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Chapter 3304: Are All Of Us EnoughTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

If the members of the Mount Lan Compound made a move, even those experienced reporters would not be able to do anything.

Therefore, even if she really did send Chen Zeqing off, there would be no reporters to take pictures of them.

Still, she didnt want to send him off.

When Chen Zeqing heard that there were no reporters, he was very disappointed.

He wanted to use this opportunity to get more exposure.

The exposition wouldnt be a good thing, but it would get him more publicity at the very least.

But then, his eyes lit up.

“So you are willing to send me off” Chen Zeqing immediately asked, “There are no reporters, so no one will take any pictures of us.

So, are you willing to send me off”

How was that possible!

Yan Zhiqing smiled and said, “No.

I just wanted to tell you.

You might as well leave while there are no reporters.

If the reporters surround you, you will get the exposure you wanted, but I dont know what they might write about you.”

Chen Zeqing wasnt scared about that at all.

He was already at rock bottom, so it couldnt go worse.

“You should just leave,” Wei Wucai said rudely.

Chen Zeqing actually dared to show his intention toward Yan Zhiqing in front of him.

Did this Chen Zeqing think that he, Wei Wucai, was dead

“If not, I would need to ask someone to remove you.” Wei Wucai said coldly.

Chen Zeqing really thought that Wei Wucais presence was repulsive in his eyes.

He sneered and said, “Ask someone to remove me Who do you think you are Do you think you are able to do that with the few people in your visual effects editing team”

Wei Wucai was really treating himself like he was a big shot.

“Are all of us enough to do that”

A voice sounded the moment Chen Zeqing finished speaking.

Chen Zeqing looked up and was startled.

A group of people suddenly appeared before his eyes.

He couldnt even count them.

There was a dense crowd of people surrounding him.

“So are you leaving or not” Liang Shibo urged.

There were too many of them.

As such, Chen Zeqing had no choice but to find a way out for himself.

“Theres no need for you to drag me outside.

I was going to leave anyway.”

Chen Zeqing humphed angrily and left.

Yan Zhiqing did say that there were no reporters at the entrance.

However, Chen Zeqing didnt actually believe her.

How could there be no reporters when something this big had happened to him

He imagined that there would be a dense crowd of reporters waiting for him at the entrance.

But when Chen Zeqing arrived at the entrance…

He realized that there was no one at the door.

There wasnt even a bird.

It was so quiet at the entrance; it was very peaceful.

It was a completely different scene from before when there were many reporters at the entrance hoping to take pictures of something on the set.

When he had arrived on set, he had even gotten surrounded by reporters.

But now, there were no reporters interviewing him.

How could he believe this

“Zeqing.” Chen Zeqings manager rushed over here.

When the manager saw how quiet the entrance was, he couldnt get used to it.


Where are the reporters”

Chen Zeqing thought it was really weird.

“I didnt see them.

When I arrived on set, there were many of them.

It makes no sense that there arent any reporters following this story when I am in such big trouble, which could give them so much content to write about.”

“Lets not worry so much for now.” the manager said, “I was hoping that you could use this chance to become an infamous celebrity.

Then, you would just have to keep a low profile.

This would be a rare chance to get high exposure.”

“But there are no reporters.” The manager took Chen Zeqing to the car as he said, “Lets just keep a low profile from now on.

It would be best to weaken our presence so that no one will remember you.

That would be a good thing.”

Chen Zeqing rubbed his face and asked, “What about my job How long will I have to rest”

“For now, all your endorsements and events have been canceled.

We lost all the work that we had negotiated for you.

But dont worry.” The manager said, “Even though you are said to be resting, you are really just not participating in any public events.

I will still arrange for you to join some dinner parties.”

“You wouldnt lose anything if you invest with those CEOs.

Even if you arent in the eyes of the public, you wont starve.

Just wait a while and make a comeback later,” the manager added, “For now, your goal is to fade away.”

“You dont have to say anything or do anything.

If the reporters ask you questions, you dont have to answer anything.

Thats enough.”

The manager explained to Chen Zeqing as he drove the car.

When they left, Wu Mosen had someone post an announcement as well.

The announcement explained that Chen Zeqing was no longer a cast member of the movie Left Right and they had found a new actor to replace him.

The change wouldnt affect the filming progress of this movie.

As expected, there were some rational netizens who viewed things with high moral standards.

They jumped out and scolded the film crew for being ruthless.

The film crew was obviously putting profit first and ignoring human sentiment.

The film crew fired Chen Zeqing after something bad happened to him.

The fact that they were worried about being implicated was so gross.

Of course, Chen Zeqings fans were among them as well.

They were scolding the film crew as well.

“Our QingQing is definitely not the person the articles had been describing! The person who released those news articles will die a cruel death.”

“Is the casting crew sick They fired QingQing after hearing only one side of the story.

You didnt even verify if they were true.

You replace your actors if they receive bad publicity.

If you are scared like this, why should you film any movies”

“You dont even know to protect your casting members.

You just ditch them.”

“Qing Lovers, when the movie Left Right is released, dont watch it.

We will definitely not forgive the people who hurt QingQing!”

Of course, Wu Mosen didnt care about anything Chen Zeqings fans were saying.

The announcement released by the crew was still up on the board.

They neither edited nor deleted the announcement.

They didnt even disable the comments.

They allowed anyone to comment whatever they wanted.

In comparison to the majority, there were very few comments that scolded the casting crew.

Most of the netizens supported the casting crews decision.

Especially Yan Zhiqings fans…

Bloody Eyeballs: “Thank goodness the casting crew fired Chen Zeqing.

If not, I would really worry if Zhiqing would have to partner with someone like him.”

Wei Wucai and Yan Zhiqing saw the announcement that the casting crew had posted.

Because when Chen Zeqing left, the actor replacing him would only arrive in the afternoon.

Therefore, Yan Zhiqing filmed a scene with someone else in the morning.

When afternoon arrived, the actor replacing Chen Zeqing had arrived as well.

The new actors reputation was pretty good.

But he only became famous at about 30 years old, so he became famous late in his life.

Regardless of his personal life and whether he had a dark past or not…

The way he was behaving meant he was cherishing his fame right now.

When he arrived, he was very courteous to everyone.

He didnt act like he was a big shot.

Of course, he didnt ask anyone to call him Teacher like what Chen Zeqing had done.

He didnt try to befriend Yan Zhiqing.

He treated Yan Zhiqing like how he treated everyone else.

He was very polite and kept a comfortable social distance in his interaction with everyone

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