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Chapter 3312: As Long As He Is HappyTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Since ancient times, the conflict between the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law was never easily resolved.

Of course, Wei Wucai was just overthinking.

Dong Muping had never and would never blame Yan Zhiqing.

She was just mad at him alone.

However, although Wei Wucai didnt dare to explain anything for Yan Zhiqings sake, it wasnt as if he wouldnt do anything.

There was one method.

Wei Wucai then said, “Mother, I forgot.”

“How dare you even say that!” Dong Muping said angrily.

He even said that he forgot with such confidence!

“All I could think about was the announcement today and that we could finally feel proud and satisfied with ourselves.

In addition, the fact that I had to tell the netizens that I was in a relationship was something new to me.

At the same time, I was nervous.” Wei Wucai said, “After all, it is my first time.”

“Its because I have no experience.

Hence, the reason why I forgot.

I didnt do it intentionally.” Wei Wucai said.

He never mentioned a word about Yan Zhiqing and took all the blame by himself.

Of course, this was his responsibility.

It had been him who had forgotten to tell Dong Muping.

Yan Zhiqing had never forbade him from telling.

“In addition, we only got together last night.

I confessed to her after we were done with work last night.

Zhiqing agreed and we discussed the announcement today.” Wei Wucai said, “Because so many things were happening, I forgot about it.

It was my fault for not thinking thoroughly.”

Dong Muping didnt call to discuss this with Wei Wucai.

She just wanted Wei Wucai to know that she felt unhappy that he had ignored her.

As for the fact that Wei Wucai had forgotten about it, what could she say if it had already happened

There was no point getting tangled up in this.

As such, Dong Muping never really wanted to do anything after she had expressed her complaints.

When she heard what Wei Wucai said, Dong Muping immediately asked, “Was it Zhiqing who asked to announce this”

She thought that Yan Zhiqings situation was different from most celebrities.

She couldnt be compared with those celebrities.

But by the end of the day, Yan Zhiqing was still in this industry, and there would always be some concerns due to her profession.

Dong Muping had the hobby of reading the gossip news of the entertainment industry.

She had always thought it was fascinating.

Obviously, she knew that most celebrities would refuse to announce their relationship status.

As for those who had decided to announce, they had their own considerations.

Most of them would do it for profit.

As for people like Yan Zhiqing, who would immediately announce their relationship when it had just started, there were very few people like them.

Not to mention celebrities…

Even when ordinary people start dating, they wouldnt announce it on the first day of the relationship.

They would first spend some time together and make sure that they were a good match before they would tell their relatives about it.

If they broke up within a few days after dating because they had realized that they werent that compatible and had many irreconcilable conflicts…

It would then be really awkward if they had already announced their relationship.

If someone asked, they would have to explain.

Therefore, many people would choose not to talk and share about it when the relationship had just started…

However, Yan Zhiqing had never been pretentious.

She announced on the first day they started dating.

It was so quick.

And especially decisive…

She wasnt worried that she would have to send another announcement and explanation if she were to break up with Wei Wucai.

After all, she was a public figure with a lot of attention.

Even her relationship status could not be as simple as those of ordinary people.

However, Yan Zhiqing didnt seem to have such worries.

And this made Dong Muping very happy.

Of course, she had no complaints about Yan Zhiqing.

What did Yan Zhiqings behavior indicate

It indicated that she had faith in Wei Wucai!

It meant that she really liked Wei Wucai and wanted everyone to know that Wei Wucai was her boyfriend.

She was no longer single.

She now belonged to someone, and no one else should even try to take her.

And they shouldnt approach her as well.

Yan Zhiqing had so much trust in her son and did things with such honesty…

How could Dong Muping not like her

“Yes.” Wei Wucai nodded, “Mom.


“Nothing.” Dong Muping chuckled and said, “I just thought she made a good move.”

“Many things have to be considered with Zhiqings profession,” Dong Muping said, “I didnt expect her to unhesitantly announce it.

She really showed you a lot of respect.”

Dong Muping didnt mention herself.

After all, she had never met Yan Zhiqing before.

Instead of her, Wei Wucai was the one dating Yan Zhiqing.

Obviously, Yan Zhiqing would be doing it for Wei Wucais sake instead of hers.

The relationship of this young couple had nothing to do with her.

Dong Muping wasnt shameless enough that she would say the reason why Yan Zhiqing had made the announcement so quickly.

“Of course.” Wei Wucai was smiling from ear to ear when he said, “Mom, when we are done with work, I will take her home for a visit.

And you know how well-behaved she is…”

Yan Zhiqing couldnt hear what Dong Muping was saying.

She had no idea of Dong Mupings opinion on the fact that Wei Wucai was dating her.

Or Dong Mupings opinion of her as a person…

However, when Yan Zhiqing heard Wei Wucai telling Dong Muping this, she felt really shy.

And Wei Wucai was even saying this in front of so many people.


Seeing how decisive you are in taking her side and caring about her, I feel at ease,” Dong Muping said.

At least, this guy wasnt just dating for fun.

He was actually serious about his relationship with Yan Zhiqing.

Since he was serious, how far ahead would marriage be

As Dong Muping thought of this, she was overjoyed.

Someone else might feel slightly upset because their son, who had yet to marry and had just started dating, was already complimenting the girlfriend and taking her side.

Aside from the difference in lifestyle and habits being the reason why conflicts between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law exist, another significant reason was that mother-in-laws often thought the daughter-in-laws had married into the family and were the familys property.

Hence, the daughter-in-law would have to obey the mother-in-law and would have nothing much to do with her actual family.

Some might think that their son was treating the daughter-in-law too well, and they would feel as though someone had taken away their son from them.

And that they were no longer their sons most important person.

They would find it mentally unacceptable and would feel slightly unfair.

Then, they would have some negative opinions toward their daughter-in-law.

Of course, this was the mentality that most mothers-in-law shared.

Not all mothers-in-law were like this…

At least, not Dong Muping.

It might have been because Wei Wucai had received training at the Mount Lan Compound since young and grew up to become an official member of the Mount Lan Compound, working for the Mount Lan Compound.

As such, he rarely spent time with his family and had never been pampered by Dong Muping.

Dong Muping had never thought that Wei Wucai should consider her the most important person in his life.

In addition, Dong Muping thought that Wei Wucai had suffered since young…

Even when he had the chance to grow up comfortably like other kids from rich families, he had to suffer at the Mount Lan Compound.

She felt sorry for Wei Wucai.

As such, Dong Muping thought that as long as Wei Wucai liked it and as long as Wei Wucai was happy…

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