a ghost.

Vice President Yu had always been the kind to bully the weak and be scared of power.

He would suck up to those in higher positions while turning his nose up at those subordinates.

As for them, lowly employees in his eyes, he always ordered them around a lot.

Why was he being so polite to Lu Man!

“Its me being dumb, of course, Miss Lu is here to meet the CEO and has come over in the afternoon for — ”

“Vice President Yu,” Lu Man cut him off coldly, not wanting him to say it here.

Vice President Yu was stunned for quite a while; it was also the fact that he had been so affected today that it had impacted his intelligence, and thus for quite some time he was unable to comprehend Lu Mans reaction.

But as he looked at Lu Mans cold expression, Vice President Yu finally used a little bit of his smarts and did not continue speaking.

However, it took him quite a while to finally understand that Lu Man was probably unwilling to let others know about her relationship with Han Zhuoli.

No wonder before this, no one had known, that was how he got into trouble!

President Yu squeezed out a smile which looked worse than him crying.

“Understood, understood, youre being low-key.”

Lu Man: “…”

If he continued to be like this, she could no longer be low-key.

Vice President Yu was almost going to kneel for her.

Seeing that, the rest of the employees around them had an expression like they had seen a ghost.


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