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Chapter 3329: Hyper AgainTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

But when she heard Hu Kaiyin say such words, she rubbed her hands together and was very happy that she was still alive.

“But thankfully, it was just a thought that came to mind.

I couldnt possibly hurt another girl just because of you guys imagination, right” Hu Kaiyin spoke with pursed lips.

“Therefore, I just came by to visit.

You guys were scared, right Which gives me even more reason to be here.

Even if I dont hurt her, I have to give you all a fright,” Hu Kaiyin said.

Wei Wucai didnt even know what to say.

However, as long as Yan Zhiqing was fine, it didnt matter.

“Then why didnt you respond when Shi Xiaoya was calling you outside the changing room” Wei Wucai asked.

“I really couldnt respond.” Yan Zhiqing said, “When I… I went inside, Kaiyin covered my mouth.

She wasnt just scaring you guys.

She scared me as well.”

“She asked me to be quiet and even prodded a very hard item against my waist.

I thought it was a gun and I was so scared that I felt chills running through my body, much less talk.”

“In addition, even if I could talk, I knew it was dangerous.

I knew that I was the target of the threat so, I couldnt let Xiaoya come inside and die with me as well,” Yan Zhiqing said.

Hu Kaiyin smiled and said, “Little sister, you are very loyal.”

Yan Zhiqing said in a serious tone, “Thats what friends are for.

If it was Xiaoya, she would have made the same choice.”


You said that there was something prodding your waist,” Wei Wucai said.

“Its a finger.” Yan Zhiqing said.

Hu Kaiyin curled her finger and showed her hard knuckles.

“Like this.”

Wei Wucai was speechless.

“I was too nervous, which was why I couldnt tell.

In addition, Kaiyins knuckle felt really stiff,” Yan Zhiqing said.

“Of course.

If not, my years of training would have been a waste of time.” Hu Kaiyin said.

Hu Kaiyin rolled her eyes at Wei Wucai, annoyed.

“Anyway, I was just checking things out and clearing things up with you all.

I am not going to do anything to Zhiqing.

You dont have to be so nervous.” Hu Kaiyin scoffed.

“Thats not right.” Hao Donghuai scratched his head and very frankly asked the question that had left him feeling perplexed, “You liked Xiao Cai for such a long time.

How can you let it go just like that”

The corner of Hu Kaiyins eyes twitched.

This inconsiderate idiot.

It had been so many years but why hadnt she taught him a lesson just yet

“To be honest, this mission took me three years, which meant that I havent seen Xiao Cai for three years now.” Hu Kaiyin spoke with raised brows.

“You all make it sound like I have liked him for so many years.

However, I have only actually been around him for a few years.

I have been out on missions and the most recent mission took me three years to complete.

Is my affection for him to the extent that I would ruminate about him after not seeing him for three years”

“In addition…” Hu Kaiyin froze and waved her hand out of frustration.


Theres nothing more to talk about.”

Hu Kaiyin tried her best to forget about his face in annoyance.

He was always smiling but would do things that were so infuriating.

He was such an annoying man.

Why did she meet this person when she had just finished the mission that took her three years to complete

“Anyway, I have nothing to do with you,” Hu Kaiyin said in an annoyed manner, “You dont have to worry about me doing something.”

Hu Kaiyin didnt say it out loud, but everyone could tell what Hu Kaiyins current attitude meant.

She had stopped liking him, so he should stop imagining things.

Yuan Jiangyi looked at Wei Wucai as if he was pitiful.

Although Wei Wucai had never liked Hu Kaiyin, Yuan Jiangyi still thought that it was pretty obvious that Hu Kaiyin was now completely disgusted with Wei Wucai

He was quite pitiful.

Yan Zhiqing could see it even clearer than these men.

When she saw Hu Kaiyin behaving this way, Yan Zhiqing asked, “Do you have someone you like now”

Previously, Yan Zhiqing was worried about her own life.

And now, she realized that her life was no longer threatened.

Yan Zhiqing immediately started feeling hyper.

She wasnt nervous.

In fact, she was in the mood to tease Hu Kaiyin.

Back then, the people who dared to tease Hu Kaiyin had all suffered injuries.

Yuan Jiangyi truly admired Yan Zhiqing.

Even though Yan Zhiqing was weak like a chick, she still dared to tease Hu Kaiyin.

Hu Kaiyin was the type of person who wouldnt care who you were while she was beating you up!

But then, Hu Kaiyin treated Yan Zhiqing differently.

She didnt make a move!

And now, everyone at the Mount Lan Compound felt that it was unfair.

Of course, they werent hoping that Yan Zhiqing would get beaten up.

They were just thinking that if it really had been necessary for them to receive those beatings.

Why did Hu Kaiyin beat them up in the past

“What do you mean someone, I like!” Hu Kaiyin reacted dramatically.

Why would she like that smelly Taoist priest

Of course, he wasnt an actual Taoist priest.

He didnt do his hair like how a Taoist priest would, and he didnt wear a Taoist cloak.

He would usually take out Taoist papers and throw them out.

However, those papers were actually effective, so he wasnt a scammer.

It had definitely challenged her worldview.

Yan Zhiqing covered her mouth and snickered.

She then poked Wei Wucai with her elbow.

Wei Wucai looked down in a helpless manner.

Then, he heard Yan Zhiqing whisper to him, “Someone else clearly wont let her go.

She has no time to bother you.

You were so nervous previously, but it turned out to be a misunderstanding.”

Wei Wucai, feeling annoyed, flicked her on the forehead.

He was nervous for whose sake

It was for the sake of this ungrateful girl!

But now, when she realized that there was no danger, she became hyper.

At this moment, Hu Kaiyins phone started ringing.

Hu Kaiyin took her phone and glanced at it.

Immediately, while everyone was watching, her face darkened.

After struggling for a while and appearing like she didnt want to pick up the call but had no choice, she answered the phone and said, “What”

“Got it.”


“You are so annoying!”



I got it.”


“Im hanging up!”





Later on, all Hu Kaiyin said were “Mms,” but at least she was responding.

However, she was clearly becoming more and more patient with the caller.

Although she was only responding with “Mms,” she didnt hang up.

This shocked the members of the Mount Lan Compound present.

Considering Hu Kaiyins temper, anyone who annoyed her may get stabbed to death.

Even if she couldnt stab that person to death because it was on a phone call, she would still remember that grudge.

She would hang up and stab that person to death.

Of course, she wouldnt actually stab that person to death.

After all, Hu Kaiyin couldnt allow herself to kill recklessly.

It was just a metaphor.

A metaphor.

However, even if she didnt stab that person to death, she would make sure to deeply wound that person, figuratively.

Considering Hu Kaiyins temper, she shouldnt even respond.

She should have hung up the phone and left to teach the caller a lesson.

But now, Hu Kaiyin was still trying to patiently respond.

This was shocking!

“Got it.

Ill go check it out.” Hu Kaiyin seemed to have been trapped.

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