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Chapter 3301: I Will Keep My WordTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

However, he still softened his voice and said, “Chen Zeqing, we cant use him anymore.”

“Regardless of whether we decide to use him or not, the film crew would still suffer a loss,” Wu Mosen said, “In the end, we evaluated this situation and thought that replacing him would reduce our losses even more.”

Actually, the members of the Mount Lan Compound felt bad.

They knew that if they hadnt exposed Chen Zeqing…

Chen Zeqing would not have gotten into trouble.

Those secrets from Chen Zeqings dark past would have remained well hidden.

At least nothing would have happened during the filming and even after the movie started showing in cinemas.

However, they had created a mess.

The film crew of the Left Right seemed to be very unlucky.

As such, the group felt guilty about this.

Since the question had already been asked, Liu Yuhao added another one.

“Director Wu, do you need us to help you keep the situation under control”

Wu Mosen said, “Hm”

Liang Shibo smacked himself on the chest as he promised, “Director Wu, dont worry.

There are many of us, and we are very reliable as well!”

“If all of us team members stood on one side, Chen Zeqing wouldnt dare to say even a word,” Liang Shibo said.

He then straightened his chest as an indication that he was very reliable.

Wu Mosen was speechless.

Chen Zeqing wouldnt dare to say a word, anyway.

Chen Zeqing wouldnt dare to offend Director Wu.

Wu Mosen looked over and saw the team members appear as though they were ready to threaten Chen Zeqing at any time.

The corner of Wu Mosens mouth twitched.

He had a feeling that life in the studio would be bustling with noises in the future.

“Theres no need for that now,” Wu Mosen said with a smile, “With your abilities and skills, I am sure you would instantly notice if Chen Zeqing were to make a scene, and you should be able to salvage the situation in time.”

The group thought about it and agreed.

If it was Chen Zeqing, they really didnt have to worry about anything.

However, when Wu Mosen went to see Chen Zeqing…

Liu Yuhao, Hu Xuming, and Liang Shibo still called their team members over and secretly followed.

However, at least they werent staring at Wu Mosen and Chen Zeqing within close proximity.

They just waited in a corner outside.

They werent scared that Chen Zeqing might feel awkward when he came out of the room.

Obviously, they wouldnt really care about Chen Zeqing.

They were scared that Wu Mosen might feel awkward if he came out.

But the group had only waited for a short while when…

All of a sudden, the sound of something heavy falling on the ground sounded in the room.

Everyone exchanged glances as they thought to themselves.

Could Chen Zeqing really be that bold Did he actually try to attack Wu Mosen

They couldnt bother to think about it anymore.

They were worried that Wu Mosen might suffer.

As such, the group quickly dashed into the room.

But when they went inside, they saw Chen Zeqing standing on the same spot with a grave and despairing expression.

A chair was lying flat behind him.

Wu Mosen stood opposite Chen Zeqing, and nothing had happened to him.

Looking at this scene, it seemed like Wu Mosen had already said everything.

However, Chen Zeqing couldnt accept the outcome and panicked.

He didnt try to attack Wu Mosen.

But when Wu Mosen saw the group of people who rushed into the room…

He was stunned for a moment.

Liang Shibo quickly explained, “We heard the noise and were slightly worried.”

Wu Mosen felt moved.

It might be scary to see so many people rush inside a room at the same time.

But they had done this because they were worried about him.

Knowing that so many people were worried about him…

Wu Mosen felt warm inside.

It seemed like he was very important.

Everyones thoughtful actions comforted him.

Wu Mosen then said to Chen Zeqing, “Xiao Chen, theres nothing we can do.

Considering your current situation, the film crew cannot handle such a huge loss.”

“Director Wu, give me one more chance.

I… I can solve this.” Chen Zeqing said, “I finally seized such a good opportunity.

I cant let it go just like this.”

“If possible, I usually give people the chance to solve the problem,” Wu Mosen said, “But you and I both know that your issues cannot be solved that easily.

It affects the film too much.

Some netizens might find your appearance in the movie repulsive, which would affect their experience of the movie.”

“I know you cherish this chance and had put in a lot of effort for this role.” Wu Mosen thought about it and said, “Hows this I really cant keep you for this movie.”

“You suffered this time.

I will remember this,” Wu Mosen said, “If there are suitable opportunities, not necessarily films directed by me but any good films with good directors, I will recommend you.”

Wu Mosen gave Chen Zeqing a pat on the shoulder and said, “Xiao Chen, this is all I can do for you.

You are still young, and there are still chances for you in the future.”

What could Chen Zeqing say

He couldnt accept this.

It was so unfair.

However, he couldnt play hardball.

After all, he didnt dare to offend Wu Mosen.

“Got it,” Chen Zeqing said with a grave expression.

He thought to himself.

The person who had done this to him; they better not let him find out who they were!

If Chen Zeqing were to find out who had done this to him, he definitely wouldnt let that person off the hook!

Chen Zeqing took a deep breath and said to Wu Mosen, “Director Wu, I feel reluctant.

Yes, I have made mistakes in the past, but those things have nothing to do with my acting skills.”

“I didnt do anything that would offend the gods or anything illegal.

My personal life is my own matter that I have to deal with myself.

I didnt hurt anyone, and my personal life had never affected anyone.

I didnt ruin someone elses family, and I didnt tell anyone to do bad things.”

“But now, a group of people who have nothing to do with me appeared and started criticizing me.

My question is, who gave them the right to do so Its my life.

I worked hard for my career, but they ignored that effort.

But what does this have to do with them” Chen Zeqings words were reasonable.

Although Wu Mosen did not approve of what Chen Zeqing had done, it was true that Chen Zeqing had been beaten down by things that had happened in his personal life.

Since they were things that had happened in his personal life, what did that have to do with others

One could express their disapproval of his actions, but they didnt have the right to criticize him.

As such, Wu Mosen felt sorry for him.

Of course, the members of the Mount Lan Compound had no mercy for Chen Zeqing.

They then heard Chen Zeqing say, “Therefore, I feel wronged, but I know your struggles, so I wont make things difficult for you.”

“However, Director Wu, you have to remember this promise.

I have no other means.

If I lose this role, I wont have any film contracts and event collaborations for a long time.”

Chen Zeqing looked at Wu Mosen pitifully.

“Director Wu, I can only rely on you.

Dont lie to me.”

For some reason, Wu Mosen remembered one of the dark secrets in Chen Zeqings past—the time when he was the lover of some big Boss in the entertainment industry.

Wu Mosen felt disgusted and hurriedly said, “Dont worry.

I will keep my word.”

Chen Zeqing then left like his soul had left his body.

He turned and saw that the members of the Mount Lan Compound were still there.

Chen Zeqing had no idea who they were.

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